Top brands, stores and trademarks have long switched to new informational era, where it is not enough to just be a respected brand. What is important now is to set a different communication with the consumer and become a lovemark for them, an emotion generating and vibrant company. Such message can be easily and interestingly conveyed with the help of seasonal decor, window displays, illumination.
Owning creative and technical facilities, the LoraShen team can bring to life any décor ideas, no matter how bold they are. We have fulfilled such grand projects as interior décor for the Ocean Plaza, Dream Town and Globus shopping malls, Roshen window displays in Ukrainian cities and abroad, light illumination for the Helen Marlen Group in the Passage and many other significant projects.

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It is impossible to hold a large seminar or meeting of business partners in a large hall or in the open air without prior preparation. Especially when it comes to official meetings or a press conference that will be filmed on camera. To ensure comfortable conditions for all visitors and guests of the event and create a beautiful picture for the operator, it is necessary to work hard on the decorative design of the hall.

Events and features of their implementation

Proper design of the conference is an important task, which can be aimed at creating optimal conditions for the presentation of the product or holding an important meeting. In some cases, you just need to decorate a small boutique in honor of its opening. But at the same time, it is worth showing professionalism and creating a high-quality picture so that the guests of the event get visual pleasure from the scenery surrounding them.

Registration of business events begins with the fact that you need to determine:

  • approximate number of guests;
  • how intensively this or that hall will be used;
  • where will the LED screen be located;
  • which side will the video be filmed from;
  • where will the presentation product be located;
  • much more.

In some cases, business meetings, seminars or conferences are held outdoors. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the features of the landscape of open areas. Given its features, you need to properly position and decorate the stage. If the event can drag on until the evening, then you definitely need to take care of creating a temporary lighting system.

Business approach and quality implementation

It is impossible to design a conference without a professional approach. This should be undertaken exclusively by specialists who are well aware of all the subtleties of this work.

In each case, high-quality implementation is needed. Therefore, for the design of the premises should use only high-quality materials. If you plan to use fresh flowers and bouquets, then you need them to be beautiful and conspicuous compositions. At the same time, they should decorate the premises, but not be too lush so as not to distract the viewer from the presenter on stage.

Preparing a hall for a conference requires a lot of effort and knowledge. It is important to choose the right style and decor items so that they simultaneously:

  • decorated the hall
  • zoned space;
  • highlighted the main product of the presentation;
  • help the visitor to feel a comfortable atmosphere;
  • correspond to the theme of the event;
  • fit the style of the room where the meeting is being held.

All these and other subtleties should be taken into account when organizing business meetings at a high regional, regional or state level.

If you want your meeting to be of the highest quality, you must entrust the decoration of the hall to an experienced team that knows well what decoration techniques to use in order to best prepare the venue for the meeting.

Event Decoration Services

High-quality implementation of the preparation of premises is carried out while providing a full range of services. Our specialists provide all the necessary services for the design of events of any scale. This list includes:

  • design;
  • choice of style;
  • production of stands and other structures;
  • production of a logo and installation of letters;
  • decorating the room with flower arrangements;
  • creation of art objects with their illumination.

Global events that are held in large halls are particularly difficult to decorate. To do this, it is necessary to use large-scale stands and select large decorative elements that will be clearly visible even from the farthest row. At the same time, they must be in the right place so that they do not obscure part of the screen and do not limit the space in the place for performance. All this is taken into account by our employees and taken into account during the design and development of the project design.

Benefits of organizing conferences in LoraShen

The company "LoraShen" offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. We are ready to show a portfolio, which clearly shows what projects we have managed to implement and how professionally we approach the implementation of the tasks set.

Among our advantages it should be noted:

  • completion of the project within the specified time frame;
  • use for decoration of high-quality materials;
  • the decoration of the hall is carried out only with the help of fresh flowers;
  • we are ready to make an original podium to accommodate the main product of the presentation;
  • we undertake projects of any level of complexity;
  • We use a creative and creative approach in our work.

Our employees are ready to create optimal conditions for the presentation, which allow all participants to get the maximum pleasure from the meeting.

Why do you need to arrange events?

The design of the event can show the status and professional approach of its organizers. With the help of decoration, you can create comfortable conditions for all guests, as well as highlight the advertised product. High-quality decoration will create an attractive picture for the cameraman if you plan to shoot a meeting.

📝 What is included in the list of services for the design of business events?

The services of the team of decorators include designing and creating a layout for the location of all elements of the decoration. Our task includes the purchase of materials, the creation of stands, the production of a logo, as well as other designs with their installation on the stage and throughout the hall.

📲 How to place an order for decoration?

To place an order, you need to call us and arrange a meeting with a professional decorator. He will go to the place where the meeting will be held and there he will offer options for decorating the hall and will announce the final cost for all services. If necessary, we will create a visual project to precisely match all the details.