Ethnic collections

Originality, back to basics, local and national inspiration are the directions to which the people of the whole world return. Ukraine is a country rich in traditions, customs and beauty. Before creating this collection, we were inspired by folklore with its ballads and stories about Cossacks, chronicles and poems of classics, crafts and interests of ordinary peasants throughout our country, as well as nature, local flowers and modern Ukrainian music. So, there were bouquets of red roses and sunflowers, "namysto" and "rushnyk", berries and spikelets. The collection is full of our love for the country and the desire to rethink traditions, adopt love for them to a new generation.

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Ethno collection 2018

Ethnicity (from the Greek ethnos nation, synonyms folklore, folk, authenticity, archaic) - a set of ...
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Collection of bouquets and flower arrangements

Ethnicity in the fashion.
It acquires its own motives, colour combinations and visual solutions for ...
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Ukrainian ethnic floral arrangement, but in the modern way

...Do you remember how in childhood, in the summer in the village, at your grandmother's ...
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