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Terrace landscaping

Complete the terrace with plants and it will become cozy, magnetic and much more attractive - it will be a place where you will want to return again and again.
Our landscaping experts know how to create a green design center exactly on your terrace. A large selection of plants, modern trends in green design and caring care - that's why the best companies choose LoraShen!

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In the summer, outdoor terraces become the most desirable place in a restaurant or cafe. Employees or clients of banks, hotels, business centers will be happy to spend time on the terrace, solving their business issues. The dream of every cottage owner is to go out on the terrace in the morning and meet the new day in a favorable outdoor environment. To make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible, it is worth ennobling the terrace with the help of living plants.

Landscaping summer grounds allows you to create a comfortable and cozy place in the open air, where it will be pleasant to make important decisions, relax and talk. Landscaping of terraces is not limited to arranging indoor plants around the perimeter of free space. This is a delicate work that takes into account:

  • surrounding exterior;
  • combination of plants with each other;
  • resistance of plants to high humidity during rain;
  • stability of the planter from gusts of wind;
  • a combination of matching colors.

The designer must do everything so that the selected plants create a single composition and complement each other.

Terrace landscaping performed by LoraShen masters

To decorate a terrace, balcony, roof or indoor house, our experts use all their experience and a large number of different plants. Thanks to a wide range, we are ready to create colorful and promising compositions that can transform your place of rest beyond recognition.

We practice:

  • a complex approach;
  • use of modern solutions;
  • implementation of projects of any complexity;
  • the use of ornamental and unusual plants.

Through our actions you will receive:

  • pleasant microclimate;
  • thermal and sound insulation;
  • arrangement of a cozy place for communication and relaxation.

We take orders quickly, design solutions down to the smallest detail and quickly implement the agreed design with all the necessary materials delivered to the site. Our specialists know well how to choose the right plants so that they create an attractive ensemble and at the same time do not take much time to care for them.

In our portfolio you can see the projects that we have already implemented for the terraces of buildings such as:

  • TSUM;
  • Premier Palace Kiev;
  • hotel Hyatt Regency Kiev;
  • restaurant Guramma;
  • Tres Francais restaurant;
  • restaurant Prague;
  • other places.

If you need to ennoble a place in a garden with automatic watering, on the terrace of a summer house or a country house, as well as arrange an outdoor recreation area for a cafe or restaurant, you can trust the work of professional florists of the LoraShen studio. They will perform everything at the highest level, taking into account your wishes.

Roof greening

To equip a paradise on the roof of a restaurant or a country house, our company uses the most advanced solutions. To achieve the highest quality result, our specialists adhere to the following rules:

  • take into account the peculiarities of the climate;
  • light intensity is taken into account;
  • plan space for plants that will grow over time;
  • equip drainage for planting plants in containers;
  • select plants with a suitable color.

Landscaping of roofs and terraces is different in that they have a lot of space where direct sunlight and precipitation will fall on the plants. This is also taken into account when choosing green spaces. In some cases, it is advisable to fill the space not only with living, but also with artificial plants. Our florist masters can create a cozy corner with correctly placed compositions that do not clutter up the space and do not turn the roof into a jungle. Everything is done concisely and tastefully.

Balcony landscaping

For residents of multi-storey buildings, the only consolation for relaxing in an apartment can be a balcony or loggia. Landscaping of an open balcony is carried out taking into account its location. To decorate it, you can use annual flowers that bloom beautifully throughout the season. The most popular of them are:

  • asters;
  • violas;
  • marigold;
  • surfinia;
  • begonias;
  • nasturtiums.

Among indoor plants in a flower pot, you can choose:

  • ficuses;
  • dracaena;
  • palm trees;
  • geraniums;
  • monsters;
  • callas;
  • spathiphyllum;
  • other.

The landscaping of the loggia with the use of climbing plants looks very impressive. It can be:

  • vine;
  • roses;
  • tekoms;
  • honeysuckle;
  • other.

This type of landscaping is a good design solution and at the same time is able to protect the space from the direct rays of the sun.

On the balcony, you can plant basil, rosemary, oregano, lavender, lemon balm and other spices in wooden containers. They will help to beautifully decorate the space and add an unobtrusive pleasant aroma to it. The advantage of using containers is that they are mobile and can be easily moved from one place to another, changing the environment. If space permits, then on the balcony you can even use coniferous plants or shrubs.

Selection of plants for landscaping terraces

To create the effect of a living corner and at the same time preserve the natural beauty of plants, regardless of external influences, it is necessary to correctly select them. At the same time, it is important to take into account that the plants are combined with the surrounding exterior, do not obscure each other and can withstand the effects of external climatic factors.

If drafts often occur on an open terrace and a strong wind blows, then it is necessary to select plants that have strong and flexible shoots. In this case, you can give preference to such plants as:

  • ivy;
  • decorative chamomile;
  • echinacea purpurea;
  • nivyanik;
  • other.

To keep the plants in the pots from falling, you can put decorative stones in them.

For shaded terraces, we recommend using the following plants:

  • fern;
  • host;
  • ivy;
  • cereal ornamental crops.

If the vast majority of the terrace is under bright lighting, then you can use:

  • creepers;
  • succulents;
  • phloxes;
  • cloves;
  • nasturtiums;
  • pelargoniums;
  • other plants.

Succulents are best suited for this, as they need the least amount of watering.

When choosing, it is also necessary to pay attention to plants that have good resistance to low temperatures. Even in early autumn, when all the summer terraces are still open, a cold snap can set in, which will adversely affect the plants if they are not ready for such tests.

Order landscaping of balconies and terraces in Kiev

Floristic studio "LoraShen" offers services for landscaping balconies, roofs, terraces in Kiev. We are ready to implement a project of any complexity as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you want to prepare the terrace of a cafe or restaurant for the arrival of the sunny season, then our specialists will be happy to arrange everything in the best possible way.

💐 How to choose plants for landscaping terraces and balconies?

To select suitable plants, several factors must be taken into account: the presence of drafts, the level of lighting, the openness of the space, the size and design of the balcony. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the fact that plants can withstand the effects of climatic factors. If you find it difficult to solve this problem, you can seek help from our professional manager.

📲 How to call a terrace landscaping designer?

To order, you should call our manager. He will coordinate with you the departure of a specialist at a convenient time for you. The manager will create a design project taking into account all the wishes of the customer. We will professionally select plants, deliver them to you, as well as carry out their placement and planting.

📝 Is it possible to order landscaping of the summer terrace in a cafe?

You can contact us for the design of a summer terrace for a cafe, restaurant, business center, country house and other premises. We will quickly process your order and provide a high-quality result in the shortest possible time.