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Hand painted Easter eggs

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During the holidays, you always want to have a beautiful decoration in your house. Bouquets for Easter will be a great addition to the festive table. In this bright and joyful holiday, the flower arrangement will become a bright accent in the home interior.

Features of Easter bouquets

The Easter collection of bouquets of fresh flowers is special in that, in addition to plants, they are decorated with:

  • painted eggs;
  • artificial chickens;
  • ceramic figurines in the form of an Easter rabbit;
  • holiday decor.

The composition itself can be made in the form of a nest or framed on a flat dish. In such bouquets there are always symbols of the holiday. They use flowers that represent the awakening of all nature. According to the rules of floristry, flowers are mainly arranged in the following traditional shades:

  • yellow;
  • red;
  • white;
  • green.

Easter compositions are primarily intended for the festive table. On this day, it is customary to decorate it not only with traditional dishes in the form of Easter cakes and Easter cakes, but also with fresh flowers, which are originally designed into an attractive floral installation. Bouquets can also be placed on the windowsill, in the dressing table of the living room or on the table in the hallway.

Spring flowers for Easter

It is customary to decorate floral arrangements for Easter with greenery, as well as flowers that are typical for this season of the year:

  • daffodils - with their open bells symbolize the Easter ringing;
  • hyacinths are the plants of Our Lady;
  • tulips - symbolize the awakening of nature after hibernation.

It is also traditional to decorate the table on this day with compositions of roses and carnations, which personify the symbol of Christ. Easter is associated with white lilies, which are a symbol of purity and hope. Azaleas and chrysanthemums represent cheerfulness and truthfulness. They can be chosen as flowers for a gift, because azaleas are given as a sign of friendship, and chrysanthemums for wishes of happiness and good luck.

Easter flower arrangements from LoraShen Studio

A chic bouquet from the floristic studio "LoraShen" will give you a festive mood for all the guests. You can be sure that the flower arrangements purchased from us for Easter will become the centerpiece of your table. We offer original and delicate compositions, the design of which is carefully thought out by experienced florists. Each bud and decorative element in such compositions is in its place, which allows you to create a picture that is pleasing to the eye as a whole.

We can order an elegant composition with an expensive and rich design, which will include all the wishes of the client. In the catalog you will find a large selection of ready-made bouquets that can be ordered with delivery in Kiev. Bouquets can include not only symbols of the holiday and spring, but also sweets, beautiful decor and various original products.

💐 How to choose an Easter bouquet of flowers?

When choosing a bouquet, give preference to spring primroses. In such a bouquet there must be a highlight. Therefore, pay attention to the decor and originality of the design. Look for symbolism in the bouquet and give preference to compositions that are made in traditional colors for this holiday: white, green, yellow and red.

📲 Where can I buy flowers for Easter in Kyiv?

If you are really looking for an original and unique composition, then contact the services of LoraShen. We sell exquisite author's works, which are distinguished by stylish and expensive design. Each bouquet contains an original idea and is decorated with themed decorations.

🚚 How to order flowers for Easter with delivery?

To order an Easter composition or a bouquet of flowers, you should leave a request on the website or call us by phone. Our manager will take your order and arrange delivery to the address you specified at a convenient time for you. We have a personal courier who delivers bouquets in Kiev.