New Year`s decoration

New Year's decorations are above all the mood and the atmosphere in which we all sink at the end of November. Having the festive atmosphere is important everywhere – in the hotels and restaurants, showrooms and shopping malls, offices and corporate customers.
Our team provides a wide range of services in this area, including Christmas tree decoration, New Year floristry, themed window display, large-scale art installations, and setting up themed photo zones.
We know how to make the Christmas wonderland a reality and use the decor to attract new customers to your business.

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Christmas and New Year oblige to reconsider the routine surroundings. Magic and anticipation of a fairy tale fill the space around, creating a magical New Year's decoration with the hands of craftsmen: in shopping centers, boutiques are decorated with tinsel and bright photo zones, mannequins in garlands and snow prints look from shop windows, skillful fir trees stand in all offices of the country. What can we say about apartments and private houses! Festive decor, New Year's floristry, themed toys on windowsills and near windows, all in lights and artificial snow.

Features of New Year's decoration

They say that appetite comes with eating. So it is with a festive mood: the more themed decoration, the more joyful winter events feel. The environment influences well-being and emotions more than one might imagine. Perhaps that is why the Christmas trees in some houses stand until mid-summer.

Don't spontaneously decorate. Recklessness and confusion are not the same as structured eclecticism. Check out examples of Christmas decorations - none were created from what is at hand in 10 minutes. The main components of a stylish decor are inspiration, time and good mood so that the preparation process is a hassle.

Think about what style you would like to implement. For example, classic designs, modern or minimalistic. The eco-style is gaining more and more popularity: then, instead of a living or plastic Christmas tree, hand-made “trees” from books, pencils, stairs or garlands along the contours of the tree on the wall are used. That is, what is used after the New Year. Even if you don't plan to create the surroundings yourself, you need references for decorators.

Decorating methods

There are plenty of ideas for Christmas decorations. Here are some ways to suit any design:

Garlands and lights. With their help, you can decorate everything: windows, curtains, fireplace entrance doors, house plants, walls and ceilings.

Fabric elements. Woolen details will add warmth and comfort to the space - “dress” Christmas tree decorations, deer figurines, cones in the form of Christmas trees.

Figures and figurines. Well, what a holiday without a pot-bellied Santa near the Christmas tree, a crystal Christmas tree on the windowsill and a glass Rudolph on the bedside tables and tables decorated with tinsel.

Christmas decorations. It is difficult to imagine winter decoration without this. Not only Christmas trees are decorated with toys, but also stairs, tables, wardrobes, windows.

New Year's floristry. Silver-plated flowers, tree branches showered with artificial snow, holly and mistletoe - just imagine the possible sophistication of future photo zones.

Often the desire to use everything and more turns the interior into a real decorative porridge. It is worth choosing at least one color palette in accordance with which to design the space. And it is better to order New Year's decorations from professionals who are guaranteed not to let the holidays be gray.

New Year's decoration services

For some people it is a tradition to decorate the house on their own for the winter holidays. However, with the decoration of enterprises, offices, shops and other places that are public spaces and directly affect the success of the business, this is difficult to pull off. Here, homemade toys and inherited tinsel will not be rolled out. It is better that specially trained people do this.

Design and floristry studio LoraShen offers various types of New Year's decoration in Kiev and Kiev region

What can be ordered:

  • New Year's decoration of offices;
  • hotel decoration;
  • registration of corporate events;
  • design of photo zones;
  • home and apartment decoration
  • illumination design.

This is not a complete list of services. You can order individual decor for any place and space. Each proposal is unique and is carried out depending on the wishes and references of the client. We provide decoration from the best specialists in the city, who are ready to embody the most exclusive and unique ideas.

Benefits of registration with LoraShen

When creating festive decorations, LoraShen guarantees the highest quality, as well as an accurate and meticulous approach to every detail. Professional florists and decorators are ready to make your cherished Christmas dream come true, creating a brilliant New Year's miracle in the interior and exterior. Any design of your choice, any volumes and the most daring proposals - we can do anything.

Our studio will help you create unforgettable street lights, magical photo zones in offices, restaurants and shopping centers, turn banquet halls into a thematic fairy tale, and cottages into snow palaces. LoraShen takes into account every wishes of customers, but at the same time is ready to independently develop a professional decor that can surprise even a sophisticated esthete.

🎇 How much does New Year's decoration cost?

Prices for festive winter decoration depend on the chosen service, the scale of the project and the amount of work done by the studio. The price range varies widely and is guided by the client's budget. LoraShen creates decor of any complexity and guarantees only the highest quality.

🎄 How to order a registration service?

You can place an order for the service you are interested in in any of the LoraShen stores, the addresses of which are posted on the website. Consultants will answer your questions and help you choose the best option. You can also get advice by filling out an application on the website or by contacting us at +380 (67) 247 79 71.

💳 What are the payment methods?

LoraShen does everything for your comfort, so you can pay for services in any convenient way:

  • cash;
  • VISA or MasterCard using the Portmone system;
  • bank transfer;
  • other options are discussed with the administrator.

🎆 Is it possible to order New Year's decorations in the Kiev region?

LoraShen offers festive decoration services throughout Kiev and Kiev region. We are ready to turn any place you need into a real New Year's fairy tale: a hotel, office, boutique, apartment or a private country house.