Festive bouquets, compliments for no reason, indoor and thematic floral arrangements are there to add some beauty to people’s lives. They can become a wonderful gift to business partners and the dearest ones, charge with positive energy, give joy and inspiration.
We create floral masterpieces for special occasions and the people who are the dearest for you, who you want to wow, exceed their expectations and definitely bring mutual joy, both to you and to those whom you give a tumble.

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Flowers are used to form not only bouquets, but also to transform interiors. This is done by florists who create unique compositions with a selection of different colors and decor. Floristry is an arts and crafts that aims at assembling bouquets for special dates or events. Flower craftsmen also create a concept of floral decoration for a specific event, in order to decorate and highlight the specifics of the holiday.

Florist is a person who has a keen sense of the correct combination of plants and decor into a single composition. In this case, the choice of color solutions is also carried out. The work of a florist allows you to choose the appropriate flora, as well as create a lively and fresh composition that will naturally and harmoniously look with a wedding dress, studio interior, car interior, festive table or public institution.

The subtleties of creating flower collections

To organize professional florist services, it is necessary to study in detail all the subtleties of the flower business. It is not enough just to have a large selection of colors and decorations on hand. It is necessary to be able to collect them into a single composition and at the same time make sure that it stays fresh as long as possible and harmoniously complements the existing design. Even one incorrectly selected twig or flower can ruin the whole work.

Therefore, floristry specialists must understand the following subtleties:

  • selection of matching colors;
  • what types and varieties of fresh flowers exist;
  • what each flower symbolizes;
  • what kind of potted plants are;
  • how to grow and care for a particular variety of flowers.

Professional florists learn all the basics of color. They should know everything about floral decoration, be able to compose compositions and place them successfully in the interior. Only those masters achieve success who:

  • have talent and a sense of taste;
  • think creatively;
  • have an author's style;
  • can surprise clients with their work;
  • know how to create masterpieces from simple materials at hand.

It is important for a florist to keep track of which trend prevails in the market today. The peculiarity of floristry lies in its rapid development. New ones are constantly appearing:

  • varieties of flowers;
  • decorative materials;
  • styles.

For a master of his craft, it is important to keep up with all the new products in order to provide the customer with the best offer of all available on the market.

Floristry styles

A successful studio always studies the types of floristry and monitors the emergence of new styles. The employees of the "LoraShen" salon are able to work with all existing types of floristry:

  • wedding;
  • event-driven;
  • business;
  • food;
  • ritual;
  • interior;
  • temple.

Each type of floristry has its own differences and characteristics. The work is carried out with different interior details and colors. If delicate flowers with pastel colors are suitable for a wedding theme, then completely opposite plants will be used in ritual style.

Rules for combining colors in a composition

When creating bouquets for a gift or for decorating a room using floristry, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • observe all the subtleties of color and correctly select shades in a single bouquet;
  • make up compositions of flowers that are combined with each other;
  • be able to make bouquets airy and light;
  • correctly combine seasonal flowers;
  • combine flowers according to the theory of Johannes Itten.

When creating bouquets, it is important to choose the right colors. An employee can create a bouquet using different palettes:

  • contrasting;
  • similar;
  • monochromatic;
  • polychromatic.

There is also a difference in color for male and female bouquets. It is important to consider the symbolism of each color and plant. After all, with the help of certain colors, you can make a compliment, confess your love, express feelings of gratitude or express a sign of respect.

Floristic techniques

Various techniques are used to create bouquets or decorative compositions. The specific technique is chosen depending on various factors:

  • stylistics;
  • what effect needs to be achieved;
  • client's wishes;
  • flowers that will participate in the creation of the bouquet.

Our floristry studio uses the following techniques for work:

  • sticking;
  • taping;
  • gluing;
  • weaving;
  • stringing;
  • binding;
  • pinning.

In some cases, you have to use a garland or mixed technique. Flowers in a bouquet can be collected in a spiral, parallel to each other or in a free version.

The rule of the golden ratio in floristry

Themed flower bouquets, which are created on the basis of the golden ratio, look beautiful. It is important to give the composition the correct proportions. After all, a person subconsciously evaluates the proportions that serve as a criterion of beauty for him. If you choose flowers that match in appearance and shades in a bouquet, but neglect the proportions, then such a bouquet will not be attractive from the point of view of the standard.

Therefore, our experienced florists in Kiev are well acquainted with the principle of the golden section. They tend to use a 3: 5: 8 aspect ratio. This is part of the Fibonacci series. To create a bouquet using the golden ratio, you need to split it into 8 conventional parts. If the flowers will be placed in a vase, then we leave 5 parts for the bouquet, and 3 parts for the vase. This will allow the composition to look harmonious and proportional.

Decoration of the celebration with flower arrangements

Decor is one of the important components for preparing a festive event. This is a tool with which you can transform a wedding venue, car salon, cafe or restaurant beyond recognition. Fresh flowers play a key role in the decoration. With their help, you can fill the room:

  • bright accents;
  • pleasant aromas;
  • original compositions.

The place for the celebration will become cozy and colorful, and will also be saturated with a festive atmosphere. With the help of fresh flowers, you can create a unique style and emphasize the specifics of the celebration. Thanks to various floristic techniques, you can divide the room into separate zones and create a favorable environment for an unforgettable holiday.

What is the reason for ordering floristic services?

To create an original bouquet that you want to pleasantly surprise your girlfriend, wife or mother, you will need a florist. The master of our salon will be happy to embody a creative idea in the form of a beautifully designed bouquet with attractive decor.

You can also use the services of a specialist for the following reasons:

  • to order a bridal bouquet;
  • when decorating banquet halls;
  • to decorate the home interior;
  • for registration of a photo zone;
  • for a wedding, anniversary or any other occasion;
  • as a gift for the concert.

Where a holiday takes place, there is always a need for fresh flowers. And this is a good reason to order the services of a florist in order to translate an original idea into reality and make a holiday that will be remembered for a long time.

You should also not forget about mourning days and official events, where a festive atmosphere is not created, but the presence of beautiful bouquets and compositions is a must.

Wedding floristry

Everything should be perfect on the wedding day. Wedding floristry includes decoration:

  • bridal bouquet;
  • car interior;
  • arches;
  • places for marriage;
  • ring pads;
  • banquet hall;
  • photo zones.

The specialist creates a miniature masterpiece in the shape of a boutonniere for the groom. This type of floristry involves the use of the maximum amount of decor in delicate and light shades. In this case, even the smallest details are worked out with maximum efficiency from the master.

Festive floristry

It is used to equip halls, cafes, restaurants or places where guests will come to a festive event. Specialist services for festive floristry are in demand for:

  • anniversary;
  • anniversary;
  • professional holiday;
  • state event;
  • concert;
  • another special occasion.

Festive floristry is mainly aimed at decorating the premises, as well as preparing bouquets that will be presented to the hero of the occasion and guests of honor.

Interior floristry

A recently formed species in floristry, which involves decorating rooms with flowers:

  • pictures;
  • panel;
  • other original compositions.

Phytodesign is in great demand in business centers. This is a wall decoration with live plants, which are easy to care for. Live installations can decorate not only residential and office interiors, but also become a decorative part of sales areas and shops.

Temple floristry

A specific type of floristry, which involves the decoration of temples with flower compositions. Here you need to know well all the nuances of such work in order to harmoniously and correctly decorate the internal and external decoration of a cathedral or temple. The task of the master is to harmoniously combine religious attributes with flowers, in order to emphasize the piety and sacredness of the religious place in general.

Advantages of LoraShen florists

Only qualified and talented employees work in our floristry salon, who are well acquainted with all the intricacies of their work and have tremendous experience. They are ready to embody any of your ideas or offer an original version, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

Why it is worth ordering florist services from us:

  • wide range of colors;
  • creative solutions;
  • performing tasks of any complexity;
  • the optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • individual approach.

If you want to order an original and unique bouquet, then you should contact the LoraShen studio for professional services.

💸 How much does a florist cost?

The preliminary price can be found in our price list. In each case, the cost is calculated individually, as it depends on the number and type of flowers, decorative materials used, as well as the individual wishes of the client. The final cost of services is announced after all the details have been agreed.

📲 How to order a flower arrangement or bouquet?

You can choose a ready-made solution from the catalog and quickly place a purchase with delivery. You can come to our store and select the options we offer live. If you want to order a composition according to your desire, then call our manager, and the florist, according to your requirements, will make an original bouquet or discuss all the details for creating an interior composition.

💳 What are the payment methods?

There are several ways to pay for services. Cash at the store or upon delivery by courier. You can also pay by credit card or bank transfer.

📞 Can I order florist services in the Kiev region?

Our masters work in Kiev and Kiev region. Therefore, you should contact our company in advance to order the services of a master on-site in the Kiev region. You can also order delivery in the Kiev region, which works with us from 9 am to 9 pm.