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Plant rental is a trend that has emerged relatively recently. However, it can be confidently stated that it will remain with us for a long time. Flower rental in Kyiv can be relevant for organizing weddings, corporate events, other celebrations, photo shoots, and meetings. You can rent both individual flower bouquets and entire sets for decorating a festive hall. This is practical as it allows you to avoid large expenses on floral decor and choose virtually any desired style.

Advantages of Flower Rental

Your popularity on social networks is guaranteed. Just imagine how your followers will be intrigued by a photo of you with a bouquet of 101 roses. Not only will it garner many likes, but it will also prompt comments and messages from those curious about who gave you such a bouquet. And to take such a photo, you don't need to wait for a special occasion. A bouquet of a few roses cannot compare to a luxurious and voluminous composition of over a hundred flowers.

Depending on the purpose for which the plants are rented, this service can offer other benefits:

  • Perfect decoration of a ceremonial hall, office, photo studio, etc., without the need to spend a long time selecting suitable products.
  • The ability to make a positive impression on invited guests, business partners, or an audience.
  • The ability to hold an event without extra expenses. Renting is much cheaper than buying flowers.
  • A wide assortment, including various types of plants.
  • The option to use the services of professional florists and gardeners for the care of rented plants.
  • Delivery by special transport ensuring maximum preservation.
  • Always fresh and perfect-looking flowers.

Flower Rental for Weddings and Other Purposes

The advantages of renting flowers are evident in other aspects as well:

  • You can order flowers with delivery directly to your home or any other address.
  • You can rent flowers for an hour or for a longer period.
  • Flowers for rent are not only for selfies. For weddings, corporate events, and other grand occasions, you can also rent live plants.

These can include:

  • Vertical and horizontal flower beds made of decorative grass.
  • Ficus plants.
  • Banana trees.
  • Monstera plants.
  • Spruces.
  • Boxwood.
  • Live areca palms, etc.

Bouquets of fresh flowers, such as roses or other varieties, can also be useful for wedding photo shoots. You can order them from the LoraShen floral salon. We meticulously monitor the condition of the plants, ensuring their health and constant freshness. You can order blooming plants from us. In addition to live compositions, we also offer a wide range of artificial plants for decorating a festive hall, restaurant openings, photo and video shoots, as well as any other event.

All flowers will be delivered intact and fresh at the specified time by our courier.

Indoor Plant Rental

You can also use the potted flower rental service for decorating exhibition stands, the interior of a photo studio, video shoots, etc. You can rent flowers for several days and extend the service if necessary.

What to Consider When Renting Plants

  • Flower delivery is carried out by specially equipped transport. Self-pickup is possible only by agreement with the manager in vehicles that meet certain requirements.
  • Long-term rental includes maintenance of the plants by our specialist to keep them healthy and looking good.
  • Indoor plant rental can be ordered by selecting not only flowers from the presented assortment of plants but also the desired pots.

Plants can be rented for a variety of purposes. This is advantageous both in terms of the variety of the assortment and financially. By using live plants for rent, you can fulfill all set tasks and return the flowers without worrying about what to do with them next and how to keep them in good condition.