Head Jewelery

Floral headpieces always look delicate, beautiful and very feminine.
Whether it is a head wreath, a small hairpin or a floral tiara, it is important to pick a fresh material that will match, accentuate and bring out your natural beauty.
Each of these accessories is made on the day of the event and is picked individually to match your skin tone and your hair colour.
We are 100% sure, once worn, floral hairpiece will become a real treasure for any lady aged between 3 and 99 and they will be wearing this delicate aesthetic item and an attribute of total femininity on any possible occasion.

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Head Jewellery

Ukrainian girls and women have always been wearing flowers in their hair. We like this ...
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Women try to decorate their hair with fresh flowers for a special celebration or traditional holidays. A hoop of flowers can emphasize the antiquity of the event and become the central decoration of the whole image of a girl.

A wreath on the head of flowers - an original gift for a girl

In Ukrainian holidays, the tradition of wearing living wreaths has been preserved. In order not to make them yourself, the LoraShen online store offers to purchase a flower headband made by our craftsmen. This accessory will be an original gift for any girl. Our florists will make an exclusive, which will add:

  • leaves;
  • wildflowers;
  • viburnum;
  • greenery;
  • rich decor.

When preparing for various folk and church holidays, you can choose a carefully designed head wreath as a stylish accessory to your look. With this decoration, you will be irresistible at a holiday or a concert performance.

Flower wreaths from LoraShen Studio

Wreaths are created according to the size and color of the girl's hair. We employ professional florists who make wreaths even to match the color of the eyes. Therefore, you will find a unique jewelry that will emphasize the natural beauty of a woman.

Our florists are ready to make a wedding wreath on the head, which will fully fit the dress you have chosen. Such jewelry always looks beautiful and very feminine.

For wreaths, we use fresh flowers that will enhance your natural beauty. Wreaths can be attributed to the subtle aesthetics of adornment of women's attire. With their help, you can transform yourself beyond recognition and surprise everyone gathered at the holiday. For you, we present handmade products that have a unique design and careful selection of decorative elements.

📲 How to order flower headband online?

To order products online, you should add the selected product to the basket. You will see a page where you can specify the payment method, delivery method and discount card number. If you have any difficulties or questions, you can always contact our manager through the feedback form.

🌺 What are the original flower decorations?

We create wreaths using classic, wild or exotic flowers. Quality and original materials are selected as decoration. At the request of the client, we can decorate the wreath with viburnum, beads, ribbons, rhinestones and other attractive decor.

🚚 Where can I buy flower head jewelry with delivery?

The LoraShen online store has a delivery service. We are ready to accept your order for the purchase of head jewelry and deliver it to any point in Kiev. If you are in another city, we will arrange delivery by a delivery service convenient for you. If you are looking for original products that will be quickly delivered to your specified address in the capital, then feel free to contact us for help.