Exterior Landscaping

Breathe a new life into your exterior and turn it into a real green sanctuary.
Use the green design to enlarge your living space or your customer reception area.
Our Landscapes team provides a wide range of landscaping services, regardless of whether it is a green design project for a hotel lobby, an eye-catching eco-friendly restaurant terrace or a cozy lunch and brunch area near your home.
We use quality exclusive flowerpots, we can deliver a plant or a tree from anywhere in the world to Ukraine, our designers have a fine sense of style and can create the most stylish green locations that you dreamed about.

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Cool sea breeze

With the advent of quarantine, humanity (let's not be afraid of this generalization) suddenly realized ...
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Terrace in Nice & Sexy style for the Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel

The terrace of the Hyatt Regency hotel on the 8th floor overlooking Sophia Square in ...
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TSUM Terrace

LoraShen designers created the terrace in the European laconicism wstyleas for TSUM in Kyiv.
Olive ...
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Terrace at Premier Palace Kiev

Stylish and cozy, restrained and luxurious - requirements for landscape gardening the luxe class establishments. ...
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Guramma restaurant terrace

Details matter.
The colour defines space.
Exquisite Medinilla in cache-pots of limited edition collection specially ...
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Tres Francais restaurant terrace

LoraShen team also have hands in the creation of the terrace of a sweet and ...
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Creative Space terrace

The charm and simplicity of Parisian streets inspired Creative Space project designer Yova Yager.
Florists ...
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Creative Space & Experiment Cafe 12 terrace

Light charm of the English ancestral estates was accomplished by the LoraShen design team for ...
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Praha restaurant terrace

This year, the summer terrace of Praha restaurant once again drowned in luxurious seasonal colours, ...
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Terrace in a private residence

While a terrace for a private house, we wished to harmonize it with the surrounding ...
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Tropics-style terrace decoration

Without leaving Kyiv, you can instantly travel into the exuberant and bright tropics somewhere in ...
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Greening in a private residence

Home is the place of power. And the place of rest, inspiration and synergy, when ...
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Buddha Landscape Design

The main and key figure of this landscape design was Buddha sculpture, brought to the ...
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Japanese garden in IQ Business Center

"There can be a garden without flowers, but there cannot be a garden without stones." ...
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Landscaping of a country house, courtyard, terrace, balcony - price, order, turnkey service

A beautiful natural area with many accented areas and original plantings is the dream of every owner. To create a landscape design for a country house, a set of measures should be taken. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right green spaces and arrange them in such a way that together they create a whole picture.

The specialists of our company will transform the facade walls of your house, the veranda, the gazebo and the territory adjacent to the house into a cozy and comfortable recreation area. With the help of landscaping and home improvement, we will expand the living space and fill it with natural and natural colors. The experience of florists allows you to create stylish green locations using beautiful and rare plantings. Upon request, we will deliver and plant a tree, bush or flowers on your territory from any corner of the globe.

Modern landscape design of a country house plot - phased implementation

You can get a harmonious result only with an expert and systematic approach. Our specialist will come to your site, listen in detail to all your wishes, inspect the territory and tell you how to bring all your ideas to life and how much the implementation of the entire project will cost.

The work is performed in the following sequence:

  • creation of a plan with the measurement of the territory;
  • division of the site into zones, with the allocation of functional and problem areas;
  • choice of style;
  • earthworks and planting green plants using decorative elements.

It is in our power to create a beautiful landscape design of a country house at an affordable price for everyone. The final cost depends on the selected plantings, the complexity of the project and the time required to implement the project. With the hands of our employees, we will carefully equip:

  • garden paths;
  • lawn;
  • the area around the pool;
  • flower beds;
  • alpine hill;
  • living arch.

In combination with living plants, natural stone, beautiful in shape and texture, will be selected.

Landscaping of a plot of a private house - modern approaches from professionals

Near a private house there is always a small courtyard, which we will help to design with the help of well-chosen green spaces. Our task is not just to plant flowers, but to carry out this procedure according to a well-thought-out project, where all the elements will be:

  • combine with each other;
  • unpretentious in care;
  • do not obscure each other;
  • create a complete composition.

We will carry out landscaping of the territory of a private house in order to provide an open space for spending holidays with friends and family members. It will be a comfortable place for games and entertainment in an environment where you will be surrounded by exquisite garden flowers, unusual bushes and trees. Properly organized space will contribute to:

  • formation of a comfortable and healthy microclimate;
  • creation of shadow zones;
  • decrease in wind speed;
  • exhaust gas neutralization.

Some of the plants are planted in the ground, and some are placed around the perimeter of the site in beautiful and original planters made of ceramic or impact-resistant plastic.

Vertical landscaping of facades - an original and practical method of decorating a house

The arrangement of plants on the wall is created using a special phytosystem. It is a robust design that can withstand high loads. For each wall, you should choose certain plants. After all, access to different parts of the world creates completely different climatic conditions.

Landscaping of the facade of the house is carried out with the help of climbing and flowering plants. Decorated walls will create a unique microclimate near the house. In this case, the general architecture of the room will not be affected, but on the contrary, its individuality will be emphasized. If necessary, plants will be planted in such a way as to hide wall defects. Partial or full registration will allow:

  • set new accents;
  • hide cracks or irregularities;
  • decorate the appearance of the facade;
  • complement the surrounding landscape with an original element.

The plants open their leaves early, which means that your home will be covered with an attractive green carpet for a long time.

Our landscaping company will create a vertical garden for you with original decoration of various parts of the house. We carry out gardening of house roofs, balconies and terraces. The LoraShen company is ready to offer you original solutions with the arrangement of unique plantings around the entire perimeter of the house.

We will offer container gardening of the terrace, which involves the use of original containers for planting plants in the form of:

  • boxes;
  • jugs;
  • capsho;
  • pots;
  • buckets.

These are breathable containers in which plants will receive the necessary moisture. They are convenient in that they can be moved from place to place, which allows you to change the design of the space as you wish.

Unique technologies allow us to create a small green island on the roof where you can relax and unwind in an ecologically clean area with beautiful plantings. Landscaping of the veranda and terrace is carried out taking into account their interior and finishing materials. Our florists will come up with an original design for your balcony, where plants will be concisely arranged without cluttering up the space.

Planning and landscaping a country house with the help of green spaces from LoraShen will provide your site with a presentable and attractive appearance for many years to come. You can keep it in optimal condition without much effort.

🌺 Is it possible to order landscaping along the fence?

Our florists have all the necessary knowledge to create a magnificent and lasting arrangement along the fence. We use different plants and successfully combine them with each other. We will offer an option from the portfolio or develop an individual project for your needs.

What is included in the list of landscaping works?

Our list of landscaping works includes preparing the soil for planting a lawn, shrubs, trees and other plants. We develop an individual design with carefully selected plants. They are delivered to the site and landed in a precisely designated place.

🏡 Where to order lawn landscaping?

The company "LoraShen" offers a full range of lawn gardening services using unique and rare plants. We carry out planting of plants according to a previously developed design.

📝 How to place an order for landscaping the yard?

To complete the landscaping of the yard, our specialist must go to your site. Call our manager and arrange a convenient time. At the place of arrival, the employee will listen to all your wishes and, based on your budget, will offer the best landscaping option.

📲 Is it possible to order landscaping of the winter garden?

Our employees are ready to take on any challenge. If you need to carry out landscaping of the winter garden, then optimal plants will be selected for the implementation of this project. They will help to create a harmonious composition that will not suffer from the influence of external climatic factors.