New Year home and apartment decoration

Holiday garlands, Christmas trees, New Year wreaths, twinkling lights and winter flowers - all these are wonderful touches that you love seeing in your interior decor. Bring in the spirit of the season to your home for the Christmas holidays!

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Швейцарское шале для частного дома

Новогоднее оформление для частного дома требует особого уюта и душевности.
Магический олень в сочетании с ...
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Сентиментальность и элегантность в новогоднем оформлении дома

Элегантное новогоднее оформление квартиры в сентиментальном стиле песен Бинга Кросби.
Все, как и должно быть, ...
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Private decoration in the "House in the mountains" style

A house in the mountains is one of the main trends in the New Year's ...
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White Christmas in New Year's decoration

Like under the stars in a snowy forest - the impression our decorations give for ...
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Apartment Christmas decoration in the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style aesthetics is simplicity and elegance at the same time, which softly creates ...
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New Year's fantasy in fuchsia

Each new year's decoration is unique and each has a place for creative scope. That's ...
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Snow-white fairy tale in private decoration

We recreated the nostalgia for snowy winters in one beautiful private house decoration.
White colour ...
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Christmas classics: private house decoration

We never get tired of dressing up houses and apartments in the classic Christmas colour ...
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2019 Home Christmas Decoration

New Year is the number one family holiday of the year when we want to ...
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2019 Home Christmas Decoration

Once a year you can make your house a pink dream. In the literal sense. ...
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Fireplace décor and chandeliers

The house could be decorated not only with a Christmas tree but also with luxurious ...
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Alpine-Styled Home Decoration

As we approach Christmas holidays we want to find ourselves in a fairy tale with ...
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Where a Fairy Tale Wakes Up

White and gold theme for the New Year decorations gives a sense of special fabulousness ...
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Exciting Travel Experience

In our lives, certain travel experiences are life-changing, they fill up, inspire and stick in ...
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A Snowy Tale

Clear textures, pure colours create that special lightness and festive mood at home. Geometric Christmas ...
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Yummy New Year

Besides the fact that the home Christmas tree is beautiful, it can also be very ...
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Red and Gold Decoration

The richness of red and the magic of gold – a perfect mix for Christmas ...
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Cozy Organic Style

Today, being eco-friendly is as popular as never before. After the era of metal and ...
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Alpine Express

You are very lucky, the happy owner of a ticket to the Alpine Express – ...
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Alphonse Mucha. The Seasons

Women as seasons, women as fruits, women as flowers ...
Alphonse Mucha is one of ...
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"Dandelion Wine" New year's concept

Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling ...
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Time to Make Wishes

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. With each "tick" and each "tock" another tiny second runs away anticipating ...
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Breakfast at Tiffany's

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a girl's perfect day dream come true: having a chit-chat in ...
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Fashion dogs

Christmas collection featuring four-legged couturiers! The world’s most high-bred couture house! Do not be surprised ...
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Winter of Lace

The most beautiful openwork and ornaments, airily “cobwebs” made of skillfully woven threads, amazing flowers ...
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Vintage cars

For car collectors, a car represents the era, time and lifestyle.
Specifically for adult and ...
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Christmas Safari

Who said Christmas holidays must be snowy and frosty?
Let's say a firm "no" to ...
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Sofia Kievskaya

St. Sophia’s Cathedral neighbours our LorarShen store at the Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel.
How beautiful ...
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Three Nuts for Cinderella

We all know, most commonly dreams come true on New Year's Eve. So it is ...
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"Around the world in 80 days" New Year's concept

Who as a child, reading until the morning books by Jules Verne, has never dreamed ...
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"Borsch" New Year's concept

The most gastro-Ukrainian concept: anthem, the Song of Solomon in honour of one of the ...
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"Caramel fairy tale" New Year's concept

Another food-related installation from the experts-decorators LoraShen is the dream of all sweet tooth. It ...
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Office Style New Year's concept

In just a couple of decades, the office has become one of the most popular ...
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"The Blue bird" New Year's concept

Lots of different cages. Lots of blue birds. But one and only is the magical, ...
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"To Be Hip" New Year's concept

London is the cradle of style and a cult place for all the hipsters in ...
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"New Look "New Year's concept

It's said that it is very useful to make small revisions and shakes from time ...
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"Imperial ball" New Year's concept

Gold and purple, magnificent Baroque forms, luxury and brilliance – welcome to the ball of ...
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Angels and Demons

Black and white. Ice and flame. Shadow and light.
The idea behind the Angels and ...
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50 Shades of Grey

Few years ago, Erica Leonard James's romance trilogy caused a sensation around the globe and ...
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Новогоднее оформление "Цветы среди зимы"

Как сказочно, когда среди зимней стужи расцветают мерцающие цветы, порхают стрекозы, оживают и танцуют хрупкие ...
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New Year's holidays are the most joyful and magical time of the year. To maintain the spirit of Christmas, many resort to New Year's decoration of houses with special decorations. However, it is quite difficult to arrange a private house and the adjacent plot in a tasteful and uniform style. If you randomly add decorations to the facade of the house or put the tree in an unprofitable place, then all this can lead to unnecessary waste of money and minimal results.

The LoraShen company offers to carry out New Year's decoration of houses in the best European traditions. We are well versed in services for decorating houses and apartments and have all the necessary decorations and decorative materials for this. If you want to complement the interior of a country house or apartment with a luxurious and attractive decor, then contact us for professional help.

Features of New Year's decor of houses and apartments

For large apartments and a country house, it is necessary to choose a single concept in which all rooms, the front door and the adjacent territory will be decorated. New Year's decoration of private houses and cottages should be stylish and no-frills at the same time. The main task of decorators is to create the optimal atmosphere for a cheerful and joyful celebration of Christmas and New Year.

The decoration can be done in various styles. For luxury hotels with expensive furnishings, the classic style is well suited. In this case, spruce branches, Christmas tree decorations and other decorations with straightforward and familiar shapes are selected. In the interior, preference is given to red, green, white, silver and other colors that are typical for the New Year celebrations.

If you need to offer something fresh for a young family, then why not make a bright decoration with colorful garlands and colorful décor. For connoisseurs of modern design, you can choose a laconic hi-tech jewelry with cool colors and straight lines. Those who love minimalism can be offered to decorate a luxurious Christmas tree, which will become the central and only decoration of the interior of the room.

The peculiarity of the New Year's decoration of an apartment or house is that it is important to maintain a balance between the shapes and lines of the decorations, the color palette and the combination of lighting solutions.

Christmas tree decoration for home

Even if you decorate only a Christmas tree with taste in the room, then just one composition will transform the space and give the guests of the house a fabulous atmosphere. The tree can be decorated in completely different styles:

  • Vintage. A cozy and mysterious New Year tree is decorated with antique toys. The effect of a magical decoration is created using tulle, brocade and artificial plants. Retro-style toys that are saturated with antique beauty look great on such a Christmas tree.
  • Country. In this style, the tree becomes as if alive, as it is decorated with natural accessories in the form of mushrooms, berries, cones, acorns and much more. Images of animals and birds look presentable on such a tree.
  • Floral solution. A Christmas tree decorated according to floristic methods is rich in artificial buds of flowers such as roses, magnolias, bells, lilies of the valley, dahlias and others. The image of the Christmas tree is complemented by the usual cones, ribbons, bows and other decor.
  • Shabby chic. A pompous Christmas tree, which is decorated in a romantic style from the base to the very tip. Such a tree is decorated with huge flowers and bows, as well as balls, hearts, cones and dried flowers.
  • Scandinavian style. It is simplicity and elegance at the same time, with the help of which you can create a cozy atmosphere of a solemn holiday.

You can also carry out New Year's decoration for private houses with a Christmas tree, which will be decorated with Christmas balls. The version in which the balls are selected in one color scheme looks expressive.

Home interior decoration for the New Year

In order to properly decorate the interior for the New Year holidays, you need to initially take care of the selection of colors. Pay attention to the style of the room and what colors prevail in it. This will help you choose the right decor and prepare the interior for the New Year in the best possible way.

Don't forget to decorate the most popular areas:

  • window and window sills;
  • fireplace;
  • festive table;
  • walls;
  • front door.

If the room is made in light colors, then the New Year's decoration can be chosen from toys in dark colors to create an expressive contrast. If you find it difficult to decide how to properly decorate the interior, then you can order New Year's decoration at home from the employees of the LoraShen company. Our experts will design the living space taking into account your wishes and trends this year.

Facade decoration

Perhaps the most difficult task is the design of the facade. In this case, it is necessary not only to choose the right garlands, but also to securely fix them on the house. At the same time, it is worth decorating the house in such a way that it looks attractive not only at night, but also during the day.

If you want to create a New Year's decoration of the facade of your house, as shown in foreign films, you can rely on our company's employees. They will pick up all the necessary New Year decorations so that your home shines with fabulous lights at night and stands out with expressive decor during the day.

Under the guidance of our craftsmen, the front part of the house, including the main entrance, will be decorated. The doors will be decorated with an original Christmas wreath, and the entrance itself will be decorated with bright floral arrangements.

Illuminated decoration of the territory

Garland is the main attribute for decorating the outside of the house. It must be properly secured and securely connected to the mains supply. It is even more difficult to create a combination of several garlands and lamps to create an enchanting fairy-tale composition as a whole.

The task of our employees is to connect one or more strings to create attractive and harmonious lighting. We will help you to select garlands for fixing them to:

  • facade;
  • roof;
  • front entrance;
  • visor;
  • gazebo;
  • in other places.

New Year's decoration of cottages on the street can be supplemented with original light installations in the form of:

  • deer;
  • Santa Claus;
  • snowman;
  • abstract designs.

Trees and shrubs that are on the territory can be decorated. To decorate the territory, you can choose the following types of garlands:

  • play-light;
  • clip light;
  • duralight;
  • flexible neon;
  • belt-light, etc.

Garlands have one or more colors. They can be permanently lit or work in a blinking mode. Each garland can work in several modes at once. If you want to light your house with New Year's lights, then order the decoration of the facades and the adjacent territory from us.

Benefits of registration in LoraShen

Our company is able to carry out New Year's decoration of a country house in the best traditions of this winter holiday. The peculiarity of our services is that we use high-quality and original decor, which we select in a certain style. This allows you to create a rich and attractive New Year's design for the interior and facade of the house.

Among our other advantages, it should be noted:

  • fast registration;
  • we decorate the house taking into account the style of the interior;
  • ready to implement a large-scale project for a large house or cottage;
  • we use quality products;
  • we take into account any wishes of customers.

Our employees are ready to create a truly fabulous atmosphere and delight all family members with decoration.

💲 How much does a New Year's home decoration cost?

In each case, the individual cost is considered. The final price depends on the amount of materials used, as well as the time it will take to decorate the house.

📝 How to order a private house registration service?

You need to call our managers and discuss with them all the details of the order. An individual project will be developed for you in accordance with your wishes and preferences. You can send photos of your home and room interiors so that our staff can choose the decor to match the style of your room.

👛 What are the payment methods?

You can pay in cash or transfer money to our account. This can be done at any bank branch or using your bank card.

📝 Is it possible to order New Year's decoration of an apartment in the Kiev region?

Contact us by phone and we will definitely send a specialist to you who will help you decorate a house or apartment in the Kiev region. Before that, all the terms of payment will be agreed with the customer and the choice of decorative materials will be agreed.