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Who said men don't like flowers? They do like and appreciate it. What is important is to pick the right shape, colours and content of the bouquet. Our florists know how to create the perfect male bouquet by choosing simple shades for them, sober male flowers, and arranging them to emphasize the power of the true male spirit.
Developed by LoraShen florists, the men’s collection will be a welcome surprise and a wow even the most sophisticated aesthetes. Your loved one, boss or business partner will be pleased to get such gorgeous flower arrangement on their significant event.

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Bouquet for men's collection

Who said men don't like flowers? They do like and appreciate it. What is important ...
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It is worth forgetting about the stereotype that flowers can only be addressed to a woman. Men's bouquets may not be used as often, but if there is a suitable occasion for this, then why not use this opportunity.

How to choose a bouquet for a man

When choosing a bouquet, men should be guided by certain rules so that the presented present does not deprive a person of masculinity. First of all, pay attention to the shape of the bouquet. It should have an elongated and strict shape. It is important to remember that a men's bouquet of flowers should not be boring and primitive. The task of the florist is to create a bright and attractive bouquet, without deviating from the rules in its form.

When forming a bouquet to order, the florist will definitely ask about the age, status and temperament of the man. These parameters determine what the bouquet will be. For example, for older men, a composition in soothing shades will be prepared, and for young guys, bouquets in bright and fiery colors should be chosen. Against the backdrop of the whole bouquet, packaging should be harmonious and restrained, which does not need to be supplemented with bows or bright ribbons.

For what reason to give a bouquet to a man

A man should give bouquets rarely, but at the right time. Therefore, if there is a good reason for this, then do not miss the opportunity. Ordering a bouquet for a man will be relevant for such holidays as:

  • army day;
  • birthday;
  • day of a professional employee;
  • father's day;
  • October 14;
  • The 14th of February.

According to the etiquette for men, it is worth giving bouquets of flowers during special occasions. It is customary to present flower arrangements for achievements in sports, music, and art. It is also important to take into account one point, that according to etiquette, flowers are given to his wife when she is standing next to him. An exception may be the case when the composition is made purely for men.

Any significant event in a man's life, his personal achievement in business or other areas can be immortalized with a significant gift, as well as presenting a bouquet of beautifully decorated flowers with him.

Selection of flowers in a men's bouquet

For women, there are no restrictions on the composition of flower arrangements. For a men's bouquet, this option is not suitable. Here it is necessary to give preference:

  • tulips;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • carnations.

You should not experiment with other colors if you are not sure how the bouquet will suit a man. The fact is that with the help of a flower arrangement, dignity, strength and masculinity should be emphasized, and not weakness and tenderness. You can give a man a bouquet, admiring his actions, but in no case should you give him a bouquet as a pretty present. Our florists use different flowers, but you can always tell by the appearance of the bouquet that it is meant for men.

Order a bouquet for men in LoraShen Studio

Our experienced florists know well what flowers to choose for men's arrangements. If you have any doubts, then leave the choice to the professionals. We will offer you a bouquet for a man in Kiev, which will fully comply with the etiquette and at the same time will be saturated with fresh and attractive flowers. We sell original and unsurpassed compositions that can be safely presented to husbands, company directors, creative individuals, cultural figures and even officials.

🎁 What are the original gifts for men?

Together with a beautiful bouquet for a man, you can give a stylish gift. In our online store you can choose car diffusers, figurines, books, umbrellas, shoe shovels, and other valuable items.

🌹 Is it possible to give flowers to men?

If the bouquet is correctly composed by a florist, then it is definitely worth giving it to your dear person on the solemn day of his life. It is important to note that it is worth presenting flowers with delight and admiration in order to emphasize brutality and fortitude in a man.

🚚 Where can I order a men's bouquet with delivery?

Contact the specialists from the LoraShen floristic salon. For any solemn occasion, they will prepare a fresh men's bouquet of flowers, which will have an original and stylish design. So that you do not waste time going to our store, we will send a courier to you at the specified address and at the appointed time he will deliver your order.

💐 What flowers are suitable in a bouquet for a man?

The best option for flowers for a men's bouquet is tulips, chrysanthemums and carnations. However, our florists are not limited to these flowers and offer to order concise and stylish compositions from a combination of different colors. When compiling them, the correct shape is created and certain colors are selected, which make it possible to make the bouquet exclusively masculine.