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Wedding Collection

A wedding bouquet is the most important bridal accessory. It is a reflection of the bride’s personality and a conceptual part of the entire wedding decor or a wedding dress.
Our portfolio has more than 775 wedding bouquets made in different techniques, of various shapes, that feature both the most exotic and conventional flowers. We are here to wow you with our bouquets, to listen and to hear you, to create unique, custom and very delicate bouquets.
When ordering a bouquet by LoraShen, you can rest assured to obtain the freshest flowers, to have any flower delivered from anywhere in the world specially for your wedding, to have your wedding bouquet provisionally approved on the eve of the wedding, the perfect make, delivery within Kyiv and Kharkiv. We strive to create bouquets to make sure your special day runs smoothly!


Коллекция свадебных букетов

Свадебный букет: взгляд классический и неклассический.
Каждая невесты обладает своим неповторимым характером, а ее подвенечный ...
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Lightness and minimalism

Laconic wedding bouquets will appeal to modern girls who are not keen on having a ...
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Romantic Style

A romantic bridal bouquet is a perfect wedding accessory for dreamer girls. Soft colours, David ...
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French Glamour

An Art de Vivre wedding bouquet is about casual luxury and refined taste, a fine ...
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Boho Chic Wedding Bouquet

Wild and free. Rebellious and alluring. Impressive and exciting.
If boho is your way of ...
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Shabby Chic Wedding Bouquet

Fine taste.
Polished manners.
Charming passionate personality.
For such a person, a wedding bouquet should ...
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Charismatic Wedding Bouquet

Combining the combinable, playing around with patterns and textures, having courage to stand out and ...
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Rustic Wedding Bouquet

If you love and appreciate simple and natural things, being close to nature, then you ...
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