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A wedding bouquet is the most important bridal accessory. It is a reflection of the bride’s personality and a conceptual part of the entire wedding decor or a wedding dress.
Our portfolio has more than 775 wedding bouquets made in different techniques, of various shapes, that feature both the most exotic and conventional flowers. We are here to wow you with our bouquets, to listen and to hear you, to create unique, custom and very delicate bouquets.
When ordering a bouquet by LoraShen, you can rest assured to obtain the freshest flowers, to have any flower delivered from anywhere in the world specially for your wedding, to have your wedding bouquet provisionally approved on the eve of the wedding, the perfect make, delivery within Kyiv and Kharkiv. We strive to create bouquets to make sure your special day runs smoothly!

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Collection of wedding bouquets

Свадебный букет: взгляд классический и неклассический.
Каждая невесты обладает своим неповторимым характером, а ее подвенечный ...
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Lightness and minimalism

Laconic wedding bouquets will appeal to modern girls who are not keen on having a ...
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Romantic Style

A romantic bridal bouquet is a perfect wedding accessory for dreamer girls. Soft colours, David ...
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French Glamour

An Art de Vivre wedding bouquet is about casual luxury and refined taste, a fine ...
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Boho Chic Wedding Bouquet

Wild and free. Rebellious and alluring. Impressive and exciting.
If boho is your way of ...
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Shabby Chic Wedding Bouquet

Fine taste.
Polished manners.
Charming passionate personality.
For such a person, a wedding bouquet should ...
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Charismatic Wedding Bouquet

Combining the combinable, playing around with patterns and textures, having courage to stand out and ...
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Rustic Wedding Bouquet

If you love and appreciate simple and natural things, being close to nature, then you ...
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One of the most important events in the life of every girl is a wedding. On this day at the ceremony, everything should be perfect and the bride should have an impeccable bouquet of flowers in her hands. It is important that it is combined with the image of the bride and complements her dress.

Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time. Therefore, you need to take care in advance to order a bouquet of flowers and a boutonniere. They can be made in the same style, which has a positive effect on the expressiveness of wedding dresses for young people.

Wedding bouquets from LoraShen florists

Professional florists of the LoraShen company will help you pick up a wedding bouquet in Kiev. We have a wide range of original bouquets, which are created using freshly cut flowers and high-quality decorative materials.

We will prepare for you a delicate and chic bouquet according to all the rules of wedding etiquette. From the very beginning, you need to choose the right design to complement the bride's dress. In this case, you need to pay attention to the color. A bouquet in one tone with a dress will practically not be noticeable in the hands. Therefore, it would be useful to show the florist a photo of the wedding attire.

Our florists take into account all the nuances and fresh trends, which allows us to regularly create new unique and delicate bouquets for the bride. Particular attention is paid to the decor. Bouquets can be decorated:

  • ribbons;
  • rhinestones;
  • beads;
  • other decoration.

We make author's bouquets in various styles:

  • rustic;
  • french chic;
  • shabby chic;
  • romantic;
  • boho;
  • minimalism.

Specialists will give any shape to the bouquet and add lightness and uniqueness to it. They will make a small masterpiece that will become the brightest accessory at the festive event.

Bridal bouquets and boutonnieres for the groom

At a wedding event, every detail must be tasteful and perfect in every detail, including shape and size. Our company offers to order a bouquet for the bride in Kiev in the following forms:

  1. Monobouquet. A model in a laconic style, which is made up of flowers of the same type.
  2. Cascading bouquet. Great option for an expensive wedding. It will be a bright addition to a lush and luxurious dress. The bride should be prepared for the fact that such a bouquet will limit her movements.
  3. Flower arrangement in free form. This option is well suited for modern weddings. Here, maximum freedom for creativity opens up, which allows florists to create creative and unique compositions.

A mini-bouquet is also prepared for the groom. A small boutonniere will stylishly and successfully decorate a men's jacket. When making this miniature composition, our specialists take into account the color of the costume and the wishes of the client.

What flowers are used by the masters of the studio

Our florists will prepare a bouquet of any flowers you wish. It can be a wedding bouquet of peonies or flowers such as:

  • tulips;
  • eustoma;
  • callas;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • daisies;
  • crocuses;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • camellias;
  • gladioli;
  • other.

Of course, on request, we can make a classic wedding bouquet of roses of any variety.

The chosen color palette for the wedding should have light and pastel shades. In some cases, dark colors are used if it is necessary to create a contrast with the color of the dress. Also, when drawing up a bouquet, it will not be superfluous to take into account the decoration of the hall.

Here you can order a wedding bouquet in Kiev in the original design. All bouquets are created taking into account the wishes of the client. The finished version can be selected from the catalog. If you see the bouquet in a different way, you can express all your wishes and our florist will surely implement them when compiling a bouquet composition.

💑 How to choose a wedding bouquet?

To choose the right wedding bouquet, pay attention not only to the variety of flowers, but also their shape and color scheme. The bouquet should complement the dress and not take all the attention. Bouquets can be compact or voluminous. In this case, the bride herself must decide what suits her best.

👛 How much does it cost to order a bouquet for a wedding?

Wedding bouquets are mostly made from scratch, so that they fit the specific type of dress and satisfy the individual wishes of the clients. The cost of a bouquet will depend on the number and type of flowers, decor and time spent on its preparation. Our florists will create a bouquet according to your budget.

💐 What flowers to choose for the bride's bouquet?

The choice always comes down to personal preference. Tea roses, camellias, chrysanthemums, daisies, eustoma or peonies always look good in wedding bouquets. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the symbolism of flowers and their color scheme.

🚚 Where can I buy wedding bouquets with delivery?

The LoraShen company will provide production and delivery of any wedding bouquets. Our courier will deliver the finished composition to the specified address at a convenient time for you. When ordering a bouquet for more than 1000 hryvnia, delivery is free of charge.