New Year`s photo zone decoration

2020 demands that apart from being beautiful, the New Year's photo zone should also be interactive.
The LoraShen team creates the most multifunctional photo zones which you can lean on, sit down, embrace, where you feel like taking a photo and which create the atmosphere of a beautiful and well-planned event.
The LoraShen team has created a wide variety of photo zones of any complexity because we do not just come up with a concept and theme, but also have our own production base to create decorations of any level of complexity.

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Vintage Chic in New Year's decoration for Hyatt Regency Kyiv

As if a plot from Sinatra's New Year songs came to life in the lobby ...
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A modern classic for the Roshen Winter Village Christmas ice rink

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree.
Just one look at our current Christmas ...
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Не скучная классика для отеля Fairmont Grand Hotel

Что может быть лучше, чем в преддверии новогодних праздников окунуться в атмосферу теплой старой-доброй классики ...
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New Year's shop windows TSUM "Happy Together"

Seven showcases "Happy Together", united by the theme of family values, - our designers visualized ...
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Travel around the world in the New Year decoration of the "MHP" office

31 hours of installation. 50 workers from the LoraShen team at the location. 5-meter decorations. ...
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Star photo zone for the concert "Christmas story with Tina Karol"

The Christmas story came to life in our starry photo zone, created especially for Tina ...
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Christmas photozone for the maternity hospital "Leleka"

A cute and distinctive New Year's style photo zone for the Leleka maternity hospital.
Children ...
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New Year photo zone for AVIS Ukraine

New York? Paris? Milan?
This is Kyiv!
And our bright, festive photo zone in the ...
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Photo zone at the Catch restaurant

Is there more glamorous colour blend than black and gold? Our photo zone for the ...
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Photo zone at the Stereo Plaza

8 charming photo zones, 4 iconic cities of the world, shimmering Christmas tree, almost 3 ...
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Photo zone for AVIS company at the Fairmont Grand Hotel

Each LoraShen project is special because once you take on a story, you can stick ...
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Photo zone at the Intercontinental Hotel

One of our requests was to create a Christmas tree for the company's corporate party, ...
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Santa Claus Residence at TSUM

What Santa’s Quarters in TSUM should look like? Cozy, magnificent, traditional.
Especially for the Kiev’s ...
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New Year photo zone for Studio 1+1

LoraShen designers created a soft purple photo zone for Snidanok s 1+1 morning TV show ...
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Рождественская ель для ТРЦ River Mall

Пятиметровая рождественская ёлка, словно волна могучей глубокой речки, застывшей над льдом.
Именно такая концепция легла ...
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Искусство в фотозонах для фабрики Roshen

На протяжении нескольких лет команда дизайнеров LoraShen создавала масштабные фотозоны для шоколадной фабрики Roshen в ...
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