New Year`s photo zone decoration

2020 demands that apart from being beautiful, the New Year's photo zone should also be interactive.
The LoraShen team creates the most multifunctional photo zones which you can lean on, sit down, embrace, where you feel like taking a photo and which create the atmosphere of a beautiful and well-planned event.
The LoraShen team has created a wide variety of photo zones of any complexity because we do not just come up with a concept and theme, but also have our own production base to create decorations of any level of complexity.

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Новогодняя "Кунг-фу Панда" для отеля Fairmont Grand Hotel

Кто в нашей банде любителей "Кунг-фу Панда", китайских красных фонариков и восточных единоборств?
Специально для ...
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Ар-нуво в оттенках белого для рождественского оформления Roshen Winter Village

В сезоне зима 2022 для Roshen Winter Village создали елку в белоснежно-холодных оттенках в стиле ...
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"Зимние забавы": оформление офиса "МХП"

Хоккей или фигурное катание, лыжи или сноуборд, санки или кёрлинг? Какой зимний вид спорта ваш ...
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Иллюминационные ангелы для территории завода "Арсенал"

Светящиеся иллюминационные ангелы и звезды, висящие вдоль всей аллеи на деревьях у Kyiv Food Market ...
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Как сказочная зимняя река: декорации для ТРЦ River Mall

Фантастические рождественские декорации для ТРЦ River Mall, созданные нашей трудолюбивой и креативной командой на собственном ...
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Футуристическая елка для ТРЦ Respublika Park

Футуристическая, но такая уютная!
Рождественская елка, высотой как многоэтажка, в ТРЦ Республика выглядит как изысканная ...
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Эльфийская история для ТРЦ Ocean Plaza

Две новогодние ели, подвесные декорации во всех атриумах торгового центра, 15 ночных монтажей нашей команды ...
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Рождественская история "Щелкунчик" для отеля Hyatt Regency Kyiv

Старая-добрая любимая всеми сказка "Щелкунчик" ожила в отеле Hyatt Regency Kyiv.
Здесь армия щелкунчиков-модников в ...
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Белки любят конфеты: новый формат витрин для сети магазинов Roshen

Абсолютно новый формат витрин для магазина Roshen мы создали в ТЦ "Клевер". Главная задача, которая ...
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Новогодний фьюжн для БЦ "Леонардо"

Сочетание классики с хай-тек для рождественской ели — почему бы не да? Как трендсеттеры в ...
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Vintage Chic in New Year's decoration for Hyatt Regency Kyiv

As if a plot from Sinatra's New Year songs came to life in the lobby ...
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A modern classic for the Roshen Winter Village Christmas ice rink

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree.
Just one look at our current Christmas ...
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Не скучная классика для отеля Fairmont Grand Hotel

Что может быть лучше, чем в преддверии новогодних праздников окунуться в атмосферу теплой старой-доброй классики ...
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New Year's shop windows TSUM "Happy Together"

Seven showcases "Happy Together", united by the theme of family values, - our designers visualized ...
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Travel around the world in the New Year decoration of the "MHP" office

31 hours of installation. 50 workers from the LoraShen team at the location. 5-meter decorations. ...
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Star photo zone for the concert "Christmas story with Tina Karol"

The Christmas story came to life in our starry photo zone, created especially for Tina ...
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Christmas photozone for the maternity hospital "Leleka"

A cute and distinctive New Year's style photo zone for the Leleka maternity hospital.
Children ...
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New Year photo zone for AVIS Ukraine

New York? Paris? Milan?
This is Kyiv!
And our bright, festive photo zone in the ...
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Photo zone at the Catch restaurant

Is there more glamorous colour blend than black and gold? Our photo zone for the ...
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Photo zone at the Stereo Plaza

8 charming photo zones, 4 iconic cities of the world, shimmering Christmas tree, almost 3 ...
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Photo zone for AVIS company at the Fairmont Grand Hotel

Each LoraShen project is special because once you take on a story, you can stick ...
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Photo zone at the Intercontinental Hotel

One of our requests was to create a Christmas tree for the company's corporate party, ...
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Santa Claus Residence at TSUM

What Santa’s Quarters in TSUM should look like? Cozy, magnificent, traditional.
Especially for the Kiev’s ...
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New Year photo zone for Studio 1+1

LoraShen designers created a soft purple photo zone for Snidanok s 1+1 morning TV show ...
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Рождественская ель для ТРЦ River Mall

Пятиметровая рождественская ёлка, словно волна могучей глубокой речки, застывшей над льдом.
Именно такая концепция легла ...
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Искусство в фотозонах для фабрики Roshen

На протяжении нескольких лет команда дизайнеров LoraShen создавала масштабные фотозоны для шоколадной фабрики Roshen в ...
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The main part of any celebration is the photo session! The pictures later remind of people and emotions, give a feeling of delight and fun after months and years. But not all photographs come out so that they can return back to the atmosphere of a winter celebration. If the pictures were taken in an everyday setting, how can you distinguish them from solemn ones? In order that the spirit of the festivities is preserved in the photo, they use the design of photo zones. Themed corners create a magical winter holiday atmosphere.

New Year's photo zone: choosing the best options

Before decorating a photo zone, you need to decide on the location and style of decor. Think about where such a corner would look better. After all, the role is played not only by the New Year's photo zone itself, but also by how it fits into the interior. The space should be well lit and spacious enough to accommodate decoration items and a few people.

It is important to consider the background and design. If it is difficult to decide on the color, take the colors of the symbol of the coming year. Think about how large the photo zone will be. Even if there is little space, decorative elements can be voluminous. For example, figurines of animals, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus sleigh. Or the design of the photo zone for the New Year will be minimalistic - themed background and a couple of decorations. Each of these options has potential, so it's worth figuring out which one is right for you.

How to decorate a Christmas photo zone?

The main rule for decorating a photo zone is that in the pictures, the corner should look holistically, not ruffle, and emphasize the festive atmosphere. It sounds complicated, but in reality you just need to take into account some rules and choose the right surroundings.

You should use a maximum of two primary colors. The background should not be full of patterns, it is better to choose a monochrome version. The classic Christmas colors are red, green, white, light blue, silver and blue.

Then it's up to the light. Indoor lighting for a Christmas photo zone will not be enough. It is worth additionally using light elements, for example, flashlights, garlands, ice bulbs, candles. It is difficult to adjust the light yourself. First, you need to make sure that the shadows and outlines created by the light look good in the pictures. Secondly, everything must be safe.

Choose decorations for the photo zone. There are many options, but do not try to accommodate everything and more. Here are the popular requisites that you can use to design a photo zone in the New Year's style:

  • Christmas tree, toys, rain and tinsel.
  • Traditional Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, tangerines and apples.
  • Dummies of gifts, socks.
  • Figurines of Santa, Nutcracker, deer and other animals.
  • Artificial snow, snowflakes and stars.
  • Stuffed Toys.
  • Blankets and bedspreads.

The elements must be combined with each other and the main thing is not to draw attention. For a large amount of decor, you can not even notice the person.

Popular techniques for decorating photo zones

Every year, new ideas appear on how to implement the design of the New Year's photo zone. At the same time, classic decorating techniques remain a universal solution.

A photo zone with a fireplace is one of them. Moreover, the fireplace is not always real - a high-quality dummy will do. Near him is a Christmas tree with gifts and a large armchair.

Another popular variation is a white or red sleigh set against a starry sky. The sleigh is also often harnessed with deer figurines, and there is a lot of artificial snow around.

A gingerbread house with a Christmas wreath and large, colorful candies is also used all the time. A house the size of a man, beauties are standing next to it - ate, and colorful rugs cover the ground to make it easier to sit down.

A shiny New Year's photo zone made of sequins and foil balls is also in demand. In the case of choosing such a design, it is important not to oversaturate it, because the overall entourage looks bright anyway. Christmas trees, figurines and other items will be superfluous.

There is always the option of creating a minimalistic place for pictures, which will be relevant at any time - these are large figures with the numbers of the coming year. It is possible to create numbers from polystyrene or balloons, as well as a more expensive option - from LED duralight. The latter is suitable for outdoor use.

Benefits of registration with LoraShen

With a well-designed photo zone, the New Year is able to sparkle with incredible colors! Floristry and design studio LoraShen will do everything necessary for this! We will embody fantastic ideas for your shooting area, taking into account the wishes, world trends and our own experience.

Think about how you want to see the solemn photo zone - and the studio's decorators will make this dream come true. In doing so, we work with different scales, budgets and locations, and project designs are not repeated.

In addition, by choosing the highest quality materials and applying the practical knowledge of our decorators, LoraShen guarantees the absolute safety of the created photo zone. Each element is carefully selected, not only in terms of aesthetic compliance, but also in terms of technical characteristics.

We will not make your holiday unforgettable, but we assure you that the photos near the decorated photo zone will be truly delightful!

🎇 How much does the New Year's photo zone cost?

Prices for the design of photo zones depend on the scale of the project, the amount of work and the material used. The price range varies widely and is guided by the client's budget. LoraShen creates decor of any complexity and guarantees only the highest quality for your shooting area.

🌟 What will the New Year's photo zone look like?

The entourage of the photo zone completely depends on the wishes of the client. For the customer, the decoration will not be a surprise, because the design is implemented only after approval. Placement, color, format, details - all this is approved before the start of the design.

🎄 Where can you use a photo zone?

New Year's corporate parties, holiday parties, a hotel or restaurant lobby, places in front of boutiques or shopping centers, lobbies of residential buildings and cottages - the photo zone can be placed anywhere you wish. The main thing is that there is enough lighting and free space.

💳 What are the payment methods?

LoraShen does everything for your comfort, so you can pay for services in any convenient way:

  • cash;
  • by credit card VISA or MasterCard using the Portmone system;
  • cashless payments through a bank;
  • other options are discussed with the administrator.

You can place an order for the service you are interested in in any of the LoraShen stores or leave a request on the website.

🎆 Is it possible to order photo zones in the Kiev region?

LoraShen offers services of festive decoration of photo zones throughout Kiev and Kiev region. Studio decorators are ready to create a real fairytale corner in any place you need: hotel, office, boutique, apartment or private house.