Shopping Mall Decoration

To catch the spirit of the season, to bring out the festive atmosphere, to inspire our customers in a fancy way – interior décor can do all this. Oversize artwork, suspended installations, stand-alone photo zones look spectacular and stunning in any large space, such as big shopping malls, landmark hotels, entertainment centers.

The LoraShen team has been in this market for more than 5 years now. The company has own production and technical facilities to produce and assemble decorations of any complexity. Our team includes artists, decorators, sculptors, millers, climbers working at any height, and project managers who sync all processes, communicate with a client and are fully responsible for the project. All this allows to quickly and easily arrange decorations of any complexity!

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Футуристическая елка для ТРЦ Respublika Park

Футуристическая, но такая уютная!
Рождественская елка, высотой как многоэтажка, в ТРЦ Республика выглядит как изысканная ...
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Эльфийская история для ТРЦ Ocean Plaza

Две новогодние ели, подвесные декорации во всех атриумах торгового центра, 15 ночных монтажей нашей команды ...
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Как сказочная зимняя река: декорации для ТРЦ River Mall

Фантастические рождественские декорации для ТРЦ River Mall, созданные нашей трудолюбивой и креативной командой на собственном ...
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Новогодний фьюжн для БЦ "Леонардо"

Сочетание классики с хай-тек для рождественской ели — почему бы не да? Как трендсеттеры в ...
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Белки любят конфеты: новый формат витрин для сети магазинов Roshen

Абсолютно новый формат витрин для магазина Roshen мы создали в ТЦ "Клевер". Главная задача, которая ...
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"Звездная ночь" для витрин магазина Roshen

Витрины умеют говорить. Например, одна из последних наших работ для сети магазинов Roshen — это ...
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Белоцвет: витрины ЦУМ сезона весна-лето'21

Игра светлых оттенков и фактур. Двигающиеся механизированные объекты, имитирующие в своих движениях природные явления: дыхание ...
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Декоративные деревья для БЦ "Леонардо"

Цветущие декоративные деревья возле фасадов бизнес или торговых центров - это красивое, стильное дизайнерское решение, ...
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Фантастическое дерево для ЦУМ ко Дню всех Влюбленных

Декоративное дерево из сердец в 5 м высоту создали дизайнеры LoraShen для украшения фасада ЦУМ ...
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Весеннее цветочное искусство: фотозона для бизнес-центра IQ

Природа порой самый талантливый и гениальный художник, рисует картины, от которых сложно оторвать взгляд.
Именно ...
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A modern classic for the Roshen Winter Village Christmas ice rink

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree.
Just one look at our current Christmas ...
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New Year decorations for the River Mall

Santa Claus, racing in full sail along the waves of the River Mall, in the ...
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Winter decorations 2017 for the Globus shopping mall

To the moon and back.
This is the concept that became the cutoff point for ...
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Winter decorations 2017 for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

"We are all made of stars! Therefore, in anticipation of the holidays, new plans and ...
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Summer decorations 2017 for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

12 dolphins. 9 night shifts of assembling. 7 meters is the biggest dolphin, and 3 ...
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Winter decorations 2016 for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

This is the second year that we do a space makeover for Ocean Plaza mall, ...
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Summer decorations 2016 for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

Display window and the main entrance to the shopping and entertainment center are the identity ...
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Winter decorations 2015 for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

This is the second year that we do a space makeover for Ocean Plaza mall, ...
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Summer decorations 2015 for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

6 loving couples of the most creative jobs floating in the clouds is the art ...
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A properly decorated mall can attract significantly more visitors. With the help of thematic installations and beautiful compositions, you can create a certain atmosphere that will cheer people up and conditionally make them return to the mall again and again. Decor in public areas needs to be updated regularly to keep it fresh and in the spirit of the seasonal holidays.

Shop decor in malls

The mall has more boutiques. Customers often go to those stores that attract attention with their external design. Therefore, the design of the shopping center should include the decoration of each individual store. If boutique owners want to distinguish their store and attract the attention of visitors to it, then they must take care of the attractiveness of the window display, the main entrance and the interior space.

You can decorate shops with:

  • fresh flowers;
  • indoor plants;
  • foam panels;
  • unique signs;
  • interesting and original installations;
  • illumination;
  • various decor.

The task of a specialist is not just to select decorative materials, but to combine them correctly with each other, so that in general the decoration of the entire store does not go against the general decor of the mall and allows visitors to create feelings of comfort and trust.

Shopping mall decorations

When performing the design of the mall, first of all, they pay attention to the decoration of shop windows. This area immediately falls into the viewing area of ​​visitors, still far away on the way to the mall. Already from afar, the buyer can notice an attractive design and he will definitely want to go to such a store.

In a shopping center, the entrance and hall of the building should be appropriately decorated. These are the zones through which all buyers pass without exception. By designing the entrance and the hall, the buyer makes the first impression and can immediately decide whether he should stay here or not. Properly created atmosphere with the help of decor will allow visitors to make purchases. Where it is beautiful and cozy, you want to return again and again.

Decoration of shopping centers for the New Year

You always need to decorate the mall with New Year's decor. The design of the shopping center during the winter holidays is a must. After all, it is at this time that people most often visit such establishments in order to purchase gifts for their relatives and friends. A special New Year's atmosphere in the shopping center should be created with the help of:

  • diverse garlands;
  • a beautiful Christmas tree;
  • volumetric letters;
  • New Year's installation;
  • classic and original jewelry.

The design should be made in the same style using high-quality decor.

Features of the design of shopping centers

New Year's decoration of the shopping center should be carried out by specialists who can start the task in a comprehensive manner and with full responsibility. The selection of jewelry and their installation must be carried out with a large-scale idea, as well as with a high level of quality and reliability.

📲 How to order the shopping mall design service?

You need to call our studio and order a specialist visit to your site. On site, an experienced decorator will tell you what materials and decorative techniques can be used to decorate the hall, entrance, shop windows and other areas. At the first meeting, the points for drawing up the basis of decoration are discussed, as well as the budget is negotiated. The deadlines for the implementation of the order are set and a cooperation agreement is signed.

What is included in shopping center decoration services?

Our services include decorating the shopping and entertainment center with fresh flower arrangements, as well as other various decor. Our specialists are ready to make a festive installation for a specific holiday. We are ready to implement a project of any scale within the agreed time frame. Our employees are engaged in the design of shop windows, flights of stairs, halls, the main entrance and other places.

📝 What is the best way to decorate a store in a shopping center?

The choice of decor depends on the characteristics of the product and the chosen interior design. It is better to decorate boutiques with live indoor plants with their arrangement in beautiful flower pots. In some cases it is appropriate to use outdoor plants. It is imperative to decorate the shop window and the main entrance, as well as create an attractive and beautiful sign.