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Сервировка "Свет пасхальной души"

Натуральные оттенки, богатые фактуры, современные формы.
Мы вдохновлялись пробуждением природы с ее цветущим ветвями, молодой ...
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Easter collection of floristics and decor

Easter preparations are exciting. We know how every modern housewife wants her house to shine ...
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Пасхальная сервировка "Яркие моменты в кругу семьи"

Собрать всю семью за пасхальным столом - это новая роскошь в наше время!
И сервировка ...
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Easter wreaths

The Easter wreath is a beautiful part of Easter, symbolizing the sun - an ever-living ...
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Easter baskets

According to an ancient Christian tradition you have to prepare diligently during the pre-Easter week: ...
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Easter table settings

The setting of the Easter table is full of deep symbolism.
1. According to centuries-old ...
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Easter installations

Easter is the most spring holiday of the year and just meant to be drowned ...
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Hand painted Easter eggs

project date 06/04/2020
Hand painting, unique drawing, decorative gift egg on a special stand and in a beautiful ...
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