New Year`s office decoration

New Year's office decoration with LoraShen is the very case when employees will only enjoy be working late.
We thoroughly and curiously got ready for Christmas installations creation for brands. We study the corporate culture, what the employees of each particular company love and appreciate, what values they live by, and then we offer a concept for the workspace decoration that will create a feeling of pride and admiration for everyone.
The LoraShen team can afford to offer an individual solution for each company as we have the widest range of Christmas decorations in Ukraine and our own production unit, that creates decorations of any complexity.
Fairy tale is destined to happen!

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Holidays are getting closer, which means that it is worth thinking about decorating your office. Undoubtedly, to decorate or not is an individual decision of the team. But, you must admit, after the cozy decoration of the house and incredible shining compositions near shops and boutiques, an everyday office will seem even more gray and gloomy. And therefore the conclusion is simple - you need to decorate!

Features of office design

So that the New Year's office decoration does not turn into kitsch, it will be right to choose a specific direction and follow it in all steps. Decoration features depend on the idea and theme. The style can be corporate, traditional or creative.

In the first case, the entourage is decorated in the corporate colors of the company using branded details. It is important to maintain the positioning of the enterprise. The traditional style involves tinsel, rain, large exquisite pine needle compositions and the classic beauty of spruce. There are no rules in creative New Year's office decoration! Books will come in handy when creating a Christmas tree, excellent snowflakes will come out of unnecessary documentation, and instead of crystal figurines, you can dress up one of your colleagues as Rudolph's reindeer.

New Year's design in the office

All the same, the office space is intended for work, so it is better to refuse excessive decorative clutter. What needs your attention:

  • Reception area. This is the first thing that customers, guests and employees see when they enter your office. Floristic decorations, compositions from balls, cones, bows are suitable here. The front door needs special attention - it should be decorated with a Christmas wreath or garland.
  • Ceiling. If you have high ceilings, it will not be superfluous to complement them with festive decorations. For example, attach one side of the rain to the ceiling, and attach the balls to the other.
  • Office kitchen. The main place where everyone gathers, so you can't forget about it! Hang cute Christmas stickers on the fridge, decorate your coffee maker and microwave, and hang dried orange, cinnamon and pine needles on your nightstands.
  • Windows and walls. Windows can be decorated with a special spray and stencils, snowflakes, LED lamps, bows are suitable for walls.

The main thing is not to hang decorations on lighting fixtures and to use candles carefully.

New Year's office decoration

The first rule for decorating a study is that the entourage should not interfere with productivity. However, the design is limited only by the desire of its owner. Here you can add bright moments, the main thing is that they are combined with the overall design of the New Year's office. When it comes to decorating a manager's office in New Year's way, which is often visited by clients, think of a corporate style in muted colors.

The New Year's decoration of the office in the office also presupposes the presence of a separate Christmas tree - the tree may be small, but it will not hurt to add tinsel and balls.

Step-by-step New Year's decoration

Before you start choosing a studio or decorating an office space yourself, you need to think it over. Here are the steps to consider:

  1. Talk to colleagues, your boss and decide on a budget. Depending on the possibilities, it will be clear which studio and which decorations will suit the company.
  2. Choose the style you want your working place to appear in. Look online for references, think about colors, and what areas to take into account.
  3. Then it's up to the designers. LoraShen decorators take into account all the preferences of the company, and after examining the premises, they offer options that suit your company. Work on a creative New Year's office decoration begins at the moment when all the points satisfy the client.
  4. After that, it remains only to watch how your company is being transformed!

Benefits of registration with LoraShen

The LoraShen design and floristry studio has options for decorating a New Year's office for every budget and taste. We are looking only for exclusive decorations, focusing on modern trends and customer wishes. Each element corresponds to the chosen design direction and complements it.

After decorating LoraShen, your workspace will turn into a New Year's fairy tale, where employees and customers will feel the spirit of the New Year and Christmas. We offer a huge number of decoration options, unique elements that will distinguish the company and emphasize positioning.

Festive decor directly affects the work of employees, their attitude and attitude to work. After all, the more inspiration, the better the services become. For clients and guests, decoration is the image of your company. If you are ready to pay attention to such a thing as the picturesque decoration of the office, then their affairs will definitely not be performed efficiently! In addition, this is a good indicator of the financial strength of the company - it is difficult to achieve such an effect with homemade rain.

We can make your office a special place for everyone who visits it, so that they leave the most pleasant memories of your company!

🎇 How much does New Year's office decoration cost?

The cost is calculated depending on the scale of decoration and the materials used. We embody a wide variety of desires, and also provide the opportunity to independently choose the required type and components of decoration for decorating a New Year's office. The studio is ready to create a unique solemn beauty of varying complexity and the highest quality.

🎄 How to order an office decoration service?

You can place an order for one of the stores, the addresses of which are posted on the website. LoraShen employees will be ready to answer your questions and help you make the right choice. You can also separately select the service of New Year's office decoration in the office. You can order on the website by leaving a request or by contacting us at +380 (67) 247 79 71.

💳 What are the payment methods?

LoraShen does everything for your comfort, so you can pay in any convenient way. Here are the options we provide:

  • cash payment;
  • payment by bank card VISA or MasterCard using the Portmone system;
  • cashless payments through a bank;
  • other possibilities are discussed with the administrator directly at the time of order creation.

🎆 Is it possible to order the decoration of an office in the Kiev region?

LoraShen embodies the ideas of themed decoration in Kiev and the Kiev region. We will decorate for the holiday, even if the office is located outside the city. The details and working hours of the decorators depend on your wishes.