Office landscaping

The office can become a place of power for the company's employees and a business card for the brand. Green laconic and stylish plants, selected by LoraShen designers, will help emphasize the brand identity, create comfortable and decent working conditions for the team. As part of office gardening projects, we select: 1. Relevant and appropriate for the space and microclimate of the office plants. 2. A collection of designer planters that we can order or create on our own for the office space. 3. We develop and recommend which locations in the office need to be planted, what to focus on. 4. We offer a discount program for the maintenance of office plants. For the convenience of approval and coordination of landscaping projects, a project manager will work with you, who will take care of all aspects of preparation, implementation and installation.

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Landscaping of offices in Kiev: the price of the service, features and benefits

In the modern world, environmental innovations are very popular. This was reflected in the features in the design of working interiors. Landscaping the office is a bright facet of this process, which allows you to create a positive image for any company. With the help of green plants, the space of the room will acquire an original appearance that will leave an unsurpassed impression on customers and business partners.

Our company provides office gardening services in Kiev using original methods and advanced solutions in this area. With special care and thoroughness, experienced specialists will select successful solutions for your interior that can be safely attributed to the art of phytodesign. The task is carried out taking into account all the wishes of the customer. We create green interiors that are completely easy to care for. The selection of plants is carried out on the basis of a detailed analysis of the existing interior. It takes into account:

  • ceiling height;
  • lighting intensity;
  • color spectrum;
  • types of furniture;
  • finishing of all surfaces.

Our professionals will qualitatively assess the current situation and bring freshness and bright green notes to it.

Techniques and methods of landscaping the office of the company

Purchasing and placing flowerpots on window sills is not our method. We use well-established schemes and add creative ideas when implementing them. Modern phytodesign of the room is rich in various techniques:

  • phytowall;
  • landscaping with moss;
  • use of ornamental trees;
  • combination of flowering and ornamental foliage plants.

The qualification of our specialists includes the creation of phyto-pictures with the image of the company logo. When using decorative trees, original design containers and planters are used. They look attractive and blend harmoniously with plants and office interiors.

Vertical gardening of offices - new opportunities for interior design

If you want to make a shopping or business center unusual, you should order a phyto module. This is a design that is made in the form of a web of geotextiles. It provides special pockets where fertile soil is placed and plants of all kinds are planted.

This technology of landscaping office space also involves individual watering for each individual plant. The irrigation process is supported by a pump. It can be turned on manually or automated by connecting a timer to it. To collect excess water, a small tank is placed below. The installation of the phytowall is carried out using metal profiles that are securely attached to a moisture-resistant base. The design of vertical gardening allows you to place up to 30 plants per square meter.

Benefits of office gardening

By installing a live flower or other plant in the office space, you can achieve a magnificent decorative effect. At the same time, one should not be guided by the principle “more is better”, but with the help of green spaces, it is necessary to succinctly place accents and combine them with the surrounding interior of the territory. In this case, office phytodesign will reveal the following advantages:

  1. Increasing employee productivity. According to statistics, the presence of flowers and plants contributes to increased efficiency. Green areas will purify the air, strengthen the immune system and allow you to relax.
  2. Positive effect on partners and customers. Natural and natural environment will encourage customers and partners to cooperate with your company.
  3. Creating a favorable atmosphere. Living plants will cheer up and create good relationships in the team. They also neutralize the adverse effect of the work of office equipment.

If you are interested in landscaping offices in Ukraine, then you can always count on our professional assistance.

Scheme of cooperation with us

An experienced manager will come to your company and study in detail all the features of the interior, the degree of lighting and climatic conditions. At the same time, we will listen to all your wishes and offer the best option for the phytodesign of the room. An individual project will be developed in several versions. After the final decision is made, a detailed plan for its implementation is developed.

This plan includes:

  • careful selection of plants;
  • implementation of special care measures;
  • detailed consultations;
  • signing an agreement;
  • warranty service.

As a result of our work, you will receive:

  • clean and humid indoor air;
  • cozy environment;
  • the best conditions for working with clients.

We offer affordable prices for all of our services. Our landscaping company is ready to develop the best option for arranging an office, taking into account your budget. The cost of services depends on the chosen methods, as well as the type and number of plants. In the process of cooperation, you will be able to coordinate any issues with the project manager, whose responsibility is to control the implementation of the entire project from start to finish.

As a result of our work, you will receive:

  • clean and humid indoor air;
  • cozy environment;
  • the best conditions for working with clients.

We offer affordable prices for all of our services. Our landscaping company is ready to develop the best option for arranging an office, taking into account your budget. The cost of services depends on the chosen methods, as well as the type and number of plants. In the process of cooperation, you will be able to coordinate any issues with the project manager, whose responsibility is to control the implementation of the entire project from start to finish.

Benefits of cooperation with us

Landscaping companies are not always able to offer an integrated approach and design of especially large premises. LoraShen has a large resource reserve, which allows us to turn the most daring and global projects into reality.

For each office we individually:

  • we select relevant and appropriate plants for each space;
  • we buy unique designer planters;
  • we determine the places where it is best to make accents.

Our office landscaping services allow you to solve all your questions related to the aesthetic design of work areas, corridors, stairwells and front entrances. We will help you create a unique design for the reception in the form of a vertical garden or other solution that will immediately catch your eye when you enter the premises and become the hallmark of your company.

📲 How to order vertical gardening of an office in Kiev?

To order our services, you can come to our office at 119/2 Lobanovsky Avenue and discuss all the details with the manager on the spot. You can also contact us by phone so that an employee comes to you and sees the interior of the office, in order to visually draw up a plan in your head on how best to arrange vertical gardening, taking into account the design features and your personal wishes.

🏡 Where can I find an office gardening company?

If you need office landscaping, then you've come to the right place. The company "LoraShen" has many years of experience. We have carried out projects for small and large offices in various styles. We can offer a ready-made version from our portfolio and adapt it to your premises. Also, employees are ready to create a project from the very beginning.

🌺 How to choose a phytodesigner for office landscaping?

A good specialist should understand absolutely everything and be able to answer all the questions in detail. The master should know everything about modern trends and technologies for office gardening. You can find such a specialist in our company. He will patiently listen to all your wishes and make them a reality.

What are ready-made solutions for office gardening?

Over the years, our company has accumulated a large number of projects. Ready-made design options can be seen in the portfolio on our website. You can choose any option that our specialists will adapt to the features of your interior. You can also contact us about an individual project, which will be developed taking into account all the wishes of the client.

📝 Where to order potted plants for office gardening?

The company "LoraShen" is engaged in the sale of indoor plants in pots. With their help, our florists are ready to decorate any office interior. Please contact us at the numbers listed on the website or come to our store to discuss the details at: 119/2 Lobanovsky Avenue.