Goddesses Collection

The goddess is an archetype that lives in every woman and wakes up inside her in certain periods of her life. We were inspired by goddesses from different cultures and different eras and created LoraShen designer collection of bouquets embodying their personas and tempers.
Aphrodite and Hera, Bastet and Ziva, Hestia and Athena, Lakshmi and Isis – they are just some of the archetypes that we decided to externalize in our bouquets and floral arrangements.
This collection will treat you with romantic, sensual, minimalistic and delicate bouquets in a variety of shapes, styles and shades.
We hope you will find your Goddess amongst those that we created!

To order a bouquet or a floral arrangement,
please call +380672477971 or email shop@lorashen.com.ua


Goddess Athena

She is smart. She is fair. She is wise.
Athena, daughter of Zeus, is a ...
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Goddess Aphrodite

Every Woman that falls in love has Aphrodite being born within.
Sensual. Charming. Gentle. Seductive. ...
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Goddess Hera

The wife of Zeus, Hera is the most powerful goddesses on Olympus.
She patronizes marriage ...
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Goddess Bastet

Sexiness is inherent for every woman. Every movement is full of grace, softness in her ...
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Goddess Lakshmi

The power of a Man is in his Woman.
Lakshmi goddess is the personification of ...
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Goddess Hestia

In ancient Greek mythology, Hestia is a young goddess of the hearth and home.
She ...
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Goddess Ziva

All roads lead to the beginnings. The power of life. The empathy of the soul. ...
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