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Exterior Landscaping

Breathe a new life into your exterior and turn it into a real green sanctuary.
Use the green design to enlarge your living space or your customer reception area.
Our Landscapes team provides a wide range of landscaping services, regardless of whether it is a green design project for a hotel lobby, an eye-catching eco-friendly restaurant terrace or a cozy lunch and brunch area near your home.
We use quality exclusive flowerpots, we can deliver a plant or a tree from anywhere in the world to Ukraine, our designers have a fine sense of style and can create the most stylish green locations that you dreamed about.

For more information or to request a personal project,
please call +380672477971 or email [email protected]


Терраса в стиле Nice & Sexy для отеля Hyatt Regency Kyiv

Терраса отеля Hyatt Regency на 8 этаже с видом на Софийскую площадь в самом центре ...
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TSUM Terrace

LoraShen designers created the terrace in the European laconicism wstyleas for TSUM in Kyiv.
Olive ...
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Terrace at Premier Palace Kiev

Stylish and cozy, restrained and luxurious - requirements for landscape gardening the luxe class establishments. For ...
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Guramma restaurant terrace

Details matter.
The colour defines space.
Exquisite Medinilla in cache-pots of limited edition collection specially ...
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Tres Francais restaurant terrace

LoraShen team also have hands in the creation of the terrace of a sweet and ...
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Creative Space terrace

The charm and simplicity of Parisian streets inspired Creative Space project designer Yova Yager.
Florists ...
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Creative Space & Experiment Cafe 12 terrace

Light charm of the English ancestral estates was accomplished by the LoraShen design team for ...
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Praha restaurant terrace

This year, the summer terrace of Praha restaurant once again drowned in luxurious seasonal colours ...
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Terrace in a private residence

While a terrace for a private house, we wished to harmonize it with the surrounding ...
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Tropics-style terrace decoration

Without leaving Kyiv, you can instantly travel into the exuberant and bright tropics somewhere in ...
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Greening in a private residence

Home is the place of power. And the place of rest, inspiration and synergy, when ...
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Buddha Landscape Design

The main and key figure of this landscape design was Buddha sculpture, brought to the ...
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