Christmas Baubles

A collection of hand-made Christmas baubles with reproductions of paintings by great artists, landscapes of our countries’ favourite cities and Chinese zodiac signs is a pure handcraft created and realized by LoraShen to make art not only as a stylish New Year gift, but also to make art accessible to a wider audience. The artist in our studio spends nearly 5 hours of continuous work to paint each bauble. This is an original work made with the soul and for the soul. You can buy one unique bauble or get a set of 3 or 12 pieces for a gift. All baubles come with a special holder and a gift box. Also, customers can order a Christmas bauble with their own story or with a reproduction of their favorite picture.

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A collection of hand-made Christmas baubles with reproductions of paintings by great artists, landscapes of ...
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The most vivid childhood memory is the celebration of the New Year. At this time, it is customary to use Christmas balls to decorate the Christmas tree and the interior of the rooms. This is the main decorative attribute that can be used to decorate not only a green beauty, but also windows, furniture, a fireplace or a front door.

The online store "LoraShen" offers a wide range of toys for New Year's decoration, which differ from each other:

  • form;
  • dimensions;
  • color;
  • way of decoration.

Here you can choose Christmas balls in one color to decorate the Christmas tree in the same style. Also on sale there are unique painted models that belong to handicrafts.

Choosing Christmas balls

You can choose balls according to various criteria. First of all, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. Plastic products will look cheap. In our store you will see only high-quality products made of glass or ceramics.

At all times, glass was the best option for making balls. Glass products reflect light better and look great against the background of spruce branches and a burning garland. Due to the special visual qualities, most buyers prefer products made from this material. The balls can be matte or glossy.

Before choosing Christmas balls for the tree, pay attention to the diameter of the products and the size of your tree. If the tree is large, then small toys will get lost in its background. When choosing a color, you should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • red balls are harmoniously combined with emerald-colored spruce branches;
  • an artificial Christmas tree with white tips goes well with balls of silver and gold;
  • for completely white Christmas trees, balls of blue and emerald colors are suitable.

How to decorate a Christmas tree is everyone's business. Therefore, you can adhere to certain rules, or you can turn on imagination and choose balls for the pine in any color scheme that you deem suitable for this purpose.

Each ball is an exclusive work of authorship

Against the background of the New Year tree, handmade Christmas balls are strikingly different in their magnificence. These are unique products that are distinguished by their presentable and attractive appearance.

Each ball has a unique pattern, which is made in the form of a painting by our master. The ball depicts:

  • winter motives;
  • symbols of the next year;
  • new year characters;
  • architectural structures;
  • angels;
  • miniature paintings;
  • other drawings.

High-quality and durable acrylic paint is applied to the balls, which does not peel off or wipe off. The handcrafted master carefully works out every detail. For this, thin brushes are used, since small drawings should be displayed on a small area of ​​the ball. He manages to apply even the smallest details so that the images convey as much information as possible.

Each customer has the opportunity to order elite Christmas balls with any pattern. Our master will accurately transfer it to the ball and perform everything in the best possible way. Our masters are able to reproduce well-known canvases, succinctly adapting an artistic masterpiece to a spherical shape. Thanks to the high quality of work, such balls become a real work of art, which you will keep as a heirloom.

Such toys can be bought in a single copy and make them the central decoration of the New Year's composition. They can be used as an exclusive gift during the winter holidays. It is better to give such balloons before the New Year, so that the person who was handed the balloon has time to decorate the Christmas tree or the interior of the house with it.

Unleash your imagination

Do not think that you can decorate a Christmas tree or interior by following certain rules. Allow yourself to use your Christmas decoration the way you see it. Exclusive Christmas balls, which are sold in our online store, will help you with this.

You can contact us and order absolutely any drawing that you want to see on the New Year's ball. It doesn't have to be a New Year's motive. You can order the composition that you like the most.

Varieties of using Christmas balls

The catalog contains a large assortment of balls, which can be purchased with a special stand in a single copy or a set, where there are from 3 to 12 balls. A set of Christmas balls allows you to decorate the Christmas tree in the same style by adding toys that match in appearance.

You can use such decorations as you like. You can put the ball on a stand on a festive table or on a fireplace, or you can use them to decorate a New Year tree in a classic way.

Painted balls for decorating windows look great. In combination with a twinkling Christmas garland, they will look very festive. Let your imagination use the balls as one of the center decorations in whatever version you like. They can be:

  • hang on a chandelier, curtain, door;
  • place in decorative vases and dishes on shelves or on a desk;
  • apply to decorate the festive table;
  • use in New Year's compositions and installations.

If you have children at home, then you can entrust this creative work to them. They will gladly take advantage of this opportunity and will definitely find a suitable place where they can hang New Year's decorations.

The advantage of choosing at LoraShen

In our store, you do not buy standard market products, but unique products that are not sold anywhere else. Everything about our products is carefully thought out, including the selection of materials and the creation of packaging.

We offer customers to buy Christmas balls from us, with the help of which they can create a special atmosphere and immerse themselves in the New Year's fairy tale as much as possible. Here you can order products with an individual painting and please with an exclusive gift to people close and dear to you.

Our main advantages:

  • wide range of;
  • exclusivity;
  • painting of balloons under the order;
  • high quality.

Hand our balloons along with a bouquet of flowers and you will see how pleasant it will be for another person to receive such a gift from your hands.

💎 What are the most popular Christmas tree balls?

Glass balls, which have a unique decoration, are very popular. Hand-painted items are especially appreciated. They look expensive and immediately stand out against the background of spruce branches.

💲 How much does a set of Christmas balls cost?

The balls are created with a unique painting. The cost of the set depends on the complexity of the drawing, as well as on the number of balls that are included in the set. You can find out the specific cost by calling our manager.

🎄 What is the most popular pattern on Christmas tree decorations?

Very often they turn to us to order painting on balloons in the form of famous works of art. Craftsmen often put a symbol of the coming new year on the ball. New Year's characters and winter motives are very popular. If you want to see a specific drawing on the ball, then it is better to order it, and not use popular drawings.

What is the diameter of the balls?

We use the most popular sizes. Among them, first of all, we take a diameter of 120 mm. These are large balls on which you can fully display a complex drawing with small details.

👛 What are the payment methods?

You can pay for your order in cash in our store or upon delivery by courier. We accept transfers from VISA or MasterCard for payment. We also accept payment via bank transfer.