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Sphere lamp Rasteli
Sphere lamp Rasteli
Ellipse lamp Rasteli
Ellipse lamp Rasteli
Lamp sphere 2 Rasteli
Lamp sphere 2 Rasteli

You can decorate the interior with a stylish and functional thing with the help of a lamp. This is a decorative fixture that can act as a night light and at the same time blend well with other decorative details in daylight. Exclusive lamps will make your interior more rich and unusual.

Handmade designer lamps

Handmade products always attract special attention. These are unique products that are valued among lovers of original and unique things. Handmade lamps are made with special care and differ from simple models by careful study of all details.

Designer table lamp - these are lamps that belong to premium class decorations. At the same time, they are a practical thing that illuminates the room with a soft and pleasant glow for the eye.

Features of decorative lamps

For the manufacture of decorative lamps, high-quality and expensive materials are used. They have an unusual shape. This is not just a stand with a lampshade, which is supposed to provide a bright glow for the room. These lamps are:

  • author's idea;
  • quality materials;
  • rich decor;
  • high functionality;
  • unique aesthetic.

Decorative table lamp with lampshade will be the best gift or purchase for installation in stylish interiors.

Lamps for decor

It is better to buy a decorative lamp, which could not only fulfill the functional purpose of providing space with light, but could also decorate a daytime interior. In a large number of cases, the presence of a beautiful lamp on the bedside table immediately changes the look of the room and allows you to place new accents in it.

Lamp sphere - an unusual night light

The sphere lamp is presented in the catalog of our products. This is a handmade glass product that has a spherical shape and, when turned on, resembles a space object or a planet. Due to the unusual glow, this decorative table lamp is able to create an unusual atmosphere. In the off state, the lamp in shape and appearance resembles a decorative ball or stone. When it is turned on, an original pattern is created on the surface of the lamp, which allows you to display an original shadow on the surface.

Decorative table lamps from LoraShen craftsmen

The LoraShen studio employs creative employees who create unique and inimitable premium products. If you want to buy a real thing that will be noticeable to guests and will always be pleasing to your eyes, then you should choose products from our product catalog. Here you can choose a model as a prestigious gift or to decorate your own home or office interior.

Which decorative lamp is suitable for table decor?

Each model from our catalog has a special design. However, despite the shape, size and other features, they are all great for their installation on a coffee table, regular table, chest of drawers, nightstand or other furniture.

💎 What are unusual lamps?

Each lamp that is presented in our store has a special design. These are exclusive products that are made on the basis of creative ideas. However, if you are looking for something special, then pay attention to the sphere lamp. In appearance, it resembles a decorative ball or stone, and when turned on, it is transformed into a space object or planet due to illumination.

📲 Is it possible to order designer lamps in Kiev?

Each buyer can order author's lamps from the LoraShen studio with their delivery in Kiev by our courier or to any city in Ukraine through the postal service. To order, you should fill out an online application or call the manager, indicating the address and convenient delivery time. The goods can be picked up by self-delivery in our store at 119/2 Lobanovsky Avenue.