Interior collections

Created by designers, interiors look flawless. But the you fill them with flowers, they become ensouled. No matter, whether it is a posh bunch of flowers or just a single flower in a glass vase. What does matter is the live material, conceptual approach and the unerring taste of both those who resides in the interior environment and the florists who create the interior groups. All flower arrangements that were gathered in this collection are a synergy between a request client and our designers. A variety of shapes, custom cache-pots and vases for each arrangement, diverse selection of colours since each interior requires its own colour pattern.

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Collection of interior compositions

Interior compositions are like a separate art form.
After all, often expensive and high-status interiors ...
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Spring flower decoration at home

Home is our place of power. It gives us energy, we draw strength and inspiration ...
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Collection of interior bouquets

A beautiful vase with flowers will be the final detail in the design of your ...
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Interior bouquets

Floral arrangements or flowers in elegant vases are always a fresh idea that easily and ...
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Complex Floral Arrangements

Europeans prefer floral arrangements that include groups of flowers, where a florist brings focus to ...
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Examples of interior compositions

Interior compositions are designed to complement the space, to create a subtle sense of sophistication ...
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Interior floral arrangements at Borispol airport may 2019

Unique & Sophisticated & Exotic.
The concept for our monthly interior floral design at the ...
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Interior floral arrangements at Borispol airport June 2019

The play with textures and textures in floristics is our favorite.
Specially for the VIP ...
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Interior floral arrangements at Borispol airport July 2019

Tropical fleshy flowers combined with collectable vases, also filled with floristics - complicated and sophisticated ...
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Interior floristry allows you to emphasize the individual style of a living space or office. This is a direction that will help transform the room with the help of fresh and artificial flowers, as well as various additional materials and add a colorful zest to it.

The LoraShen company has been decorating interiors with flowers for many years. Through the efforts of our florists, unique interior solutions of varying complexity and scope were created, which allowed customers to take a fresh look at the design features of the premises. We do everything quickly, efficiently and creatively.

Interior compositions - an addition to your comfort

The transformation of the interior with the help of details of living nature allows you to fill the room with a pleasant atmosphere and warm comfort. A bouquet for interior decoration will allow you to change the space without the need to carry out grandiose repairs or rearrangement of furniture.

For a variety of interior, completely different materials can be used. Even a simple vase with an elegant bouquet, which will be placed in the right place, will allow you to add something new and relevant to the interior design. The florists' task is precisely to see and fill the room with lively bouquets that will create accents and attract attention.

Interior floristry with the help of a variety of flower arrangements makes it possible to decorate any room design, making it unique and comfortable.

How to choose the right bouquet for the interior?

Interior floristry offers alternative solutions for arranging home comfort and coziness. To choose the right bouquet for the interior, it is necessary to harmoniously combine shapes and lines in it. The number of successful options can be endless. Florists have limitless imagination, and a wide range of colors and design materials only increase the possibilities.

Large bouquets look impressive indoors. They can be placed not only on a table or chest of drawers, but also placed on the floor. Compositions on the floor in an attractive planter look gorgeous. When placing a bouquet in a central and conspicuous place, you need it to be:

  • symmetrical;
  • lush;
  • colorful.

There is no need to create an overly variegated bouquet. In this case, interior bouquets, collected from such flowers as:

  • lilies;
  • roses;
  • gladioli.

They are perfect for classic-style rooms.

The vintage style in the interior is becoming popular. You can emphasize the belonging of the design to this style with the help of fully blossoming or already slightly wilted roses. Similar bouquets can be created using other pastel colors. Wildflowers or garden flowers will succinctly fit into country or grunge style. Bouquets for the interior of these flowers look great in porcelain vases or small iron buckets. Together with clay vases, lush bouquets of lilac, mountain ash or bird cherry will stand out in the room. In small-sized vases, you can put bouquets of:

  • crocuses;
  • forget-me-nots;
  • violets;
  • snowdrops.

Interior flowers will become a real decoration of the festive table. With their help, you can emphasize the style in interior design, enrich the table setting, and also cheer up all guests and hostess of the house.

Features of creating an interior collection

To create an interior collection of fresh flowers, you must first of all understand what mood you want to embody in the interior. When planning bouquets, it is necessary to determine:

  • shape;
  • style;
  • the size;
  • proportions;
  • symmetry;
  • colour;
  • other nuances.

Florists of the flower salon "LoraShen" do not set themselves restrictions and, as they apply established rules in their work, they allow themselves to deviate from standard solutions and create something original. It is in such cases that new ideas, trends are born and fashion is formed as a reference point for other florists.

Advantages of ordering interior compositions with LoraShen

If you are interested in interior decoration with flowers in Kiev, then you can count on a professional approach from our company. We offer:

  • universal solutions;
  • low prices;
  • the embodiment of creative ideas;
  • available payment methods;
  • efficiency in work;
  • Individual approach to each client.

Our experts are well versed in interior styles and know very well what types of bouquets will look in a particular style. We are ready to embody any idea you have proposed and create interior bouquets for you that will best highlight the interior accents.

💰How much do interior compositions cost?

The cost per order is formed based on the amount of consumable material, as well as the complexity of the project. The final price is announced immediately after the customer agrees with the manager on all the details of the order.

📲 How to order interior collections?

To order, you should call or place a purchase on the website. The catalog contains a large selection of original interior colors. If you want to order a bouquet taking into account your individual wishes, you can discuss all the details by phone or in our offline store.

💳 What are the payment methods?

When ordering flowers in a store or upon delivery by a courier, you can pay in the traditional way - in cash. We also accept bank cards and bank transfers for payment.

📞 Is it possible to order interior collections in the Kiev region?

The work of our salon is focused on customers not only from the capital, but also from all over the Kiev region. We will create bouquets for everyone. Delivery is carried out daily from 9 am to 9 pm.