Dear customers, if you are faced with inappropriate execution of an order of the online store LoraShen, we ask you to read the basic rules for filing complaints.

Complaints on execution of an order shall be accepted for consideration within 20 hours from the moment the order is received.

The complaint must be made by the customer.

You have to indicate the order number in the complaint.

To file a complaint, you have to fill in the feedback form or write a letter to the address: The letter has to describe the situation and attach supporting photos.

Within 12 hours from complaint receipt, the administrator of the online store sends an answer about the receipt of the complaint.

Not later than 3 working days from the date of the complaint receipt, the customer receives a reasonable response to the complaint and possible solutions to the current situation.

A complaint cannot be considered if:

  1. The complaint was not submitted in writing in the form of a feedback or a letter was not written to the address:
  2. The complaint was not made by the customer, but by another person.
  3. The complaint did not indicate the order number.
  4. No photos were provided confirming the complaint.
  5. The customer does not respond to messages from the administrator of the online store for more than 3 days.
  6. The customer does not conduct a constructive dialogue.
  7. Anonymous appeals.
  8. Complaints containing profanity, threats or insults towards the employees of the online store LoraShen are to be deleted automatically without consideration.