Decorative lightning

This city deserves a real holiday in the best European traditions with all streets literally filled with decorative lightning. It’s impossible to pass by lightning decoration – it makes you smile, it inspires, it enriches. The LoraShen team has an individual approach to each project to consider your tasks and ideas for your business. We manufacture, assemble and dismantle, as well as arrange lightning for installations and figures of any size, complexity and shape.

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Not a single type of decoration gives as much Christmas mood as illumination. But when on a holiday everything sparkles, replete with lights, and outlines the outlines and figures with illumination, it is difficult to remain indifferent. People, like butterflies, fly to the light and, like children, rejoice in the sparkling beauty. Therefore, festive illumination is increasingly used in the Christmas decor of stores, boutiques, shopping centers and companies that want to raise their image or attract new customers.

Features of illumination design

This type of design appeared in Ukraine, in comparison with Western countries, relatively recently. The peculiarity of the implementation is associated with the peculiarities of the climate. Details are selected to show resistance in frost and thaw, during snow storms and rains with hail. All these points should be taken into account if you plan to create a light New Year's decoration.

But, in addition to natural moments, the features of decorating a house with the help of illumination depend on the structure of the building itself. It takes into account what light powers are available for this building, what is the shape of the outlines of the facade, what is worth highlighting or emphasizing.

First, it is important to decide in what volumes the New Year's illumination will be performed. For example, complex design includes work on the lighting of facades, landscapes, trees and shop windows. In addition, you can choose to highlight only certain architectural elements. And for those who do not plan to decorate the building as a whole, it is possible to install festive light figures or create thematic compositions on the walls.

New Year illumination options

The popularity of lighting design is supported by the variability of its choice. Any building, object and space can be transformed with the help of existing technical proposals. Here are several options for New Year's illumination of buildings:

  • Street garlands. This is the most common option for lighting decoration - a wire that houses flickering LEDs. You can hang them as your heart desires.
  • Light wire. This is not only an alternative to a garland, but a tool for creating all kinds of inscriptions and outlines on the facade of the house.
  • Sparkling figures. Santa sleighs, deer figurines, Christmas trees - such decorations are popular in New Year's illumination of buildings, businesses and cottages. They are made from common elements such as frame, acrylic and LEDs, but the process requires experience and technical knowledge.
  • LED duralight. This bright element is fixed on an aluminum frame and is used for making curly ornaments. Delightful Christmas trees, snowflakes, geometric patterns are obtained.

New Year's lighting - from idea to delight

Many people think about creating New Year's lighting, but they do not dare to implement it, fearing the complexity of the process. Of course, the path from idea to final result takes time and attention, but it is easier than it seems at first glance.

Consider your goal and budget. By goal, we mean what you need illumination for: to interest a new audience, to emphasize the image, to bring artistic diversity. When you answer the question “For what?”, It will become clear how best to organize the space. If you don't have specific ideas for illumination, that's not a problem. This is what the work of specialized studios is for.

Holiday lighting specialists can independently develop a project based on the goal, budget and wishes. If this part is agreed, then it is up to the visualization. When the client is satisfied with the design of the future design, terms and estimates, work begins.

The decorating team orders and creates the necessary elements of the lighting decoration, after which they deliver to the place of decoration. Further, the installation itself and installation work takes place. In case something went wrong, specialized studios will service and carry out replacement or repairs.

Then you can only admire how amazing the New Year's lighting looks!

Benefits of registration with LoraShen

Our studio provides not only high standards of illumination design and a guarantee of safety, but also the work of a team of designers and engineers with extensive experience.

Each client's request is taken into account, it is possible both to develop a project from scratch, and to implement the customer's ideas of varying complexity. After providing a detailed visualization, the client can make his own adjustments.

We create high-quality illumination, because we take into account all the details that can affect the implementation of the conceived: how the building is lined, which fasteners are suitable for the facing materials, what needs to be emphasized, and what is better to hide behind the flickering lights. Festive illumination in Kiev and other cities is carried out only with all the details in mind. As a result, you will enjoy incredible sparkling designs of the highest quality.

🎇 How much does illumination cost?

Prices for festive illumination decoration depend on the scale of the decoration, the elements used and the amount of studio work. The studio focuses on the client's budget, as well as on his preferences and wishes. LoraShen carries out assembly and disassembly of illuminated structures and figures of any size, complexity and shape.

🌟 How long will the illumination work take?

The time it takes to create the illumination also depends on the number of light elements and the size of the space to be decorated. In any case, the studio is guided by the wishes of the client, although you need to understand that it is impossible to create high-quality illumination in a day. Individual terms for the creation of the scenery are negotiated during the consultation and are provided after the approximate drawing up of the project.

🎄How quickly do you get started after ordering?

LoraShen studio starts work immediately after ordering. Work means drawing up an action plan, developing a project, creating a visualization and approving details from clients. When the customer is satisfied with the terms, price and design project, the direct work begins on the creation of light compositions and installation of illumination.

💳 What are the payment methods?

LoraShen does everything for your comfort, so you can pay for services in any convenient way:

  • cash;
  • by credit card VISA or MasterCard using the Portmone system;
  • cashless payments through a bank;
  • other options are discussed with the administrator.

🎆 Is it possible to order New Year's decorations in the Kiev region?

LoraShen offers Christmas lighting services throughout Kiev and Kiev region. We are ready to turn any place you need into a sparkling New Year's fairy tale: a hotel, office, boutique, apartment or a private country house.