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Zamioculcas, S
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Zamioculcas XL

Zamioculcas is an attractive houseplant that can be grown indoors or in the garden. Houseplant lovers appreciate it for its unpretentiousness in care. However, it should be noted that the plant will bloom very rarely. Therefore, its beautiful leaves are mainly enjoyed.

Zamioculcas is also called a dollar or money tree. The main feature of this plant is its decorativeness. The plant is so resistant to external factors that it does not need constant care. The common people believe that this plant brings financial well-being to the house. You can often see this plant in the office of the owner of the company, because many businessmen believe that it brings money.

The «LoraShen» flower shop offers to buy zamioculcas of various types. Our assortment includes plants of various sizes that grow quite tall and have large leaves, so it is often bought for installation on the floor. We offer to buy these plants together with a beautiful large pot.

What is attractive about zamioculcas

Zamioculcas flowers attract attention due to their sufficient height. They can grow up to 80 cm, which makes them noticeable in the interior. It is worth noting that the plant grows slowly. In one year, it can add up to 15 cm. If you constantly take care of the plant, it will delight you with its appearance for about 10 years.

In our store, customers have the opportunity to choose a plant of various sizes. The assortment includes zamioculcas with pots of various sizes:

  • XS;
  • S;
  • L;
  • M.

Also from the catalog you can choose a zamioculcas in a beautiful flowerpot on an attractive wooden stand.

The main feature of this plant is its leaves, which are very thick. They attract attention with their beautiful glossy shine. The leaves have such a surface structure that they seem to be covered with a waxy coating. Veins are visible on the surface of the leaves. The leaves themselves are located on elongated petioles. Due to the fact that many petioles grow from the roots, a dense and beautiful structure of the entire plant is formed. It has a high resistance to drought due to the fleshy tuber, in which water accumulates. In the natural environment, the plant adapts to arid regions in this way.

How zamioculcas is used in interior decoration

You can buy zamioculcas to decorate residential and office interiors. It is often used in phytodesign due to the fact that it is undemanding to watering. These plants are often planted:

  • in greenhouses;
  • on balconies;
  • in the garden;
  • in living rooms.

Zamioculcas in a pot is used in phytodesign. It is very popular due to the ability to create bright and noticeable accents. Therefore, it is best suited for decorating administrative and office premises. The universal appearance of the plant allows it to be laconically combined with other flowers. This allows designers to create stylish compositions.

From our catalog, customers will be able to choose the optimal plant for a variety of interiors. When choosing, focus on the size of the plant and the features of the interior.

In order for the plant to feel good in the interior, it needs to be provided with access to fresh air. Designers often use these plants in wide designer pots, which allow you to stylishly decorate the interior. Zamioculcas is great for decorating shop windows and window sills. It can often be seen in shopping and entertainment centers.

Growing conditions

Zamiokultis grows well at moderate temperatures. It needs a bright place with diffused light. In summer, take it out onto the balcony or leave it in the garden. In winter, it is better to keep it closer to the window. Since the flower does not require much watering, it should be done in such a way that no water remains on the tray. If watering is moderate on warm days, then in winter it should be done rarely. Before watering, the soil should dry out well. The plant tolerates drought better than excess moisture. Zamioculcas does not need to be sprayed on the leaves. They can be washed to preserve the attractive shine on the leaves. The plant should be replanted annually while the plant is growing. In this case, it is necessary to provide a good drainage system.

The “LoraShen” flower shop offers only healthy indoor plants at an affordable price. To order, call us at a time convenient for you.