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Bunch of pink balloons "Congratulations"
Bunch of pink balloons "Congratulations"
Bunch of balls "Mix of hearts"
Bunch of balls "Mix of hearts"
Bunch of pink balloons
Bunch of pink balloons
A bunch of balloons "Happy Birthday!"
A bunch of balloons "Happy Birthday!"
Bunch of silver balls
Bunch of silver balls
A bunch of balls with a number
A bunch of balls with a number
Bunch of black and white balloons
Bunch of black and white balloons
Bunch of red and gold balls
Bunch of red and gold balls

Balloons are a universal decoration and a bright attribute of any holiday. Children's holidays, parties, weddings and solemn events are associated with them. They can be bought to decorate rooms, a photo zone or a stage, and also be given along with a gift.

Balloons in Kiev

Until recently, the balls had a standard round and slightly elongated shape. Today you can choose latex balloons of all sizes and shapes. Manufacturers have learned how to make balls in the form of:

  • hearts;
  • asterisks;
  • colors;
  • animals;
  • fairy tale characters.

Curly balls are very popular. They can be selected according to the theme of the event.

Balls are represented by a large number of different colors and their combination. Bright colors will set accents in the festive hall and cheer everyone up.

The company "LoraShen" offers to order balloons of any shape and color. We can choose sets of balloons to decorate the room for a festive event in the same style. We are ready to offer a wide range of balloons and use them to create arches for opening shops, restaurants or other establishments. Our capabilities allow us to make the product in the corporate colors of the company.

How to choose balloons?

When choosing balls, you should pay attention to their color scheme. Pastel and light colors are suitable for weddings and special occasions. Such universal balls are very well suited for any interior. When choosing balls, you also need to pay attention to the following features:

  • metallic balls - shiny products with a glossy surface that will create a magical atmosphere in the room;
  • products with inscriptions and drawings - can be presented as a present with the main gift;
  • foil balloons - they have the ability to reflect light, which makes them very noticeable in the room.

When choosing, you also need to pay attention to quality. Products with a low cost will quickly deflate or burst. If you want balloons to please you for as long as possible, then you need to give preference to balloons that are made of high-quality and durable materials.

Balls can be bought not only as a decoration tool, but also as an advertising element. They are widely used at various presentations, openings and other events where it is advisable to distribute balloons with the company logo to all passers-by.

Buy balloons at LoraShen

The products used by LoraShen have the following features:

  • well resists the influence of external factors;
  • does not emit a toxic odor;
  • has an attractive appearance;
  • has good elasticity;
  • made from natural and safe latex.

We offer models with a matte surface, bright inscriptions, with a beautiful mother-of-pearl sheen and all sorts of colors.

Floristic studio "LoraShen" offers a wide variety of balloons for all occasions. You can contact us for any choice. We will provide you with happy birthday balloons or solid and simple products to decorate the arched structure. We always have a large number of balls on sale, which allows us to satisfy any customer demand.

📲 How to order balloons?

To order balloons online, you can call our manager. We will quickly complete your purchase with the delivery of balloons to any point in Kiev or a city in Ukraine. Additionally, you can order the decoration of festive halls with the help of balloons.

📝 Where to buy a mix of balloons?

To purchase balloons of various shapes and colors, you can contact the LoraShen studio. We will create for you a unique composition in which each balloon will perfectly match each other.

🚚 Where is the delivery of balloons in Kiev?

The company "LoraShen" offers to order balloons in the required quantity with their fast delivery in Kiev. We will send our courier to the specified address, who will deliver your order at the appointed time.