New Year's decoration

New Year's decorations are above all the mood and the atmosphere in which we all sink at the end of November. Having the festive atmosphere is important everywhere – in the hotels and restaurants, showrooms and shopping malls, offices and corporate customers.
Our team provides a wide range of services in this area, including Christmas tree decoration, New Year floristry, themed window display, large-scale art installations, and setting up themed photo zones.
We know how to make the Christmas wonderland a reality and use the decor to attract new customers to your business.

For more information or to request a personal project,
please call +380672477971 or email [email protected]


Новогодние витрины ЦУМ "Счастливы вместе"

Семь витрин "Счастливы вместе", объединённых темой семейных ценностей, - визуализировали наши дизайнеры специально для киевского ЦУМа ...
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Новогодние декорации для River Mall

Санта Клаус, мчащий на всех парусах по волнам ТРЦ River Mall, в Новый 2021 год ...
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Современная классика для рождественского катка Roshen Winter Village

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree.
Лишь один взгляд на нынешнюю нашу елку ...
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Рождественская елка для Международного аэропорта "Борисполь"

Сразу два тренда 2020 в новогоднем декоре воссоздали для главной елки Международного аэропорта "Борисполь" - это ...
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Новогодний фасад для кондитерской Kalyna

«Как же это мило!»
Создавая декорации фасада кондитерской Kalyna, мы собственно и рассчитывали только на ...
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Magic Christmas tree and Christmas installation for Roshen Winter Village

In a world of continuous overachieving, where it's needed to be better, faster, smarter ...
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Королевский монохром в новогоднем оформлении ночного клуба Queen

Серебряно-золотой монохром и мерцание - стало визитной карточкой для оформления ночного клуба Queen в Киеве.
Крупные ...
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Northern bears in the winter design of the Globus shopping centre

We created a forest of pine trees, richly covered with snow, with Northern bears on ...
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Christmas decoration of the "Snidanok z 1+1" (Breakfast with 1+1) Studio

We recreated the magic of home warmth and comfort for the highest-rated morning show in ...
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Borispol Airport New Year Decoration

Christmas trees in Boryspil airport are as welcoming, warm, distinctive, as the land where the ...
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Локальная рождественская витрина для банка "Кредит "Днепр"

Витрина - «лицо» любой компании. Чем органичнее она вписывается в концепцию бренда, дополняет его основные ценности ...
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Boryspil Airport Business Terminal New Year Decoration

Japanese minimalism became an inspiration to create a New Year's installation in the lounge ...
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Christmas tree in the Mariinsky Palace

One of the main official Christmas trees in Ukraine was arranged in the Mariinsky Palace ...
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Tefi Clinic New Year Decoration 2018

Stylish, neat and minimalisе New Year's décor 2019 for the Tefi clinic. We wanted ...
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MIELE Boutique New Year Decoration 2018

Every New Year, we come up with new and different concepts for the Miele boutique ...
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ISIDA Clinic New Year Decoration 2017

Soft, comforting, kind and playful, made in white and baby pink. Christmas gnomes made of ...
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Boutique Miele New Year Decoration 2017

For many years in a row, our team beautifies the Miele company’s main showroom ...
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ISIDA Clinic New Year Decoration 2016

Hoffmann’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King story has been an inspiration for kids ...
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New Year Decoration for LoraShen Boutique at Hyatt Regency Kyiv 2016

To decorate our boutique at Hyatt Regency Kyiv, we chose monochrome shades for ornaments and ...
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New Year Decoration for LoraShen Boutique at TSUM 2016

We are happy to announce opening of a new LoraShen store in Kiev’s TSUM ...
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New Year Decoration for Silpo Store at Gulliver Shopping Mall 2016

Conceptual New Year art decor in warm golds for Silpo supermarket located in Gulliver shopping ...
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Silpo Store New Year Decoration 2016

Why not to set off on a winter journey through a fairyland where animals can ...
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ISIDA Clinic New Year Decoration 2015

When thinking over the Christmas decor for ISIDA obstetrics and gynecology clinic, we tried to ...
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Miele Boutique New Year Decoration 2015

When you face a task to create New Year decor for a company with over ...
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Plazma Shopping Mall New Year Decoration 2015

Every year, on the Christmas eve, the halls of shopping malls and hotels around the ...
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New Year Decoration for LoraShen Boutique at Hyatt Regency Kyiv 2015

It's time to get ready for the New Year!
The magic of the winter ...
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Luxury House Boutique New Year Decoration 2015

Stories can be told not only using words, but also using flowers, Christmas trees, ginger ...
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