New Year compositions and Christmas wreaths

Close your eyes for a minute. Feel the smell of orange and spruce, cinnamon and ginger cookies. And you are already smiling. Can you hear the cherished rustle of gift wrappings and catching women's and children's laughter. This how the holiday smells.
We convey the whole range of desirable Christmas emotions in interior Christmas arrangements. Winter flowers, spruce scents, high-quality candles from all over the world, Christmas ornaments and gingerbread, we know exactly how the aesthetics of winter floristics can put a holiday into any space.

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New Year's interior compositions

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Christmas wreaths

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New Year is a holiday, for the meeting of which a lot of attention is paid to festive decor. Almost every home is decorated with Christmas tree decorations and other themed decorations. Very often you can find New Year's compositions, which are distinguished by a careful selection of individual elements into a single attractive ensemble.

The online store "LoraShen" offers to order original products for the new year, which will become the central decoration:

  • nursery, living room or bedroom;
  • hallway or veranda;
  • windows or balconies;
  • front entrance;
  • festive table;
  • chest of drawers;
  • bar counter.

A beautiful winter composition will add a special flavor to the festive decoration and help to recreate the spirit of the New Year and Christmas.

New Year's compositions are a guarantee of comfort on the eve of the holiday

On New Year's Eve, it will be relevant to decorate an interior or a festive table with the help of small installations, which include:

  • cones;
  • candles;
  • bells;
  • bows;
  • fir branches;
  • dried flowers;
  • natural flowers.

To complete the composition, they also add Christmas tree decorations, ceramic figurines, glass balls, dried fruits and much more. Such compositions are created from delicate decorative materials and cute figurines. Therefore, the composition displayed on the festive table will bring coziness and comfort to the house. With their help, the interior of the house will be saturated with tenderness and festive romance.

New Year's floristry is made in pleasant and multi-colored shades, from delicate and pastel to bright and saturated.

Winter compositions for the New Year: how to choose?

When choosing a New Year's interior composition, pay attention to the interior of the house. Such products will laconically complement the overall decor if they are made in the same style as the Christmas tree in the room. When buying, keep an eye on the little things. After all, it is they who create the main accent and make the composition sophisticated and attractive.

Also, when choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • selection of colors;
  • design style;
  • where the composition will be installed;
  • what materials were used in the manufacture.

When choosing a composition, pay attention to its size. It is necessary that it is suitable in size for the place where it will be placed as decoration. Give preference to bright and original compositions. In our catalog you will find original and unique products that belong to the author's work. Our master with special care creates New Year's decorations, each of which is different from each other.

New Year's compositions on the table: why are they needed

Interior decor in the New Year plays an important role. On this winter holiday, people strive to add as much decoration to the house as possible. It will be boring and mundane enough to decorate the interior with rains and a garland. The New Year's composition for the festive table will allow you to fill the void.

On New Year's Eve, all family members and guests gather at the festive table. A beautiful table setting will not be enough on this day to convey the spirit of the New Year's holiday to everyone. A beautiful composition on the table of fresh spruce branches, bright bows, beautiful ribbons, small spruce toys and many miniature elements will make it possible to decorate the festive decoration and cheer everyone up.

Especially such compositions are appropriate when you celebrate the New Year with relatives or invite friends to your place. They look very impressive when used with candles. They can be lit just at the time of the chimes, which will add special mystery to the solemn moment of the New Year.

It is important to take into account that the New Year's interior composition is of a suitable size. On the table, it should look presentable, but at the same time not attract all the attention. You can pick up Christmas wreaths to decorate your front door or window. Such compositions will greet guests, give a particle of New Year's magic and cheer them up in advance.

Advantages of choosing interior compositions from LoraShen

The peculiarity of our products lies in the fact that we use extraordinary methods for their compilation. Here you can choose attractive products in a vase or glass, as well as large compositions using artificial snow. If other masters do everything according to the standard, then we resort to creativity and work on each model until it becomes presentable and unique.

We propose to order a New Year's composition, which is different:

  • rich and luxurious view;
  • elegance and style;
  • a successful selection of high-quality and expensive accessories;
  • carefully thought out design.

Our floristic salon invites you to study our catalog and choose a festive composition for your exquisite taste.

🎄 How to choose a New Year's composition?

To choose the right New Year's composition, you need to pay attention to its size and decorative design. Choose compositions to match the style of your interior and see that it is succinctly combined with other New Year's decor. At the front door, pick up wreaths made of fir branches, bells, Christmas balls, bows and other decor.

❄️ How to choose a winter composition for a festive table?

Autumn beautiful compositions on the festive table look that include one or more candles. When choosing, pay attention to the size. It shouldn't take up much space. It is necessary to choose those products that will be noticeable on the festive tablecloth, but at the same time will not take all the attention.

💐 How to take care of the New Year's composition?

Such compositions do not require special care. They are manufactured in such a way that all the elements are securely assembled in them. To prevent breakage, keep pets and small children away from them. Compositions of live spruce branches should be carefully transferred so that their needles do not crumble. If the composition includes fresh flowers, then you will need to add a little water to them.

👛 What are the payment methods?

Choose a suitable New Year's composition from the catalog and pay for it in a way convenient for you. We accept payment via VISA and MasterCard. You can pay for the goods in cash in our store or upon delivery of the order by courier.