Autumn collection

Autumn is a time for inspiration and beauty. And it is one of the most beautiful seasons that brings a rich variety of patterns, textures and materials. Every year we get charmed by this season, we love enjoying its bounties and flowers, trying to reflect the mood in the society, the city and the world.
Herewith, each of our collections will tell you the ode to autumn and its sensuality: our inspiration by deep warm shades, striking contrasts of dark and bright, and seasonal flower, fruit and green fusion is never-ending.
In autumn collections, trendy wrapping materials that we use for our bouquets deserves special mention. Eco-leather or velvet, suede or organza – all of them are the extension of a touching story about the sensual autumn told by LoraShen florists.

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Autumn Collection "Florist's Inspiration"

Thin. Soft. And cozy like in autumn.
Our autumn collection is like cuddles by your ...
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Autumn Collection '17

Autumn is a time of soft textures, deep warm colours and fragrant flowers.
LoraShen florists ...
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Composing bouquet arrangements is a delicate art. It is necessary to show creativity and observe all the rules for combining colors and paints. Floral moods and fashion trends change with the arrival of each season. The bouquets take on new shades through the use of seasonal flowers. Autumn compositions are distinguished by bright colors using berries and fruits. They are able to bring a joyful mood and a warm shade of bright colors on rainy and gray days.

Specialists from the floristic salon "LoraShen" are able to create interesting and varied bouquets with autumn motives. As in clothing, there are autumn trends in floristry, which are largely associated not only with flowers, but also with the design itself.

Features of the autumn collection of flowers

First of all, the autumn collection of flowers is determined by those colors that are natural for a given period of the year. Chrysanthemums are very popular as they are the main autumn flowers. Other popular colors that are typical for this season of the year include:

  • asters;
  • buttercups;
  • peonies;
  • gladioli;
  • zinnias.

However, the modern possibilities exceed all expectations. After all, a large number of fresh flowers are available for florists, due to the used growing technologies.

Autumn floristry is filled with the following elements:

  • bright and saturated colors;
  • hat boxes and wicker baskets;
  • an abundance of berries and fruits.

A standard composition is based on plants with the following colors:

  • gold;
  • orange;
  • red;
  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • green.

You can complement the autumn bouquet with:

  • dried flowers;
  • viburnum;
  • rowan;
  • rosehip branches;
  • dried berries.

Successful autumn compositions are created based on a wide variety of shapes, shades and colors. Bouquets look great, which are collected together with leaves of a rich red and orange hue. You can combine flowers in bouquets with greenery, which at this time has retained its freshness and originality.

Autumn bouquets of flowers: how to dilute autumn with bright colors

The autumn period is rich in fruits and all kinds of flowers. Therefore, the bouquets are bright and varied. During this period, bouquets are associated with the element of fire, as they are filled with bright shades of red and orange.

Flowers of blue and purple flowers will diversify the colorful composition. They can be used as a harmonious contrast. Additional elements will help to dilute the autumn compositions in the form of:

  • cones;
  • moss;
  • ears of corn;
  • leaves and tree branches.

You can make a bright and luxurious bouquet using:

  • gerberas;
  • lilies;
  • dahlia;
  • roses;
  • other colors.

Autumn is a good reason to use hat boxes and wicker baskets. In them, flowers are laid out interspersed with fruits, beautiful decor and natural materials. To give a special look, the florist can add drapery fabric to such compositions. Original autumn bouquets are also created using burlap. The following are very popular:

  • chiffon and satin ribbons;
  • lace;
  • ropes.

In autumn, there are many different holidays that involve a beautiful bouquet as a gift. At this time of the year, any occasion can be a reason to present a bright bouquet of flowers in a beautiful design to your beloved woman.

Benefits of ordering the autumn collection from LoraShen

You can contact us not only for buying a ready-made bouquet, but also for creating an original composition. If you do not know what kind of bouquet you want, then ask our florists to create an original composition according to the existing autumn trends. Author's bouquets of the autumn collection are in great demand. These are original compositions that you will not find in any other store. Our florists use special techniques and choose the styles that make it possible to create both luxurious and affordable bouquets at the same time.

You can order from us:

  • bouquets with any number of flowers;
  • compositions from the same or different plants;
  • designer bouquets with unique decor;
  • bouquets of various shapes and colors.

We offer to make an original composition at an acceptable cost with the delivery of the bouquet to the address indicated by you. Call us for an order and advice.

💵 How much does the autumn flower collection cost?

The price of a bouquet depends on the quantity and variety of flowers. The cost is also influenced by the amount of decorative materials spent and the time spent by the florist while creating the composition. The cost of bouquets will be higher if flowers that are not typical for the current season of the year are used for their formation.

📲 How to order an autumn collection?

To order an autumn bouquet, you just need to choose one of the compositions from the catalog and arrange its delivery. You can do this through the website or call us on the contact phone number. You can also choose a bouquet in our salon, where you can make sure that all the flowers are fresh.

💳 What are the payment methods?

You can pay for your order in cash in our store or upon delivery of the bouquet by courier. You can also pay by credit card or bank transfer.

📞 Is it possible to order an autumn collection of flowers in the Kiev region?

Our store invites all residents of the region to take advantage of the opportunity to order a bouquet they like. In the Kiev region, we carry out delivery every day from 9 am to 9 pm.