Loyalty program

We have developed a loyalty program for all our customers, who order services in the online store and purchase goods in the LoraShen store. We hope that with the loyalty program the use of the services and goods purchase will be more affordable and profitable.

The loyalty program has an accumulation system, in which the discount percentage increases from 5% to 10%.
The card becomes active after the total amount of your purchases reaches UAH 5,000. The discount on the card will be 5%. A discount of 10% will be valid after the total accumulation of purchases will be UAH 15,000.

Loyalty program:

UAH 5,000 discount - 5%

UAH 10,000 discount - 10%

Terms of use loyalty program.

A discount card is issued to each customer with the first purchase; the card number is tied to the customer's name and surname, his/her phone number.

Discount card is issued free of charge.

Each card has its own personal, unique number and is issued to customers only after registering with the online store, or when filling out the registration form at the store.

The action of the card is not limited in time.

The discount card is canceled if it is not used for more than 2 years at the store or online store LoraShen.

The discount card is equally valid in the online and offline stores LoraShen.

To receive a discount, the cardholder has to present a discount card or give a unique personalized card number, or the name and surname of the owner, or the phone number on which it is issued.

Discount card discounts do not apply to special offers and products that participate in discounts or promotions of the company.

The company reserves the right to change the conditions of the loyalty program totally or partially or to cancel it altogether, both with and without prior notice to its participants.

All changes in the working conditions of the loyalty program can be found on our website in the special section "Loyalty Program".

By participating in our loyalty program, you agree with all of its terms and conditions.