Avantgarde collection

Floristics is an art that aims to amaze through the shapes and textures, to highlight the beauty of flowers, their uniqueness and sophistication.
The avant-garde collection was created for the public to see the synergy of the beauty of nature and the purity of human’s thoughts. Amazing shapes, unusual color blends, exotic plants, unique cache-pots from around the globe – LoraShen florists know how to tap into the most creative domain of our society.
Avant-garde floral arrangements will hit the taste of artists and architects, fashion designers and writers, interior designers and policy makers, public figures and show men.

To order a bouquet or a floral arrangement,
please call +380672477971 or email [email protected]


Avantgarde Collection

“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist." — Salvador Dali. If you make ...
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