Шановні клієнти! Ми працюємо у форматі предзамовлення та як пункт самовивозу замовлень

Autumn Collection

Autumn is a time for inspiration and beauty. And it is one of the most beautiful seasons that brings a rich variety of patterns, textures and materials. Every year we get charmed by this season, we love enjoying its bounties and flowers, trying to reflect the mood in the society, the city and the world.
Herewith, each of our collections will tell you the ode to autumn and its sensuality: our inspiration by deep warm shades, striking contrasts of dark and bright, and seasonal flower, fruit and green fusion is never-ending.
In autumn collections, trendy wrapping materials that we use for our bouquets deserves special mention. Eco-leather or velvet, suede or organza – all of them are the extension of a touching story about the sensual autumn told by LoraShen florists.


Autumn Collection "Florist's Inspiration"

Thin. Soft. And cozy like in autumn.
Our autumn collection is like cuddles by your ...
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Autumn Collection '17

Autumn is a time of soft textures, deep warm colours and fragrant flowers.
LoraShen florists ...
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