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The Book of Homo Deus: Behind the Scenes of the Future
The Book of Homo Deus: Behind the Scenes of the Future
Book Defiant
Book Defiant
Floral book "The Flower Hunter"
Floral book "The Flower Hunter"
Book for creative florists "Flower Porn"
Book for creative florists "Flower Porn"
Book All the Flowers of Paris
Book All the Flowers of Paris
Book Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging
Book Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging
Book Jane Packer's Flower Course
Book Jane Packer's Flower Course

Widespread gadgets have competed with books. However, the process of reading a book, which you can touch and feel the light aroma of its pages, cannot be compared with electronic media. Therefore, true connoisseurs of true knowledge and the reading process itself prefer to hold paper editions in their hands and fall asleep to the rustle of book pages.

Today the book world is full of amazing stories. The assortment of books is rich and is annually replenished with the works of new authors. Everyone can buy a book with a choice of their favorite genre, as well as taking into account their needs and interests. The continuous reading process helps to develop intelligence and expand vocabulary. That is why it is so important to buy books for people of different ages. A good book will help:

  • relieve stress;
  • improve memory;
  • develop intelligence;
  • to enjoy the knowledge of the meaning or intrigue inherent in the book.

If you are interested in personal growth and development, then by all means read a new book at least once a month.

Book delivery from LoraShen

Thanks to the book delivery service from Lorashen, customers can choose any book copy from the catalog and order it with delivery across Kiev by our courier. If you live in another city, you can arrange delivery using the postal company.

Our services allow you to buy books in Ukraine and arrange their delivery for a loved one. This way, you can make a gift for a close friend or relative at a distance. If you need a book urgently, our courier will carry out its targeted delivery in Kiev within 1-2 hours.

We offer to order books with delivery together with a bouquet of flowers or other original and practical things. We have a large assortment of designer vases, figurines, gifts, jewelry, decorative and other things.

Choose a book for a gift

An intellectual gift always has a special value. The book, as a source of knowledge, emotions and creative ideas, is the optimal gift for an educated and intelligent person.

It is believed that regular reading will help develop the brain, which is necessary at any age. Therefore, both adults and children should choose a book as a gift. Particular attention should be paid to popular works. Thus, you will be able to present exactly the book that will be desired to read.

To choose a good book gift, you should first find out the preferences of the person. Someone re-reads foreign classics, someone prefers modern literature. Some like to read science fiction, while others are interested in the biography of famous personalities.

When choosing a book for a gift, you should also pay attention to the cover. A beautifully designed binding and cover design enhances the book's presentability. You will always want to hold it in your hands, and this is the first step towards reading it.

Who should give books to?

A book is a good gift for any person. The problem is that we do not always know how to properly present such a gift. Indeed, for a person who is not familiar with the work and is not interested in reading it, you need to make a small presentation and arouse a feeling of curiosity about what the author wanted to reveal in his plot. If a person is not disposed to reading, then he should definitely buy bestsellers that appeal to even those who rarely read books.

Today, you can buy books online in any genre, and this opens up opportunities for buying a good gift. Women can be presented with an affair with a love affair. For housewives, a recipe book will not be superfluous. Modern teenagers love to read science fiction, as well as books about magic.

Recently, books on psychology have been very popular. For many people, they become a guiding thread to understanding their life and improving relationships with people around them.

For a business person, it is worth donating books about business, analytics, career growth, marketing and other areas. Any private entrepreneur will significantly improve his activities after he learns the most advanced information on how to develop and multiply a business in modern conditions.

Assortment of books at LoraShen

In our online store, you can buy books from the most famous and popular authors. The range includes books from writers such as:

  • Jim Collins;
  • Napoleon Hill;
  • Jen Cinsero;
  • Andrey Kurpatov;
  • Stephen Prothero;
  • Mikhail Labkovsky;
  • Mag Meeker;
  • Colin Tipping;
  • Mark Randolph;
  • other.

Among the list of books in the catalog there are many good works that will help a person, after reading them, to increase their self-esteem, set the right goals, understand themselves, gain confidence in their abilities, and possibly even change their life for the better.

📲 Where to order books in Kiev?

If you want to find a suitable book for reading or as a gift, then pay attention to the product catalog of the LoraShen online store. Here you will be able to choose books in various genres with educational information or a well-thought-out plot.

👛 How much does book delivery cost?

Delivery of books in Kiev costs 100 UAH. Our courier will deliver your order to the specified address free of charge if the purchase price exceeds UAH 1000. Express delivery costs UAH 200 and is performed within 1-2 hours. Delivery cost outside Kiev is calculated individually.

🚚 How to place an address order for books as a gift?

To place an address order for books with delivery, you need to call our manager. He will accept your application and agree on what time it is necessary to deliver the book to the addressee.