LoraShen - the leading floristic and decorative company in Ukraine, was founded on August 1, 2010, and for many years now successfully implements its main mission - to decorate the lives of people with flowers and everything connected with them.

The company's clients are the most creative and courageous people who know how to set challenging tasks, giving an irresistible impulse for the implementation of ambitious decoration and floristic projects.

The fundamental principles of the company:

Our customers deserve the best.

We create trusting relationships with all of our customers.

Our approach to customers is simple, transparent and consistent.

Our company is proactive and dynamically developing:
For us, success is the speed of order fulfillment, flexibility, loyalty, and result orientation.

We always work with enthusiasm.

We are moving towards one common goal through joint efforts – a friendly team.

Our company strives to be first in everything:
Our company is a leader in all areas of the company’s activity.

We encourage creative and innovative approach in everything we do.

We achieve our goals with a responsible attitude towards work and bold decisions.

Our company is open to all:
We build our communication on open and honest relationships at all levels.

We share the knowledge gained and attract all employees to share their thoughts and ideas.

We are demanding of ourselves and others in order to achieve the highest rates.

Our company values people:
Our employees are the key to success.

Today, there are more than 150 people employed, each one is the professional in own direction, loving and knowing his/her business.

Our employees are constantly in the process of learning, improve their knowledge, adopt global trends and experience.

Our own staff of professional florists, painters and sculptors, allows us to quickly design and carry out decorating tasks of any complexity, so we can call ourselves leaders in the market for decoration, decorating and floristic services.

The advantages of working in a company

Our company is open to a successful career growth for each employee. We provide all the opportunities so that you can prove yourself and make a significant contribution to the successful development of the company.

We believe that involvement in the production process, the manifestation of our talents and our own development in the company creates a high level of success and development of our business as a whole.

What makes our company competitive in the labor market:

1. Official employment.

2. Competitive salary with a transparent motivation system.

3. Comfortable working conditions: Flexible working hours. Comfortable "green" office. Work in the central stores LoraShen: in Hyatt Regency Kiev, in the Central Department Store, in the Studio on Lobanovskoho Avenue.

4. Social package: Paid processing. Corporate logistics service, payment of transportation costs and mobile communications. Payment of vacations and sick leave.

5. Training programs: Internal and external training. Learning from leading florists and decorators in Ukraine. Managerial development programs. Corporate library of modern literature.

6. Career growth.

7. Company culture: Initiative, openness, responsibility, loyalty are the values that each LoraShen employee lives with. Innovation, creative experimentation - an integral part of our corporate culture. Our employees, their talents and competence, creativity and teamwork - the main force for the development of the company as a whole.

8. Project awards.

9. Discounts for company employees.

If you decide to become part of the LoraShen team, send your CV and portfolio to our HR specialist Irina or call +380639865401 / +380973249230