Interior landscaping

Whatever style you pack your space in, the interior greenery will add energy, comfort and coziness to the room and its inhabitants. LoraShen design team offers an integrated approach and a full range of services to refresh your space. Our designers use the best cache-pots to match your interior style and select green or flowering plants that will feel comfortable in the room temperature and lightning. Whether you want your greenery to be designed from scratch or are you looking for the final touch in your existing indoor landscaping, our designers will help to breathe new life into your space.

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The desire to live in the most comfortable and healthy conditions gives rise to new requests for landscaping and home improvement. Since it is sometimes difficult to find a natural place to relax in the city, you want to recreate a piece of the living environment in your own living space. In modern design, phytodesign plays a special role, which involves the use of advanced techniques in the field of placing living plants in residential interiors.

Our team of florists is able to create a real temple from your home, which will breathe freshness and charm everyone with its attractiveness. To improve your space, we will carry out a comprehensive landscaping of the premises, based on the style of the interior and the personal wishes of the client. Florists will professionally select plants, taking into account light and temperature conditions. Our designers will help you put the finishing touch to an already existing composition or offer a turnkey project.

Landscaping - a premium service from LoraShen

The private house has several special areas for green spaces. This is not only a living room, bedroom or nursery, but also:

  • veranda;
  • main entrance;
  • attic;
  • facade walls;
  • stairways between floors.

Gardening services for the interior of a private house require a competent approach. The main goal is not just to make everything green, but to make sure that there is an acceptable amount of natural decor and enough space for living inside. When implementing the process, it is important to arrange the room in such a way that:

  • all elements harmoniously combined with each other;
  • there was enough room for aisles;
  • the voids were filled;
  • the space was not overloaded with excessive decor.

The landscaping of the walls of houses deserves special attention. Perennial plants are selected for the outer facade surface, which quickly wake up after hibernation and remain green until late autumn. The best choice is:

  • wild grapes;
  • openwork ivy;
  • weaving roses;
  • blooming clematis.

Their advantage lies in the fact that plants are able to cover the wall so tightly that all the flaws of the facade can be hidden under it. Vertical gardening at home allows you to:

  • close the walls from direct sunlight;
  • extend their service life;
  • reduce daily temperature fluctuations.

Climbing plants will maintain a stable level of moisture in the walls, protect them from ultraviolet radiation and retain their original color. Lush foliage will allow you to transform any house or cottage beyond recognition, adding an attractive charm to them.

With the onset of autumn, the landscaping of the terrace of a country house will be distinguished by the presence of many unusual shades. The leaves will shimmer with orange, yellow, purple, burgundy and other colors. Climbing plants do not take up much space, which allows them to be planted in a limited area. All plants move to the walls of the house and the supports of the veranda, and therefore do not require much space on the ground.

Vertical gardening in the apartment

Modern trends in the fashion of transforming the apartment interior are directly related to the original use of living plants. First of all, vertical gardening attracts attention for the apartment. It allows the walls to look natural and beautiful, on which living plants will grow. This is an option for those who love eco-style and want to fully enjoy indoor fresh air at any time of the year. Thanks to the use of stabilized plants, the design of the apartment will look bright and fresh.

Our experts will decorate the apartment with stabilized moss, deciduous trees and other special plants. Vertical gardens look natural and attractive. They will help improve well-being and restore strength after a hard day's work. Green walls will replace the plants on the floor and window sills and thereby free up space and preserve the ecological style in the apartment.

If you want to order landscaping of an apartment with a small area, we will offer you:

  1. home terrarium. Indoor small garden behind glass with live plants combined with decorative stones. A self-contained closed system will add a sophisticated charm to the apartment through the combination of natural landscape and glass surface.
  2. Eastern garden. Miniature bonsai plants will help recreate the spirit of Japan. These plants are easy to care for.
  3. Tropics in the bathroom. Plants that love moisture are selected for the bathroom. This will be an original decor that will allow you to feel the freshness of the waterfall during water procedures.
  4. Landscaping of the terrace or loggia in the apartment. Even in such a limited space, it is possible to create a beautiful idyll without infringing on free space.
  5. Plants in furniture. With the help of plants, you can decorate modular furniture. Products will look good in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Green plants are compactly installed in a table, chest of drawers, cabinet or other pieces of furniture.

At the request of the customer, we will place plants around the perimeter of the ceiling and arrange them in a suspended state. It all depends on the wishes and possibilities of the room. We are able to perform vertical gardening in Kiev of any level of complexity according to the allocated budget.

What plants are used in interior phytodesign

Often our florists have to deal with already lived-in interiors that have pronounced features. In this case, interior gardening is carried out taking into account:

  • stylistics;
  • colors;
  • architectural features;
  • available finishes.

With the help of green spaces, contrasts, bright colors and surroundings will be added. Their wide leaves will simultaneously hide all design flaws.

Stages of work on internal gardening of the territory

Upon arrival at the place, our specialist will study all the features of the residential premises and, in the absence of the customer’s vision, will offer his own version of the decorative gardening of the apartment. This will take into account the budget of the customer and the features of the existing interior. Our specialist will listen to all your wishes and will surely implement them in practice. Based on the agreed plan, all creative ideas will be implemented within the shortest possible time. After carrying out all the work, we conduct a detailed consultation on how to care for the plants so that they always remain fresh and retain a bright saturated shade.

We offer reasonable prices for ornamental and exotic plants. With minimal investment, we will carry out landscaping of the interior in Kiev with plants and form a harmonious connection with nature in a private house or apartment on a high-rise floor. We will quickly create a natural corner in the house from real natural materials and with a wide variety of shades.

💐 How to choose plants for vertical gardening of an apartment?

Each case requires an individual approach. Certain plants are suitable for a certain style of interior. In some cases, it is appropriate to use phyto-pictures, while in other cases it is advisable to carry out landscaping of the entire wall. Only a professional look of a florist can suggest what decision should be made in this or that case.

📝 How to place an order for interior landscaping?

If you want to place an order for the purchase of plants for interior gardening, you should call our manager and place a purchase of the plants you are interested in. We have delivery in Kiev. You can pick up products by self-delivery at our office.

📲 How to call an apartment landscaping master?

To place an order, you should call our company and arrange the departure of our specialist at a convenient time for you. A florist will come to you and select a full range of landscaping plants for you on the spot, taking into account your budget.