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Plate HETMANS'KA white mother-of-pearl
Plate HETMANS'KA white mother-of-pearl
Plate "Angel Wing"
Plate "Angel Wing"
Dish "Feather"
Dish "Feather"
Gold bowl "Coral"
Gold bowl "Coral"
Plate "Flowers in a vase"
Plate "Flowers in a vase"
Plate "Flower composition"
Plate "Flower composition"
Openwork plate
Openwork plate
Plate HETMANS'KA blue
Plate HETMANS'KA blue

Each person tries to decorate the house with various items. A set of decorative plates in this case are no exception. Indeed, thanks to special stands or an original shape, they can be installed in a vertical position or in such a way that their design side is revealed in the best possible way.

Feature of decorative plates

Decorative plates allow you to create a special entourage in the room. Designer models differ from simple dishes in the use of painting and high-quality materials. On such plates, an original pattern is applied, which is unique and unrepeatable.

If you turn to the online store "LoraShen" for help, then you will see original products in our catalog, which depict exquisite drawings:

  • flowers;
  • animals;
  • ancient streets;
  • images of famous people;
  • landscapes or still lifes.

Designer utensils do not act as food items. It can be placed on shelves or hung on the walls for beauty. Such dishes are made of expensive porcelain and are characterized by increased strength. Such exclusive tableware will immediately attract attention due to its sophisticated aesthetics and attractive design.

The plate model can be made with a smooth or embossed surface. Products with three-dimensional ornaments give the product a special flavor and can make you admire their patterns for a long time.

Unusual decor with plates

You can choose decorative dishes in Kiev as an unusual decor. When buying a set of plates, you can place them in a vertical position next to each other. Wall decorative shelves or a fireplace base are well suited for this.

It is unusual to decorate a room with plates by placing them on the wall. The use of painted plates instead of small paintings allows you to create an original and unique atmosphere in the room. They will be appropriate when arranging the decor of the kitchen, and in some cases they will fit perfectly as decoration for the living room or hallway. Decorative wall plates are great for decorating a restaurant, cafe or other catering establishments. This is a good option for decorating a dining room or a place that is associated with eating in one way or another.

Serving dishes

If you want to decorate the table with an unusual dish, then for this you should look into the product catalog of our website. Here you can choose a dish of dishes of unusual shape and decor. On sale you can see models in the form:

  • angel wings;
  • pen;
  • corals;
  • plant leaf.

With the help of such dishes you can serve New Year's, wedding and any other holiday table. They can also be used as a decorative element. Attractive design look allows you to use them as a separate element of interior decoration.

Decorative tableware from LoraShen masters

If you want to create a special atmosphere and comfort in your home, then buy products from the online store "Lorashen". We sell explosive premium products, which are made from expensive and high-quality materials. We create unique dishes that can decorate not only the kitchen, but also the living room, bedroom and other rooms. This option is suitable for people who are not afraid to experiment and allow themselves to decorate the house with an unusual and attractive decor.

📲 Where can I order a decorative plate with a stand?

LoraShen offers to order a decorative plate with a special stand. The presence of a stand helps to set the plate in a vertical position with its placement on the shelves or in any other place.

💎 Which decorative plates to choose for interior decor?

Before buying, pay attention to the interior of your room and try to match the models of plates to the style of the room. However, do not forget that if you like the plate and suit your taste, then feel free to buy it. After all, valuable things that do not attract your attention will not bring you the expected joy.

What kinds of designer plates are available?

We have on sale you can always find smooth plates with a glossy finish, which depict beautiful patterns. On sale you can see designer dishes, as well as models of plates with three-dimensional ornaments.