Window dressing decoration

Window display is a brand’s soul and the face of the city. It shall transmit felicity, inspire and empower the locals and at the same time communicate the values of a brand, reflect its mission. From an idea to its implementation, each project takes somewhat a month of work, and includes several stages: project development, generation of ideas, artistic visualization; approval of the idea and its transfer to the technical department to manufacture the elements of the decor; their assembly. Working with us, you can fully rely that the work will be made with top quality, promptness and unique. And yes, we don’t replicate ideas that were once implemented.

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Decorations "Forest Song" in the Ocean Plaza shopping center

The fantastic scenery of Lesya Ukrainka's imagination and her "Forest Song" came to life thanks ...
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Fantastic butterflies: the decoration for Roshen in Ivano-Frankivsk

The fabulous world of fantastic butterflies came to life in the Roshen store in the ...
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Showcases for Kyiv shopping center. Season of autumn'23

Ode to the Ukrainian land.
We sing in the shop windows of the Kyiv Center ...
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Street decorations "Funny Zebras" for Roshen in Vinnytsia

A family of zebras enjoying summer, sweets and life - such decorations decorated the porch ...
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Shop windows TSUM x sisters Feldman x realization of scenery LoraShen

The window displays of the spring-summer 2023 season of TSUM bloomed with bright flowers by ...
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"Ode to Summer" window display for the Roshen store

In creating showcases and decorations, we are always inspired by nature, its flawless lines, combination ...
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New Year's showcases "A trip around the world for the New Year" for "Children's World"

Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Lapland.
Bears from our showcases "A Trip Around the World for ...
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Squirrels love candy: a new display format for the Roshen chain of stores

We created a completely new display window format for the Roshen store in the Klever ...
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"Starry night" for Roshen shop windows

Shop windows can talk. For example, one of our latest works for the Roshen chain ...
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Belotsvet: TSUM showcases for the spring-summer'21 season

A play of light shades and textures. Moving mechanized objects that imitate natural phenomena in ...
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A fantastic tree for TSUM on Valentine's Day

Декоративное дерево из сердец в 5 м высоту создали дизайнеры LoraShen для украшения фасада ЦУМ ...
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New Year's shop windows TSUM "Happy Together"

Seven showcases "Happy Together", united by the theme of family values, - our designers visualized ...
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New Year's facade for the Kalyna confectionery

"How cute it is!"
While creating the decoration for the facade of the Kalyna confectionery, ...
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Art displays for TSUM Kyiv autumn season 2020

7 showcases that physically came to life from the sketches of the Ukrainian artist Sergei ...
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Spring Roshen Candy Store Window Display 2019

Multi Local Folk.
Modern ethnics gains popularity.
For Roshen stores country-wide, we’ve created window displays ...
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Luxoptika Window Displays

Simple and neat and with the fashion in view – that was the task that ...
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SPEX Winter Window Display 2018

There is never too much glitter, gold and shine during the New Year holidays.
Especially ...
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Roshen Winter Window Display 2018

The colder is getting outside, the warmer our window displays become.
Giant gold and white ...
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Bank Credit Dnipro Autumn Window Space 2018

The showcase of Credit.Dnepr Bank in the season autumn'18 is an example of how the ...
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Roshen Winter Window Display 2017

Eternal values of love, carefree childhood, kindness, and real winter joys – these are the ...
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Roshen Summer Window Display 2016

LoraShen creative designers and artists once set their dreams of goodness and beauty free and ...
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Roshen Winter Window Display 2016

December, a month when its cold outside but the soul is warm. All people start ...
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Baby Marlen at Krasnoarmeyskaya Winter Window Display 2017

Cartoon-based decorations were created by LoraShen designers for the Baby Marlen boutique at Krannoarmeyskaya Street. ...
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Baby Marlen at Pushkinskaya Winter Window Display 2017

For the winter 2017, Baby Marlen boutique window display at Pushkina Street turned into a ...
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Baby Marlen at Krasnoarmeyskaya Autumn Window Display 2017

A neat easy French styled window display was arranged for Baby Marlen store at Krasnoarmeyskaya ...
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Baby Marlen at Pushkinskaya Autumn Window Display 2017

A neat easy French styled window display was arranged for Baby Marlen store at Pushkinskaya ...
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Baby Marlen at Krasnoarmeyskaya Summer Window Display 2017

From spring-summer 2017 fashion catwalks, the jungle theme moved to the window displays of the ...
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Baby Marlen at Pushkinska Str. Summer Window Display 2017

The paintings by the greatest impressionist artists became the underlying idea for the Baby Marlen ...
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Baby Marlen at Chervonoarmiiska Str. Winter Window Display 2016

Display windows are a great tool to share the magic and charm of the winter ...
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Baby Marlen at Pushkinska Str. Winter Window Display 2017

Knitted voluminous items look very stylish and neat in shop windows. Especially for the Baby ...
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Winter Showcase Boudoir Lingerie Concept Store 2017

Luxurious gold, refined brilliance of crystalware, camphor vases with floral installations, large art baubles for ...
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Boudoir Lingerie Concept Store Autumn Window Display 2017

If a Garden of Eden could be found on Earth, then it would be a ...
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Boudoir Lingerie Concept Store Summer Window Display 2017

"Window display is a sartorial statement of a brand, it transmits the mood message and ...
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Intertop Winter Window Display 2016

INTERTOP footwear retail chain display windows took a new look for the festive New Year ...
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Intertop Summer Window Display 2015

"9 stores. Dozens of sketches. 285 hours of work on a laser wood engraving machine. ...
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Procredit bank Winter Window Display 2016

"Display windows are the brand's sartorial statement, the first impression for a customer.
The LoraShen ...
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The showcase of any store is a business card. After all, by its appearance, the buyer can decide whether he should go to this store or not. A well-designed showcase can make even ordinary passers-by go into the store, who did not plan to visit it on their way. External design plays a very important role.

And this is what shop window science does, which is applied knowledge in the field of product presentation through window dressing. It includes techniques that allow you to use the storefront as a tool for promoting a product.

Shop window decoration from LoraShen

Employees of LoraShen are well aware of all the subtleties of creating an image for a store through window dressing. With the ideas and hands of our specialists, you can create a unique and inimitable showcase, the design of which will fully correspond to the spirit of the store and will increase the influx of customers to your outlet.

When working with a new customer, we never use old ideas, but create a project from scratch. Its implementation may take up to a month. First we need to develop a project with maximum idea generation. Based on the best proposals, an artistic visualization is created. Upon completion of this stage, all details are agreed with the customer. Then the project is transferred to implementation. The necessary materials are purchased and the decorations are made. In conclusion, the installation of all elements is carried out.

Our main task is to decorate the shop window:

  • caught the eye;
  • conveyed the image of quality products;
  • told passers-by about the product;
  • disposed passers-by to enter the store;
  • made a good impression on people and could cheer up.

We design shop windows using a creative approach and high-quality consumables that look expensive and presentable.

Our window dressing methods

We use the facade of the store as the most important advertising and informational surface, which is able to visually convey to the buyer information about what product he can find in this store.

When designing shop windows, we use adhesive film, as well as various decorative elements that can be hung, laid on a window sill, placed side by side on the floor or brought to the fore and placed in front of the shop window. All decorations are made in such a way that they do not interfere with each other and allow the buyer to see the shelves with goods that are inside the store.

Create eye-catching business cards for storefronts

Each company's business card can be its name and logo design. For a store, a showcase is a business card. If you correctly execute the design of the shop window, then you can turn ordinary passers-by into visitors, who can later become regular customers.

Our employees approach the implementation of each project with full responsibility and strictly take into account the specifics of the store and the wishes of the customer. To create a presentable business card, large-format printing technologies, shop window lighting and colorful decor are used, which can distinguish a store or boutique from the background of nearby points of sale. We are ready to perform window dressing in Kyiv as soon as possible.

Why do you need window dressing?

With the help of window dressing, you can convey to the buyer an offer that it will be difficult for him to refuse. Window decor is essential to grab the attention of shoppers. The window should be well conspicuous, even so that a pensive or hurrying person can notice it and turn his gaze to it.

The selected decor for window dressing should be an attractive art object that will allow the store to create a positive image. Window decor can increase the loyalty of old customers and attract the attention of new ones. All this will eventually affect the growth of sales and increase profits. Therefore, the investment in the storefront quickly pays off due to the flow of new customers.

Window dressing secrets for March 8

If you are interested in professional window dressing for the holiday of March 8, our employees are ready to do it at a high quality level. In order for the investment to meet expectations, the showcase should indicate that gifts can be purchased in this store for the upcoming holiday. When decorating, you should definitely add an image of flowers or place flower arrangements nearby that will cheer you up and signal the approach of a women's holiday.

Why do you need shop window decoration?

Bright and original design of the showcase will increase the flow of customers. A beautiful showcase will catch the eye and thus attract customers to come into your store and get acquainted with the goods, and perhaps even purchase products.

📝 What is included in the list of window dressing services?

The list of our services includes project development, artistic visualization, purchase of materials, manufacturing of all elements and their installation. We take on a project from scratch and bring it to its logical conclusion within the pre-agreed deadlines.

📲 How to place an order for window dressing?

To place an order, you need to call our company. We will send a specialist to you who will visually assess the specifics of the store’s work near the store and offer a variant of the future layout, and the customer can correct and make his own changes to it.

What are the design features of a women's clothing store window?

To decorate shop windows with women's goods, we use bright and colorful layouts that allow you to grab the attention of a female audience. To attract female attention, you can add inscriptions with discounts and the brightest images of clothing models that are in the store to the window.