Floral Arrangements for Corporate Events

A staff party or a city fair, opening of a new showroom or new product launch, a company's anniversary party or team building – we know how to make your event look luxury or low-key.
Cocktail table arrangements, flower décor for the guest greeting area, unique interactive photo zones, bouquets and decorative gifts for colleagues, partners and guests of an event, that are styled to match the entire décor – we know how to surprise and win the hearts of your audience, give them the most extraordinary celebration!

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Traditionally, before the New Year, each company organizes a festive event for its employees in the form of a corporate party. Someone modestly notes in the office, and some companies walk in a big way and order a restaurant. In each of the cases, you cannot do without the New Year's decor, which will help create the atmosphere of the New Year's holiday. The decor of corporate events may differ in that the decorations for the decoration of the premises are selected in the corporate colors of the company. As a rule, jewelry is completed in the same style and together create a unique design solution.

Corporate party registration from LoraShen is the key to an excellent event

If you want to invite employees, work colleagues and guests to a restaurant, then you will definitely need room decoration services. Registration of a corporate party for the New Year from LoraShen assumes an individual approach. Our specialists will take into account the specifics of the company's work and the wishes of the client in order to prepare the premises for the party in an appropriate manner.

We are well aware that corporate events are held not only for fun. This is a good opportunity to create a favorable environment for team building and team building. Therefore, our task is to organize an unforgettable holiday, where every little thing will be given due attention.

Our employees are ready to design a corporate event in any style:

  • carnival;
  • winter fairy tale;
  • plot from the film;
  • much more.

The decoration of the hall is carried out in such a way as to make a splash on the guests. A corporate party in a beautifully decorated room will be remembered by employees for the whole year. Our company is ready to organize an unforgettable show, decorated with:

  • balls;
  • confetti;
  • original Christmas tree decorations;
  • all kinds of garlands;
  • other New Year's decor.

When decorating, we also use bouquets of fresh flowers to create bright accents in the room. A photo zone must be created, which will allow you to record the most joyful moments of the celebration for a long time.

Rules for creating the entourage of the room

The organization and registration of a corporate party takes place according to some rules:

  • the design style of the hall has something in common with the theme of the holiday;
  • high-quality materials and products are used for decoration;
  • the decor used should not overload the atmosphere;
  • decorations are used in bright colors;
  • customer wishes are taken into account.

The capabilities of our floristic studio allow us to adhere to all the main rules and arrange the room for both a modest and a grand party.

How to decorate event venues

Tables, chairs, Christmas tree, windows, dance floor, main entrance and other places are subject to decoration. The decoration of the hall is carried out using many elements to create a certain flavor.

To perform thematic design we use:

  • images of various characters;
  • tablecloths, covers, curtains and other products in a specific color palette;
  • bows;
  • masks;
  • vases;
  • bouquets of flowers;
  • other items.

New Year's decor is used in large quantities, which reminds of the onset of the most important holiday of the year.

Ordering a corporate event in LoraShen

Our designers will create a fabulous atmosphere in the room where the corporate party will be celebrated. We use only safe materials. For you, we will prepare a comfortable place for celebration, where each guest will receive positive emotions from the corporate party. To order, please contact us at a convenient time for you.

🎄 How to arrange a thematic corporate party?

First of all, you need to take care of the choice of the plot that you want to recreate when decorating the room. Our company will help you realize any of your ideas with the help of an original and carefully selected decor. You just need to voice your request and we will select everything you need to decorate the hall and celebrate a corporate party.

What is recommended to design a corporate hall?

It is recommended to use original and colorful decor to decorate the hall. It is advisable to maintain a style that is more suitable for the activities and corporate distinctions of the company. It is not necessary to use only New Year's decor. You can choose other decorations that are perfect for organizing a themed party.

📲 Where to order high-quality corporate decor?

If you contact the LoraShen studio, we guarantee that the room will be decorated with expensive and high-quality materials. To decorate the premises, we use high-quality decor, which has a rich look and allows you to create a charming fairy-tale atmosphere in the hall.