Street decor

Street decorations are an opportunity to favour your city with a great big every day feast, breath in some positive vibes, art and comfort into grey urbanistic landscape.
In LoraShen portfolio, you can find positive knitted street decorations, rich lighting solutions, sculptures and themed decorations with moving dolls.
We offer full package of services: production, installation and dismantling of street decor!

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Street decorations "Dreams of rest" in Odessa

Creating scenery is one of the main activities of our team. And we are in ...
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Decorative trees for BC "Leonardo"

Flowering decorative trees near the facades of businesses or shopping centers are a beautiful, stylish ...
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Цветущие дерево для кондитерской "Калина"

Мы обожаем создавать цветочные инсталляции, которые могут скрасити любой серый день. Эта входная группа в ...
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New Year decorations for the River Mall

Santa Claus, racing in full sail along the waves of the River Mall, in the ...
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A modern classic for the Roshen Winter Village Christmas ice rink

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree.
Just one look at our current Christmas ...
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Magic Christmas tree and Christmas installation for Roshen Winter Village

In a world of continuous overachieving, where it's needed to be better, faster, smarter all ...
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Summer decorations for Roshen in Kiev on Kontraktova Square 2019

History of street decorations for Roshen store for summer 2019 was widen by one more ...
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Summer decorations for Roshen Store on Arsenalnaya in Kiev 2018

Kyiv looks very fetching with fancy accentuating decorations and good stories.
In summer of 2018, ...
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Summer decoration for Roshen Store on Kontraktova Ploshcha in Kiev 2018

Cheerful and cute life size baby hippos are the project by the LoraShen design studio, ...
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Summer decoration for Lviv Roshen Store 2018

Eye-catching refined art installation decorated adjacent territory near Roshen candy store in Lviv. We created ...
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Winter decoration for Kiev Roshen Store 2017

Installations with cute magic bears near Roshen candy store were created by the LoraShen team ...
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Winter decoration for Lviv Roshen Store 2017

Finding characters for the city’s street decor is an interesting challenge for the LoraShen team. ...
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Winter decoration for Vinnytsia Roshen Store 2017

Unique Christmas decorations were produced by LoraShen designers for Vinnitsa’s streets. Expressive decorative giraffes in ...
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Summer decoration for Lviv Roshen Store 2017

A traditional happy bear family accommodated in the heart of Lviv.
Life size bears have ...
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Summer decoration for Vinnytsia Roshen Store 2017

Street art, squares filled with art is the recent worldwide trend.
We get inspiration from ...
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Winter decoration for Vinnytsia Roshen Store 2016

For the Roshen company, each photo zone is always somewhat a social project. This year, ...
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Summer decoration for Lviv Roshen Store 2016

In 2016, historical Lviv was visited by tall and slender, charming and attractive giraffes and ...
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Autumn decoration for Lviv Roshen Store 2015

For us, Lviv is a very special, atmospheric, joyful city, where every street and square ...
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Современная украинская душа: оформление эфира "Завтрак с 1+1" ко Дню Независимости

Обожаем создавать новый украинский стиль. Когда оттенки традиционные желто-голубые, но цветы селекционные и редкие, как ...
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Street decorations "Funny Zebras" for Roshen in Vinnytsia

A family of zebras enjoying summer, sweets and life - such decorations decorated the porch ...
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Street decoration is very popular as an opportunity to attract the attention of passers-by. As the holidays approach, city officials can decorate the square for celebration on the street, and shops decorate their area near the entrance in order to stand out from the crowd. Unusual designs begin to appear on the eve of the New Year and other holidays. In order for the design solution to be bright and as noticeable as possible, it is necessary to seek help from professionals in their field.

The LoraShen company offers to order street decor in the form of various installations and three-dimensional figures, which we additionally decorate with fresh flowers and other decor. We are ready to take on a project of any complexity and implement it within the agreed time frame.

What is street scenery?

Street decorations are voluminous and large installations that are created from various materials and bright decor. They may have:

  • different shape;
  • unusual idea;
  • bright design;
  • advertising subtext;
  • night illumination.

Art objects on the street allow you to draw the attention of passers-by to a particular event or store. They are not just decorative, but serve as an advertising campaign that allows passers-by to pay attention to the installation and at the same time see an advertisement for the product. Also, street decoration is used during the opening of the store. For this can be used:

  • air figures;
  • ball arches;
  • volumetric letters;
  • much more.

Even a small composition can attract attention and become a real architectural decoration if our specialists work on its creation.

How we create art objects

Our job is to create a design structure that can be seen from afar. To do this, we use bright materials and volume elements of large sizes.

We create street art objects for certain events. If this is the opening of a store, then we will definitely complete the design in corporate colors. The design of the structure will necessarily correspond to the theme of the products sold by the store.

We create a single design concept that will match the spirit of the company, event or celebration. Our products are made in such a way that they not only have an attractive appearance, but also are resistant to external factors:

  • rain;
  • gusts of wind;
  • low temperatures;
  • accidental mechanical shock.

We produce at the same time beautiful, durable and bright designs that fully fulfill their functions.

Work process

The order fulfillment process is carried out by prior agreement. A customer comes to us with a specific request. Designers offer a unique and unusual solution for the design of a future installation. The customer can submit his ideas or wishes, which will be taken into account when implementing the project. After agreeing on all the details and setting deadlines, our specialists begin to purchase materials and directly manufacture. On the appointed day, our employees come to the site and install the structure in the required place. Thus, we do all the work from scratch and do it conscientiously.

How to order street decorations

To order street scenery, you need to contact our manager, who will definitely connect you with the person responsible for making the scenery. It is better to contact us in advance so that the employees have time to implement the project and prepare the installation for its installation on the right day. When ordering, we immediately announce the cost of the entire project and undertake the obligation to complete it exactly within the specified time frame.

📲 How to place an order for street decoration?

To place an order, you should call us and arrange a meeting with a responsible person. With him, you can agree on the design of the future installation, specify the terms of production and select materials for decoration. By phone, you can find out the preliminary cost for the implementation of the project.

What is included in the list of street decor works?

The list of works includes the development of a layout with the coordination of all details. Also, our specialists are engaged in the selection and purchase of materials. They fully manufacture the structure in accordance with the agreed sketch. The final stage of our work is the installation of the finished installation.