Photozones decoration

2018 demands that apart from being beautiful, the photo zone should also be interactive, nice on the touch and very charming. We create the most multifunctional photo zones which you can lean on, sit down, embrace, where you feel like talking a photo and which create the atmosphere of a beautiful and well-planned event. The LoraShen team has created a wide variety of photo zones: floral, with fresh flowers, plants, trees, decorative, photo zones with lights, organic graffiti.

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Корпоратив “Aloha Avis”

Перенести вас в другую реальность – задача, которая всегда стоит перед нашей командой, когда берёмся ...
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Весеннее цветочное искусство: фотозона для бизнес-центра IQ

Природа порой самый талантливый и гениальный художник, рисует картины, от которых сложно оторвать взгляд.
Именно ...
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Фантастическое дерево для ЦУМ ко Дню всех Влюбленных

Декоративное дерево из сердец в 5 м высоту создали дизайнеры LoraShen для украшения фасада ЦУМ ...
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Travel around the world in the New Year decoration of the "MHP" office

31 hours of installation. 50 workers from the LoraShen team at the location. 5-meter decorations. ...
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New Year's facade for the Kalyna confectionery

"How cute it is!"
While creating the decoration for the facade of the Kalyna confectionery, ...
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It’s hard to imagine the future without the world of fantasy. What the world will ...
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Usually, we don’t take much photos with our dearest people.
Our Family Day photo zone ...
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Photo zone for AVIS company 2019

Ethno style can look as stylish and modern as possible if we make accents in ...
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New Year photo zone for Studio 1+1

LoraShen designers created a soft purple photo zone for Snidanok s 1+1 morning TV show ...
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Santa Claus Residence at TSUM

What Santa’s Quarters in TSUM should look like? Cozy, magnificent, traditional.
Especially for the Kiev’s ...
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Photo Zone for ISIDA at iForum, Autumn 2018

Every mother, every child is an inspiration. Life is what inspires us. And the photo ...
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Summer Photo Zone for ISIDA Clinic

Ethnics, seasonal flowers and fruits can be luxury and never old-fashion as the LoraShen florists ...
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Photo Zone for ISIDA at iForum, Spring 2018

Children are the flowers of life and happiness that grows as the years go by. ...
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Photo Zone for Еuropean Вusiness Аssociation

A delicate floral photo zone for Her Story motivating event about strong women organized by ...
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Photo Zone for Maxim Ivanchuk's Clinic

What sort of a photo zone would be ideal for Maxim Ivanchuk Clinic of plastic ...
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Photo Zone for Signature Appartment Building

The landmark Signature residential complex in Pechersk is a good example of architectural modernism and ...
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Photo Zone for ISIDA Clinic on International Father's Day

To celebrate the International Father's Day, in the ISIDA clinic we created an interactive and ...
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Photo Zone for ISIDA Clinic Launch Day

The ISIDA clinic is always with the families at their most important moment – the ...
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Photo Zone for Villa Verde at Food Spring Party

The FOOD SPRING PARTY opening party organized by the Villa Verde team to celebrate the ...
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Photo Zone for Victoria Gardens Shopping Mall

The opening of Victoria Gardens, the largest shopping mall in Western Ukraine, has not been ...
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Photo Zone at Food Lounge Party

Being a tradition now, the finest party to celebrate the opening of the FOOD LOUNGE ...
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Photo zone "With Love to Georgia"

A photo zone created by LoraShen designers was giving credits to love for Georgia and ...
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Ethnic-styled Photo Zones

Ethnic fashion gains more popularity on the catwalks worldwide. And we too are attracted to ...
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The Moon Photo Zone for Cosmopolitan Awards

The LoraShen team have done a great job for the COSMOPOLITAN AWARDS 2016 being well ...
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Современная украинская душа: оформление эфира "Завтрак с 1+1" ко Дню Независимости

Обожаем создавать новый украинский стиль. Когда оттенки традиционные желто-голубые, но цветы селекционные и редкие, как ...
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