Having green decor in the modern urbanistic world is considered a sign of good taste nowadays.
Greenery in an office is the company's manifestation of respect for its employees and eco-friendly global trends.
A house full of plants is a place where you and your family can recharge and get inspiration.
Public places, restaurants and shopping malls with eco graffiti, living green walls and vertical gardens are the privilege of strong brands that care about their customers on a local scale, and about the world around them on a global scale.

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Landscaping is a special step in landscape and interior design. It includes the artistic, applied and architectural side, in which it is necessary to take into account the subtleties of gardening and land management. Landscaping of the site allows you to transform the surrounding area in order to create corners of nature where you can relax and which will positively affect the emotional state of a person. The plots are created in such a way that being next to them, a person can mentally relax and contemplate the beautiful picture of beautifully planted living plants.

Landscaping and landscaping performed by LoraShen

The projects that are created by our company are carefully developed by designers and plant specialists. We will carry out landscaping in Kiev with a detailed study:

  • soil;
  • local flavor;
  • existing parts;
  • the wishes of the customer.

We do not act according to a template, and therefore we carry out work, adjusting to the peculiarities of the existing landscape. Experienced specialists immediately see which corner can be transformed with the maximum use of plantings, and where it is possible to accomplish improvements with the help of several plants, which, when planted, will radically change the entire appearance of the landscape area.

Our company carries out landscaping along with landscaping for:

  • private houses;
  • villas;
  • sports complexes;
  • recreation areas;
  • hotels;
  • restaurants;
  • business centers.

We will help you to decorate your terrace design with small decorative trees and original plants in pots. Everything will be done in such a way that the placed plants do not interfere with the visitors of the establishment and at the same time create comfortable conditions for them. We are able to carry out greening of the roofs of a private house or restaurant, where there is an open area for recreation.

Types of landscaping

Large cities suffer from the lack of green spaces, where there is a large flow of road transport and there are a large number of houses on one site. Therefore, decorative landscaping of the territory allows not only to transform the area, but also to increase the positive microclimate in it.

Landscaping of a landscape area is of the following types:

  • volumetric;
  • parterre;
  • vertical;
  • container.

Volumetric landscaping involves planting trees and shrubs on the site. When choosing, their future height is taken into account, as well as the area that they will occupy after ripening. Therefore, during the initial planting, small gaps between the plants may be observed, but with their growth they will gradually disappear and over the years the final appearance of the territory will be formed.

Parterre gardening involves planting lawns and flower beds. When planting lawns, roll material can be used or seeds are planted. Roll-laying is convenient because the customer immediately receives a lawn ready for use, and does not wait one season for a dense green cover to appear from the seeds. To create convenient lawn care, an automatic irrigation system is immediately installed.

If we talk about gardening services of vertical and container type, then in the first case, weaving plants are planted next to the wall, which quickly grow and cover the entire wall. In the second case, plants are used for landscaping, which are planted in different containers:

  • pots;
  • pots;
  • tubs;
  • containers of various sizes.

All types of landscaping can be used both separately and combined with each other. The specialists of our company are fluent in all types and know how to concisely combine them in order to create one harmonious ensemble on the site.

List of landscaping works

A step-by-step solution of a complex problem allows us to carry out high-quality gardening in Kiev. At the very beginning, design is carried out for the arrangement of sites. A finished project is created on paper by our designers, where all the changes that will be made on the site are noted. We are ready to offer the client a ready-made project or, in accordance with the client's wishes, create an original design.

An integrated approach allows us to perform:

  • engineering and earthworks;
  • creating and paving tile paths;
  • planting a lawn;
  • arrangement of flower beds;
  • planting of ornamental plants;
  • lighting installation;
  • arrangement of a fence;
  • much more.

All work begins with the design and, after agreeing on the project with the customer, is carried out in a strictly prescribed sequence.

Landscaping services are carried out taking into account the terrain. This takes into account how the site is located:

  • on a slope or open area;
  • in a closed or open area;
  • on the north or south side.

All this will affect the selection of crops, as well as their planting and location. A special place in the planning of the site is occupied by the process of selecting plants. Not every lot can be planted with large trees or certain types of shrubs. If there is a problem of limited space, then plants that spread wide branches will be replaced by specimens that are more upward.

Our specialists choose plants that not only take root well, but also look harmoniously with each other. All plants are planted in a specific way so that they do not shade or cover each other. In general, all stages are carried out in such a way that landscaping and plant care does not bring the customer any trouble. This means that the area will be beautifully decorated and the plants will require little maintenance.

LoraShen Landscaping Tasks

First of all, our landscaping company aims to satisfy all the wishes of our customers. If we cannot fulfill some decisions, then this will necessarily be due only to the peculiarity of the growth of certain plants. In all other cases, we are ready to implement complex projects in order to complete them the way the client's eyes see it.

Our tasks also include the design and planting of plants according to the project. Before starting work, we will definitely study the terrain and carry out a soil analysis in order to know exactly what plants can be planted under existing conditions.

It is beneficial to contact us, because we offer:

  • services of highly qualified specialists;
  • individual premium design;
  • a large selection of plants;
  • implementation of projects regardless of their level of complexity.

If you want to order landscaping from professionals, then contact our company for help. We guarantee quality and efficiency in work.

🌿 How to place an order for landscaping a site?

You leave a request and our manager will contact you as soon as possible. Then the specialist examines the object together with you and transfers the information to the design and design department. Our company will help you realize any of your ideas, and our specialists will professionally and at the highest level complete the task.

What is included in the list of yard landscaping works?

An important area of ​​landscaping is the improvement of the yard, which involves planting bushes, trees, flower beds. LoraShen company specializes in landscaping. Our specialists carry out gardening of the yard in several stages:
- study of the territory;
- soil analysis;
- development of a project with the wishes of the client;
- implementation of the task.

🌳 How to order a shopping center landscaping project?

To order landscaping in the shopping center, just leave a request and our operator will contact you to discuss the details of the project. We strive to take into account all the wishes of the client and implement any idea and idea. You can order landscaping projects at the entrance lobbies, atriums, food courts, information counters. Our designers can also design the landscaping of the facade, and our specialists will bring it to life at the highest level.