Bouquets for children

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Composition lilac with a bunny
Composition lilac with a bunny
Composition with a bunny
Composition with a bunny
Floral composition gentle "Choice of a florist"
Floral composition gentle "Choice of a florist"
Bouquet pink-white with peonies
Bouquet pink-white with peonies
Bouquet of roses and ranunculus
Bouquet of roses and ranunculus
Bouquet with lilies of the valley
Bouquet with lilies of the valley
Floral composition of white roses "Mickey"
Floral composition of white roses "Mickey"
Floral composition with red roses "Mickey"
Floral composition with red roses "Mickey"
Flowers in a hatbox with teddy bear
Flowers in a hatbox with teddy bear
Flowers in a box in white and blue colors with a soft toy
Flowers in a box in white and blue colors with a soft toy
Flowers in a box with a soft toy
Flowers in a box with a soft toy

Children always appreciate any signs of attention. Therefore, they will gladly accept a bouquet of flowers as a main or additional gift. Whether it is a little boy or girl, a first grader or a teenager, every child will not disregard the flowers presented to him.

Buy bouquets for a child

Children's bouquets are distinguished by a special selection of inflorescences and bright colors. They differ in the following features:

  • original flower combinations;
  • bright and light shades;
  • pleasant and delicate smells;
  • attractive design.

Floristic salon "LoraShen" offers to choose lively and joyful bouquets of flowers for children of all ages. We have a wide assortment of designer bouquets in which flowers are successfully combined, and the bouquets themselves additionally contain a soft toy or sweetness from well-known brands.

How to choose a baby bouquet

Not all bouquets are suitable for handing to a child. First of all, you need to pay attention to age. For schoolchildren, a bouquet of the following flowers is suitable:

  • asters;
  • carnations;
  • tulips;
  • wildflowers.

High school graduates can be presented with elegant bouquets made up of:

  • roses;
  • lilies;
  • orchids;
  • peonies;
  • lilac;
  • lilies of the valley.

A bouquet of fresh flowers for children should be made up of light shades. Therefore, you should not add purple, dark blue, burgundy and bright scarlet tons to the bouquet.

Children react especially happily when they see soft toys in the form of a bunny, bear, fox cubs, duckling or other animals in gift bouquets. Therefore, do not lose this opportunity and be sure to include a small soft toy in the bouquet. With special enthusiasm, children will consider the bouquet if sweets are hidden between the stems and buds in the form of:

  • sweets;
  • chocolates;
  • marshmallow;
  • marmalade;
  • kinder surprise.

You can choose a bouquet for a child with the inclusion of colorful decor. Not only ribbons and bows, but also fruits and berries can be used as decorations.

Reasons for buying a bouquet for a child

For any children's holiday, you can safely buy flowers for your child. It is worth starting to give bouquets from the age when the child can already realize their value, and not perceive them as an unnecessary item. Already at the prom, which is celebrated in kindergarten, parents can give the little princess a small bouquet.

With the gradual growth of the child, you can order a baby bouquet for the following holidays:

  • birthday;
  • success in sports or other competitions;
  • performances on stage.

The child has many significant events happening at school. It is appropriate to give flowers to children on days such as:

  • September 1;
  • last call;
  • participation or victory in the Olympiad;
  • high school graduation.

Particular attention should be paid to a bouquet for a birthday or in honor of events that happen only once in a lifetime. For example, a graduate or graduate of a school or university should be presented with a unique and memorable flower arrangement. The present will surely remain in the memories of the celebration on the occasion of passing exams or the long-awaited graduation from studies and the transition to adulthood.

You can even surprise your child for any family holiday. A father can at any time please his little daughter and make her pleasant by unexpectedly presenting primroses, seasonal flowers or designer bouquets made of unusual plants.

Assortment of baby bouquets at LoraShen

Professional florists of our company do not stop at creating the usual bouquets. They go much further and create small masterpieces for children of all ages. In our assortment, customers will find bright and unforgettable bouquets for a daughter or discreet and attractive bouquets for sons.

Children's bouquets of fresh flowers are made from fresh plants, which are installed in a hat box. The finished bouquet is decorated with ribbons, bows, rhinestones and other attractive decor. Some compositions use high quality soft toys and sweets. Unique bouquets are made according to a special idea of ​​the author and can include a large number of inflorescences in different colors.

💐 What flowers are suitable for baby bouquets?

Spring primroses are well suited for creating children's bouquets. Also, our florists will make stylish bouquets of lilacs, peonies, carnations, roses, orchids and other flowers that will have light and soft shades.

🎁 For what reason is it better to give a bouquet to a girl?

Every occasion can be a reason for a gift of a bouquet of flowers to a girl. Little girls or teenagers love to receive flowers from their fathers, brothers or loved ones. Therefore, any festive day can be a reason for the presentation of flowers. Of course, be sure to give flowers for a birthday or any other important holiday for a child.

👶 How to choose a bouquet for a child?

When choosing a bouquet, pay attention to the gender and age of the child. Even at a young age, children may already have personal preferences, so this is also worth paying attention to. When buying, choose light and small bouquets that the child will be comfortable and not hard to hold in their hands.

🚚 How to place a targeted order of bouquets for children?

To receive a bouquet with delivery to the specified address, you should fill out the online form on the website or call our managers. Be sure to indicate the time when it is convenient for you to take your order. We will send you a courier who will deliver flowers to you at the specified address.