Office decoration

New Year's office decoration with LoraShen is the very case when employees will only enjoy be working late.
We thoroughly and curiously got ready for Christmas installations creation for brands. We study the corporate culture, what the employees of each particular company love and appreciate, what values they live by, and then we offer a concept for the workspace decoration that will create a feeling of pride and admiration for everyone.
The LoraShen team can afford to offer an individual solution for each company as we have the widest range of Christmas decorations in Ukraine and our own production unit, that creates decorations of any complexity.
Fairy tale is destined to happen!

For more information or to request a personal project,
please call +380672477971 or email [email protected]


Кругосветное путешествие в новогоднем оформлении офиса "МХП"

31 час монтажа. 50 работников из команды LoraShen на локации. 5-ти метровые декорации. Тысячи метров ...
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Новогодняя история "Щелкунчик" для БЦ "Леонардо"

...И каждый Новый год история со страниц сказки Гофмана оживает с новой силой. Мы снова ...
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Рождественская классика для Miele

Рождественская классическая история ожила в флагманском магазине Miele в Киеве.
Роскошная и праздничная гамма золота ...
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New Year's decoration of the "Myronivsky Hliboproduct" office

To fly to the Christmas Star, you don't need space rockets, just a ship ...
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Сказочная рождественская ель для офиса Philip Morris

Что может быть волшебнее и праздничнее, чем сочетание золотого с белым в рождественском оформлении?
Именно ...
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Roshen Office Center New Year Decoration 2018

LoraShen design team creates elegant and no-frill New Year decor for Roshen office. Especially for ...
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Roshen Kids Center New Year Decoration 2018

Felt, velvet red bows, candy shape Christmas ornaments became the hallmark of the main Christmas ...
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SANOFI Office New Year Decoration 2018

As we approach New Year holidays, traditional warm red and snow-white Christmas colours give our ...
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Myronivsky Hliboproduct New Year Office Decoration 2017

Decorating your office for the New Year is like giving a big hug to all ...
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Sanofi Office New Year Decoration 2017

When creating New Year office décor, we always think of the values, mission and logo ...
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Jacobs Ukraine New Year Decoration 2016

We 100% sure that properly decorated office increases the team’s performance even during the ...
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Kraft Foods Office New Year Decoration 2016

Creating décor for such big and reputable companies as Kraft Foods is, which includes 13 ...
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