Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths are not just a popular symbol of New Year's holidays all over the world, but also the fastest, easiest and most pleasant way to bring a joyful mood to your home or beloved office!
Classic or modern, on the entrance door or on the wall, for a festive table or just as an arrangement with candles, LoraShen florists will make magical Christmas wreaths full of soulfulness and New Year's mood especially for you.

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Christmas wreaths

Christmas spirit is your home full with the smell of pine needles, gingerbread, oranges and ...
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In our country, such an attribute as a New Year's wreath took root thanks to Christmas films, where this accessory could be seen on the front door or hanging over the fireplace. It is an interweaving of fir branches with the formation of a round composition, which is decorated with various New Year's decor. Such a wreath will look great on a festive table, at which a large and friendly company will gather.

Features of copyright Christmas wreaths

You can find a large number of wreaths in stores on New Year's Eve. However, often all these are mass-produced products that have a similar design and the same selection of decorative elements.

Another thing is the author's Christmas wreath. It is an original product with rich decoration. They are made with taste and style. Such a product is considered handmade. Wreaths have:

  • high quality;
  • unique design;
  • careful selection of decor;
  • interesting color scheme;
  • long service life.

Safe and expensive materials are used for its manufacture. Florists often use original ceramic figurines in the form of:

  • forest animals;
  • birds;
  • bells;
  • angels;
  • hearts;
  • Christmas tree toys.

Christmas wreaths of author's work look unusual and stylish, where decorative items of white or silver color flaunt against a green background of spruce branches. Each wreath is original, as the author decorates it according to his own idea.

Option for New Year's wreaths

The online store "LoraShen" presents a large assortment of wreaths for Christmas. We offer richly decorated products that are made with artificial spruce branches and quality materials.

Here you can find designer Christmas wreaths in the style of minimalism, which are made in one or two colors with a small set of decorations. Who loves bright and lush decorations, we will select models with colorful Christmas balls, bows, Santa Claus socks, birds, feathers and other decorations. We can offer you a wreath that will decorate products in one color, but with many different shades of this color.

Wreaths are designed to be placed vertically on a door or wall. Therefore, all the decor in them is made taking into account this situation.

Christmas wreaths, which are designed to decorate the festive table, look rich. In such a composition, candles are used that can be lit while the chimes are chiming.

Choose from our catalog the models that suit you. Products that are decorated with pearls, bows and artificial snow look attractive. If you like traditional New Year's decor such as cones, beads, bows, balls, then in our collection you will definitely find a product with such decorations.

The traditional colors of the New Year are red, white and green. If you want to get a traditional composition, then you can pay attention to wreaths, where they are used:

  • green spruce branches;
  • red bows, ribbons, balls;
  • white ruffles and ceramic figurines.

One of the central decorations of each wreath is a bright and lush bow. It is placed on top or bottom of the composition, adding splendor and elegant look to it. Products in which decorative products are made in shades of purple look very mesmerizing. At the moment the garland lights up, products with a glossy surface will reflect an attractive glow.

Here you can order New Year's wreaths in various styles:

  • classical;
  • provence;
  • retro;
  • rustic;
  • Scandinavian;
  • shabby chic;
  • other.

We offer a selection of wreaths in various sizes. You can contact us for the manufacture of a unique product, taking into account all your wishes.

New Year's comfort starts with little things

With the arrival of the New Year holidays, each family is trying to decorate the interior in the house to make it more comfortable. With the help of decor, you can achieve a magical and unusual atmosphere in the house. Christmas compositions in the form of wreaths especially help to get such a result.

With the help of wreaths made of spruce branches, you can create a cozy and family atmosphere in your home. For this, festive tables are decorated with wreaths. The wreath can be placed on the coffee table in the hallway or on the dresser in the bedroom.

Such an insignificant little thing as a Christmas wreath on a festive table can recreate the spirit of Christmas. The presence of a wreath on the table will have a nice conversation with relatives and close people.

Decorating the doors of a house or apartment, you give a New Year's mood not only to yourself, but also to other people. This type of decoration will greet guests and immediately cheer them up and give them a sense of celebration.

In some wreaths, instead of spruce branches, a vine is used, which also intertwines in a circle and somewhat resembles a nest, which in turn symbolizes family comfort. The value of wreaths lies in the fact that they not only support the tradition of decorating the house, but also are able to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere during the winter holidays.

Where to buy a handmade Christmas wreath?

It is quite rare to find an exclusive New Year's wreath in an ordinary shopping center. However, it can be purchased at the LoraShen online store. Looking through our catalog, you will be convinced that we sell carefully thought out compositions, each of which is not similar to each other.

Each wreath contains one or more original decorations in the form of skates, angels, deer or other figurines. They help to give the wreaths a special flavor and originality.

Handmade Christmas wreaths are especially appreciated for their unique look. Our artisans start to create compositions from scratch using their experience and imagination. As a result of a careful selection of decorative elements, unique compositions are obtained, from which it is sometimes difficult to take your eyes off.

If you want the interior of your home to be decorated with an original handmade wreath, then contact our company for an order. You will find a large selection of ready-made models or the opportunity to purchase custom-made products that our master will make taking into account all your wishes.

How to choose Christmas wreaths? What to focus on when choosing?

When choosing a wreath, first of all, pay attention to the models that are suitable for decoration for your interior. If the wreaths hang on the door, give preference to bright models that will catch your eye even from afar. When choosing, be guided by the quality of materials, size and color scheme. Give preference to wreaths of the author's work, when looking at which you feel delight and joy.

💎 What are the most popular Christmas wreaths in 2022?

Florists have learned how to make such a variety of wreaths that it is difficult to choose the most popular among them. However, the year of the tiger is coming, and therefore, you can give preference to decor, which will include elements of white and orange. Browse through our product catalog and you will see that all wreaths are unique and worthy to be ordered this year.

💲 How much do Christmas wreaths cost?

Our store sells exclusive Christmas wreaths, which are decorated with rich decor. The cost of one composition depends on the amount of material used, as well as the time spent on its production. If you have a certain budget, then our florists will make a model for you based on your financial capabilities.

👛 What are the payment methods?

You can pay for the goods in cash in our store or transfer money to the courier after delivery. We accept transfers from VISA and MasterCard bank cards for payment. You can also make a purchase using cashless payments.