New Year's decoration

New Year's decorations are above all the mood and the atmosphere in which we all sink at the end of November. Having the festive atmosphere is important everywhere – in the hotels and restaurants, showrooms and shopping malls, offices and corporate customers.
Our team provides a wide range of services in this area, including Christmas tree decoration, New Year floristry, themed window display, large-scale art installations, and setting up themed photo zones.
We know how to make the Christmas wonderland a reality and use the decor to attract new customers to your business.

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Christmas window display for Roshen store, season winterʼ2024

We fill the city with Christmas beauty.
One of the first New Year window displays ...
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Love and kindness: a new window display for the Roshen store in Ivano-Frankivsk

This world really needs a little more kindness, love and a sense of humor.
This ...
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New Year's showcases "A trip around the world for the New Year" for "Children's World"

Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Lapland.
Bears from our showcases "A Trip Around the World for ...
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A star showcase for the "Roshen" store in Kyiv

The shop window should attract attention, be visible from afar, and the Christmas shop window ...
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New Year's "Kung Fu Panda" for the Fairmont Grand Hotel

Who is in our gang of fans of Kung Fu Panda, Chinese red lanterns and ...
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Vintage Chic in New Year's decoration for Hyatt Regency Kyiv

As if a plot from Sinatra's New Year songs came to life in the lobby ...
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Like a fabulous winter river: scenery for the River Mall shopping center

Fantastic Christmas decorations for the River Mall shopping center, created by our hardworking and creative ...
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Christmas story "The Nutcracker" for the Hyatt Regency Kyiv

The good old beloved fairy tale “The Nutcracker” came to life at the Hyatt Regency ...
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Illumination angels on the territory of the "Arsenal" plant

Illuminated angels and glowing stars hang along the entire alley on trees in Kyiv Food ...
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Art Nouveau in shades of white for the Roshen Winter Village Christmas decoration

In the season of winter'2022, a Christmas tree was created for Roshen Winter Village in ...
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An elf story for the Ocean Plaza shopping center

Two Christmas trees, hanging decorations in all atriums of the shopping center, 15 night installations ...
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"Winter fun": decoration of the MHP office

Hockey or figure skating, skiing or snowboarding, sledding or curling? What is your favorite winter ...
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Futuristic Christmas tree for the Respublika Park shopping center

Futuristic, but so cozy!
The Christmas tree, as tall as a high-rise building, in the ...
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New Year's fusion for business center "Leonardo"

A combination of classic and high-tech for a Christmas tree - why not? As trendsetters ...
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Squirrels love candy: a new display format for the Roshen chain of stores

We created a completely new display window format for the Roshen store in the Klever ...
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"Starry night" for Roshen shop windows

Shop windows can talk. For example, one of our latest works for the Roshen chain ...
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New Year's shop windows TSUM "Happy Together"

Seven showcases "Happy Together", united by the theme of family values, - our designers visualized ...
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New Year decorations for the River Mall

Santa Claus, racing in full sail along the waves of the River Mall, in the ...
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A modern classic for the Roshen Winter Village Christmas ice rink

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree.
Just one look at our current Christmas ...
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Christmas tree for the River Mall shopping center

A five-meter Christmas tree, like a wave of a mighty deep river frozen over the ...
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Christmas tree for Boryspil International Airport

Two 2020 trends in New Year's decor were recreated for the main Christmas tree of ...
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New Year's facade for the Kalyna confectionery

"How cute it is!"
While creating the decoration for the facade of the Kalyna confectionery, ...
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Magic Christmas tree and Christmas installation for Roshen Winter Village

In a world of continuous overachieving, where it's needed to be better, faster, smarter all ...
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Royal monochrome in the New Year decoration of the Queen nightclub

Silver and gold monochrome and shimmer have become a hallmark for the design of the ...
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Northern bears in the winter design of the Globus shopping centre

We created a forest of pine trees, richly covered with snow, with Northern bears on ...
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Christmas decoration of the "Snidanok z 1+1"

We recreated the magic of home warmth and comfort for the highest-rated morning show in ...
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Borispol Airport New Year Decoration

Christmas trees in Boryspil airport are as welcoming, warm, distinctive, as the land where the ...
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Local Christmas showcase for Credit Dnipro Bank

Showcase is the "face" of any company. The more organically it fits into the concept ...
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Boryspil Airport Business Terminal New Year Decoration

Japanese minimalism became an inspiration to create a New Year's installation in the lounge area ...
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Christmas tree in the Mariinsky Palace

One of the main official Christmas trees in Ukraine was arranged in the Mariinsky Palace ...
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Tefi Clinic New Year Decoration 2018

Stylish, neat and minimalisе New Year's décor 2019 for the Tefi clinic. We wanted to ...
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MIELE Boutique New Year Decoration 2018

Every New Year, we come up with new and different concepts for the Miele boutique, ...
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ISIDA Clinic New Year Decoration 2017

Soft, comforting, kind and playful, made in white and baby pink. Christmas gnomes made of ...
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Boutique Miele New Year Decoration 2017

For many years in a row, our team beautifies the Miele company’s main showroom and ...
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ISIDA Clinic New Year Decoration 2016

Hoffmann’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King story has been an inspiration for kids and ...
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New Year Decoration for LoraShen Boutique at Hyatt Regency Kyiv 2016

To decorate our boutique at Hyatt Regency Kyiv, we chose monochrome shades for ornaments and ...
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New Year Decoration for LoraShen Boutique at TSUM 2016

We are happy to announce opening of a new LoraShen store in Kiev’s TSUM, the ...
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New Year Decoration for Silpo Store at Gulliver Shopping Mall 2016

Conceptual New Year art decor in warm golds for Silpo supermarket located in Gulliver shopping ...
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Silpo Store New Year Decoration 2016

Why not to set off on a winter journey through a fairyland where animals can ...
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ISIDA Clinic New Year Decoration 2015

When thinking over the Christmas decor for ISIDA obstetrics and gynecology clinic, we tried to ...
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Miele Boutique New Year Decoration 2015

When you face a task to create New Year decor for a company with over ...
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Plazma Shopping Mall New Year Decoration 2015

Every year, on the Christmas eve, the halls of shopping malls and hotels around the ...
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New Year Decoration for LoraShen Boutique at Hyatt Regency Kyiv 2015

It's time to get ready for the New Year!
The magic of the winter forest ...
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Luxury House Boutique New Year Decoration 2015

Stories can be told not only using words, but also using flowers, Christmas trees, ginger ...
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Official, but not boring: Christmas tree for the Mariinsky Palace

The most official Christmas tree in the country should be moderately magical, moderately classical, moderately ...
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Colorful Christmas tree for formal events

Creating a Christmas tree in Ukrainian style is always a task with an asterisk for ...
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This long-awaited holiday period is coming soon! There is a lot of hassle: organizing celebrations and parties, buying gifts, filling and decorating the table. But that's not all. To really feel the holiday, you need to give the room a spectacular thematic look and choose New Year's decor.

New Year and Christmas home decor: the atmosphere of a winter celebration

“Home Alone” in the background, the scent of citrus in the air and stunning festive home decor are the secret to the Christmas mood. And if you can somehow imagine a celebration without the first two points, then a shining Christmas tree, lights on the windows and themed toys are irreplaceable attributes of winter events.

The aroma of pine needles reigns in the air, cute figurines give coziness, and bright lights ignite joy and fun inside. A well-executed New Year's decor makes you feel the unique spirit of the holiday!

Whatever style the elements are created in, they must convey the atmosphere of the New Year. And it is not necessary that the design is full of images of snowflakes, deer and Santa Clauses - you can make the thematic design minimalist, in one color scheme, and it will still envelop you with a holiday and fun at first glance.

In Ukraine, the traditions of Christmas home decor for the New Year and Christmas are quite young, except for the trees and tinsel on TV. But, despite this, the choice of decoration is very large.

Varieties of New Year's decor

There are many ways of decorating for celebrations of the cold season. You can choose based on style, interior design and personal preference. Here are the types of decorations to watch out for:

  • Christmas tree and coniferous decorations. The main aesthetic detail of the New Year is, of course, the evergreen tree. However, you can also use other pine needles such as a Christmas wreath.
  • Festive compositions. This includes all kinds of flowers adorned with greenery, toys, artificial snow, sparkling lights and velvet elements. Such compositions look great on the festive table, near the reception and in the corners of the photo zones.
  • Lights and garlands. Today, LED garlands are popular, which do not require an electrical connection. Lights decorate walls, rooms, doors - whatever comes to mind. At the same time, it is possible to use garlands both as an independent decoration and as an addition to other compositions.
  • Street decoration. It is not customary in Ukraine to decorate the exterior of private houses for the winter holidays, but the popularity of New Year's street decorations is growing among the owners of shops, boutiques, hotels and shopping centers. Lighting design, decorative figurines and figurines, themed decorations near shop windows remain in trend.
  • Decorative gifts. Winter celebrations are associated with gifts and attention. Therefore, real things are not always stored in sparkling packages and shiny boxes - this is part of the holiday decoration. A popular option is Christmas socks, which are hung near fireplaces or on walls.
    In order to organically fit festive details into the interior, it is necessary to take into account the existing trends. This will help create a holistic composition and enjoy the holiday preparation.

Features of New Year's decoration

Despite the fact that a festive winter decoration can be made for every taste, there are features and characteristics, without which you can't go anywhere. It's hard to imagine Christmas decorations with dark details or eclectic moments. Christmas decor must be warm and cozy, while being distinguished by its brightness and special sophistication. All components must correspond to a single concept, and every detail must be complete and carefully selected.

It's good to make Christmas decorations in one style, there are a lot of design options for this. This is an exquisite Scandinavian decor, and a minimalist loft, where a small number of elements catch the eye, and a European style, which is dominated by bright details in classic red, green and white colors. You can also come up with something of your own, absolutely avant-garde and unusual. Combine several currents and get real magic as a result.

You can decorate your home, office or store yourself: the process is interesting and funny, and the result will remind you of the warm emotions you have experienced. And yet, such decorations will not be distinguished by professionalism - especially when it comes to decorating large rooms, hotels and boutiques. In this case, specialized design studios will help out, where decorators with a refined look and the necessary knowledge work. LoraShen provides a variety of decoration options, in which there is also a New Year's decoration.

Advantages of decorating with LoraShen

Our floristry and design studio offers services for creating New Year's decorations in Kiev. We create a unique design for any client's request and budget. We work with decoration of offices, hotels, shops, apartments and cottages outside the city.

The services of creating photo zones, decoration of corporate events and parties are also available. Certified designers will assist in choosing what you need, listening to the wishes of the client and advising on trend solutions. Incredible magical ideas can be realized with the help of LoraShen! We guarantee quality, durability and if something happens we will solve all problems and questions.

With us, you will reduce the cost of purchasing all the elements necessary for decorating a building. In addition, the worry about the result will disappear, because the real masters of their craft will take care of the decor.

Guests, employees and customers will love it!

🎇 How much does New Year's decor cost?

The cost is calculated depending on the type, scale of the work required and the materials used. We embody various variations of festive surroundings, as well as the ability to independently choose the desired type and components of the decoration. The studio is ready to create a unique solemn beauty of varying complexity and the highest quality.

🎄 How to order a New Year's decoration service?

You can place an order in one of the stores, the addresses of which are posted on the website. LoraShen employees will be ready to answer your questions and help you make the right choice. In addition, you can order registration on the website by leaving a request or by contacting us at +380 (67) 247 79 71.

💳 What are the payment methods?

LoraShen does everything for your comfort, so you can pay in any convenient way. Here are the options we provide:

  • cash payment;
  • payment by bank card VISA or MasterCard using the Portmone system;
  • cashless payments through the bank;
  • other possibilities are discussed with the administrator directly at the time of ordering.

🎆 Is it possible to order New Year's decoration in the Kiev region?

LoraShen embodies the ideas of themed decoration in Kiev and Kiev region. Our studio will arrange the place you need for the holiday: a hotel, office, boutique, apartment, country house, salon or restaurant.