Wedding decoration

Decorating a wedding with fresh flowers will add a breath of special, heartfelt and romantic atmosphere to your feast. The LoraShen portfolio has many unique and magnificent ceremonies where each wedding hall floral decor is a piece of art that has its philosophy, concept and a certain theme.
We know how important it is that everything runs smooth on your big day, therefore, ordering a wedding decor in advance is a sound thing to allow the florists and designers of our studio enough time to create a unique, special and sensual story of your love together with you!

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A wedding is an event that dramatically affects a person’s entire life. From the moment of marriage, completely different events in life begin. The wedding itself is the starting point for a new life. This is a special day for both newlyweds and all relatives. Wedding decorations should look luxurious and impressive so that this day can be remembered for a lifetime.

Wedding decoration from LoraShen

Harmonious and expensive wedding decoration is possible only for professional companies. Floristic studio "LoraShen" has all the necessary decor to decorate a banquet hall, a place with an arch for the exchange of rings, a dance floor, a car and other solemn places that are customary to decorate for a wedding.

Our specialists are ready to make a non-standard solution and make a premium exposition, which in the end will become a good idea for celebrating a wedding. We are ready to design in various styles:

  • romantic;
  • folklore;
  • fabulous;
  • modernist.

Our wedding floristry in Kiev is engaged in decoration using various types of flowers and decor. We are ready to present a large number of live bouquets of flowers and compositions for a solemn decoration. Our masters can prepare a place for an outdoor ceremony against the backdrop of wildlife using those decoration techniques that are optimally suited for the chosen area.

Ordering florist services for a wedding

It is worth placing an order for a specialist for decorating a wedding event in advance. Wedding floristry and decor must be individually agreed with the customer. The budget is determined, then, according to the financial capabilities and wishes of the customer, a selection of materials is formed.

Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time. The selection of all materials and design coordination requires a certain amount of time. Therefore, the customer needs to apply for the services of a florist in advance so that they can prepare the perfect project and not lose sight of even the slightest detail.

Wedding arch decoration with flowers

An arch with flowers for a wedding is a special part of the marriage ceremony. Our experts craft it with special care and using a variety of colors. The task of florists is to create a composition with a large number of shades, textures, colorful decor.

Fresh flowers are used for decoration, which can not only decorate the composition, but also fill the surrounding space with a light and pleasant aroma. We are engaged in decorating the arch with a selection of plants that are combined with each other and complement the outfits of the bride and groom in an optimal way.

Important details in wedding floristry and decor

Our masters determine the overall style, as well as the smallest details, including:

  • selection of a bouquet for the bride;
  • decoration of champagne bottles;
  • choice of pillows for wedding rings;
  • decoration of a limousine with fresh flowers.

Every detail is spoken out in order to create a harmonious decor that would be perfect in every detail. Decorations are selected separately to create a photo zone and presidium. You can entrust us with the production of invitations, which will be made in the author's style.

Do not forget that the appearance of the bride should be complemented by a unique author's bouquet of flowers. It should go well with the dress and look perfect in the hands. The groom's style is complemented by a sophisticated boutonniere, which is fixed on his tailcoat or jacket.

Decoration of the hall for the wedding

The decoration of the presidium for the wedding plays one of the key roles in the decoration of the hall. After all, the eyes of all guests will be turned to this very place, where the bride and groom will sit throughout the celebration.

The design of a round wedding table includes serving, placing flowers in a vase, selecting a tablecloth, decorating chairs and much more. Decorating the hall with fabric and flowers allows you to fill it with certain prints, aromas, shades and textures. Everything is done in the same style, which allows you to create a favorable atmosphere for a successful celebration.

Registration of a motorcade of newlyweds

Making a car for a wedding occupies an important place in decorating the entire festive event. The decoration of the car for a young couple occurs with the help of fresh flowers, ribbons, balls, soft toys and other decor. A more restrained decor should also be present on other cars that are part of the festive cortege and accompany the bride and groom to the place of painting.

📝 What is included in the decoration of the wedding table of the newlyweds?

When decorating the presidium, a beautiful composition of fresh flowers is always set in front of the table, near which gifts are often left for the newlyweds. To decorate the table, fabrics, candles, vases with bouquets of flowers, bottles of champagne and other trifles are selected. The table is decorated more magnificently than the seats for guests, however, it is not overloaded with unnecessary decor.

📲 How to place an order for the decoration of the hall for the wedding?

To order, you need to come to our store in advance or call our manager. With him, you will arrange a meeting with a specialist who deals with wedding floristry. At the meeting, you can discuss all the details and the total budget.

How to order the decoration of wedding champagne bottles?

Contact the LoraShen company for the design of every wedding trifle, including bottles of champagne. You can call us and our specialists will offer you several ready-made options. The customer can also come to our shop and discuss individually how he wants to decorate champagne bottles.

🎊 What are the options for decorating the wedding hall?

Our company is engaged in premium services. Therefore, in each case, the decoration of the hall is done in the original style. Our florists listen to the wishes of customers and offer them a specific option, taking into account all client requests. If the customer does not have his own option and any style suits them, we can take responsibility for decorating the wedding hall.

🚚 How to place an order for wedding table decorations with flowers?

Please contact us 2-3 weeks before the event. We need time to prepare the required number of flowers for their placement on all the festive tables that will be in the hall. You can call us or come to our store at a convenient time for you and discuss all the details of the order with our wedding florist.