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Gifts set

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Gift set with peonies and fruits
Gift set with peonies and fruits
Gift set "Marrakesh"
Gift set "Marrakesh"
Wicker box with fruits and flowers
Wicker box with fruits and flowers
Gift set with a delicate bouquet
Gift set with a delicate bouquet
Gift set with a fragrant snow-white bouquet
Gift set with a fragrant snow-white bouquet
Gift set with a bouquet of powdered roses
Gift set with a bouquet of powdered roses
Gift set with peonies and strawberry
Gift set with peonies and strawberry
Gift set of peonies and strawberries in a bag
Gift set of peonies and strawberries in a bag
Gift set of peonies mix and strawberries in a bag
Gift set of peonies mix and strawberries in a bag
Gift set with a bright bouquet
Gift set with a bright bouquet
Gift set with a bouquet of coral roses
Gift set with a bouquet of coral roses
Gift set with flowers, gifts and treats
Gift set with flowers, gifts and treats

On various holidays, it is difficult to guess which gift is optimal for a particular occasion. In situations where it is difficult to decide on a gift, pay attention to holiday sets. This is a universal gift that is perfect for both women and men. If you take a look at the assortment of the Lorashen online store, you will definitely find something that is suitable and suitable for you. Thus, you don't need to worry about gift wrapping, because such a present already looks elegant and attractive.


How to make a gift so that it is remembered

Of course, buying a gift is only half of the job done. It is important to make any gift in such a way that the recipient is pleased and satisfied. In this case, an important role is played by how the gift is presented. If he looks careless, then it will be difficult to make such a gift. If you pay attention to gift sets with flowers from our catalog, then you will see that each of them looks very beautiful and bright. If you buy such a gift and add some eloquent words to it, you can be sure that you will be able to present your dear loved one elegantly and elegantly.


How to choose a gift set?

When choosing gift sets, be sure to pay attention to their contents. It is also important to consider their external design. Any gift should look attractive, beautiful and original. First of all, these requirements are put forward to sets. All the elements in the set should be combined with each other, and in the package they should be located compactly, creating a single composition.


To whom you can give a gift set

A gift set is the right solution for a present to any person. From our store you can buy a gift set with fruits and present them:

  • parents;
  • work colleagues;
  • companion or business partner;
  • the boss.

If you want to make a pleasant surprise for your brother, friend or any other close person, then in the catalog of our store you will find suitable gift sets that will be gladly accepted by the addressee.

A gift set is one of the best solutions for congratulating a teacher on New Year's holidays or on Teacher's Day. Such a present can be given on March 8 or February 14. This is the right gift that you can grab for the birthday boy on his birthday. If you are going to a more significant holiday, then gift candy sets can be used as an additional present.


For women

Every woman will be pleased to receive a gift set containing sweets and flowers. In our online store you will find many such sets, which may include:

  • flowers;
  • champagne or wine;
  • candles;
  • various sweets;
  • fruits;
  • nice decor.

Flowers and all other elements in the set are selected in a certain color scheme, so that all elements can be harmoniously combined with each other, creating a unified and attractive composition. Our employees add fresh flowers to such sets, which stay in the house for ten days. Gift sets for women can be presented on a date or on a holiday:

  • March 8;
  • New Year;
  • Christmas;
  • birthday;
  • creative evening.

If you have done something wrong to a woman and want to apologize to her, then this set will help you with this. With its help, you will not only erase your guilt, but also make the woman happy.


For men

In our online store you will also find gift sets for men with different meanings. These are stylish and presentable gifts that you can give:

  • father;
  • brother;
  • to a friend;
  • work colleagues;
  • partner;
  • to the director.

Buyers can pay attention to alcohol gift sets, put together with taste. They have expensive alcohol with good aging, in addition to which there are sweets, flowers and beautiful packaging. If you are visiting your husband and are in a state of indecision and do not know what to buy, then make a complete choice on our website.


Exclusive gift sets from the Lorashen studio

The peculiarity of buying gift sets on our website is that they are unique and unique. You will not find such sets in another store anymore, because it is an author's work. Our employee independently selects in the set those things that are compatible with each other in terms of taste and appearance. Each set must be supplemented with an exclusive bouquet of flowers of the author's work, collected on the basis of floristic techniques. Therefore, the sets are unique and will give you them as a pleasure.


📲 Where to order a gift set in Kyiv?

If you are looking for an original gift set, you can order it in the Lorashen online store. In our catalog you will find a wide range of bright and beautiful gifts for women and men, which can be given for any holiday and for any occasion.

🎁 What gift sets are available?

Our website presents a wide selection of gift sets, among which you can choose sets with pleasures, flowers, alcoholic beverages and other products. If you wish, you can contact us to have a master create a custom-made gift set for you, which will include everything you want.

🚚 What are the methods of delivery of gift sets?

At any convenient time, you can come to our florist salon and buy a gift set from us on the spot. We also provide the service of delivery of a gift set by courier in Kyiv or Kyiv region. To do this, you need to call us and specify the address and time at which you want to conveniently deliver the gift.

💲 What are the payment methods for gift sets?

You can pay for gift sets in cash in our store or upon delivery of the gift by courier. We also accept bank card transfers for payment.