New Year`s hotel decoration

Dazzling Christmas trees with exclusive ornaments, handmade winter garlands, and elegant holiday wreaths will give a new look to hotels' space on Christmas Eve.
Decorate the halls, banquet halls, and entrance area with the LoraShen team so that the Christmas mood settles in your hotel.

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Although New Years and Christmas are family holidays, many people like to celebrate them away from home. Therefore, decorating hotels and hotels is something that should be thought about in advance.

How to arrange a hotel on the eve of a holiday

New Year's decoration of hotels is not an easy task. First, it is important to emphasize the status of the institution, its dignity, style. Secondly, the decor should be versatile in order to please all guests.

But not only the reception is in need of decoration, but also the hall, restaurant, corridors and staircase space, rooms and exterior! An atmosphere of celebration, inspiration, fairy tales should reign in all rooms! Only professional decorators can achieve such a result.

Hotel decoration: which Christmas decorations to choose?

To decorate a hotel for the New Year, you should first decide on the style. If the institution positions itself as “homey”, the entourage will focus on coziness and comfort, if minimalistic and loft, the decoration must comply with these characteristics. In any case, Christmas decorations should:

  • Stand out from the rest;
  • Emphasize benefits;
  • Complement other decorative items.

Experienced designers will help you choose the elements that will exactly fit your hotel. Floristry and design studio LorShen will design the hotel for the New Year, taking into account the trend, customer preferences, budget and positioning of the establishment.

New Year's interior design

The interior should be unobtrusive, but at the same time, it is easy and casual to say that a holiday reigns here. The main purpose of the decoration is not to please the eyes of visitors, but to be remembered in the most favorable way. Therefore, to create an enchanting setting, spruce branches of living trees, handmade designer toys, garlands of all shapes and sizes are used.

Bows, bright ribbons, LED lights are used to decorate stairs and railings. The entrance area is decorated with Christmas wreaths, compositions of cones, stars, snowflakes. New Year's decoration of hotels requires sophistication and careful approach.

Registration of the reception area and hall

The reception and the lobby are shared spaces and therefore require versatility. You don't need a lot of decorative details, but each one should be exclusive and harmonious.

In the lobby, you can organize a fabulous photo zone: put a beautiful Christmas tree, shiny gifts around, and in the center - a crystal Santa's chair, where visitors will sit. Winter floristic baskets, bright pendants or exquisite candles will look exquisite during the New Year's decoration of the reception.

Guest room decoration

It is important that the room meets the guest with the spirit of celebration and comfort. However, it is worth remembering that not every guest likes a large number of decorations. There is no need to litter the rooms with tinsel, rain and a kaleidoscope of toys, a few festive details will be enough: a small artificial Christmas tree on the nightstand, a Christmas wreath on the door and stencils on the windows.

It is another matter if the client himself ordered a suite with a full winter surroundings. LoraShen provides services of individual decoration of rooms of any complexity. In the festive decoration of hotels and rooms, we embody a variety of stylistic wishes and design fantasies.

Decoration of the hotel territory

They are greeted by their clothes, so it is not surprising that the territory of the establishment creates the first impression. With the help of clever design, you can not only stand out from the competition, but also attract visitors who did not even know about you before! We offer a wide range of decorations for the hotel territory: decorative items and sparkling figurines, compositions of a winter town or a Christmas castle, illuminated decorative sleds with reindeer and Santa Claus.

In addition, the studio offers decoration with live trees and evergreen bushes, as well as decoration with lighting elements, artificial snow and painted balls.

Festive hotel illumination

Illumination is part of the decoration of hotels for the New Year holidays. Our studio offers lighting equipment of the highest security level. This includes architectural lighting, wall lights, floodlights, painting and writing with string lights and LED bulbs, as well as street lights and ground lights.

Such a decoration can turn even the most ordinary institution into a fabulous place. It is very important for guests that the place is exquisite, and many choose a hotel only by photographs from the site. Just imagine how incredible your hotel can be made and what kind of staff will then attract customers! And yet we must remember that the illumination process is technically difficult, so it is better to entrust the work to professionals. At LoraShen, specialists have years of experience, so you don't have to worry about quality and successful results.

🎇 How much does the New Year's decoration of the hotel cost?

The cost is calculated depending on the wishes of the owner and the amount that he is ready to allocate for the decoration of his establishment. Also, the price depends on the approach to design: we embody various, both standard and exclusive options for the holiday. For a rough estimate of the cost of registration, you can look at the implemented projects and compare the estimates.

🎄 How to order a hotel decoration service?

You can order the service in the LoraShen store, the addresses of the points are posted on the website. There, the studio staff will advise you, answer your questions and help you make your choice. In addition, you can order registration on the website by leaving a request or by contacting us at +380 (67) 247 79 71.

💳 What are the payment methods?

You can pay in any convenient way. Here are the options we provide:

  • cash payment;
  • payment by bank card VISA or MasterCard using the Portmone system;
  • cashless payments through a bank;
  • other options are discussed with the administrator directly at the time of ordering.

🎆 Is it possible to order hotel decoration in the Kiev region?

We organize decoration of hotels and boarding houses throughout Kiev and Kiev region. Regardless of where exactly the hotel is located, our decorators will deliver all the necessary materials and carry out the decoration without interfering with the rest of your visitors.