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Set of candles "Crocodile"
Set of candles "Crocodile"
Set of candles "Python"
Set of candles "Python"
Set of wax candles M
Set of wax candles M
Wax candle set S
Wax candle set S
Set of candles "Lizard"
Set of candles "Lizard"

The direct purpose of wax candles is to give light in the dark. Today, however, exclusive candles are used, which can create a pleasant romantic atmosphere and fill the space with a favorable and delicate aroma.

Handmade candles from LoraShen masters

Of particular value are author's candles, which are made with an original shape and different sizes. They can have different colors and be decorated with decorative materials. The masters of the floristic salon "Lorashen" are ready to offer such an exclusive.

The specialists of our company produce premium-class candles, which are distinguished by their original appearance and long burning time. For their manufacture, high-quality wax is used. The author carefully considers the form for candles, which contributes to long-term burning and an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Candles are made in different colors, which allows you to create different shades during their burning. If you prefer to buy unique products, then we recommend buying scented candles in our salon. They will not only decorate the interior, but also, on special occasions, fill the room with a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma.

How to choose designer candles

Make a choice in stores that value their reputation and use only high-quality materials for the manufacture of products. The wick in the candles should be exactly in the center. For the manufacture of the wick, natural fabric should be used.

Usually they try to buy a wax candle to decorate the interior. It may not even be lit, but placed in a conspicuous place on the shelves next to other decorative items. Such candles are lit only on special occasions. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the shape and color scheme. Purchased candles should succinctly complement the existing style and interior design.

Features of scented candles

Scented candles are a unique product that allows you to combine in one product an amazing harmony of color, aroma, design and light. They are made with the addition of natural essential oils to the base material. When burning candles, a light and pleasant aroma emanates from them, which quickly fills the space of the room.

Buy a whole set of candles at once in order to create a harmonious idyll and a bewitching atmosphere when using them. The burning of several candles at once, which will be placed throughout the room, will create a special impression.

In the cold season, use fruity scents. In the warm season, a person is automatically drawn to the cold, and therefore smells will benefit him:

  • sea ​​breeze;
  • wood;
  • mint;
  • amber;
  • violets;
  • coconut.

It is necessary to select smells for a certain event or temperament of a person. In this case, burning candles will have the most positive effect on the emotional state.

Buy decorative candles in Kiev

If you want to buy a handmade candle in Kiev, then contact LoraShen for help. We sell author's products, which are made with love and care by our specialists. From the product catalog, you can choose models of various shapes and heights. The products that are presented on the pages of our website are unique and are no longer sold in other stores. If you appreciate beautiful and unique things, then be sure to contact us for an order.

📲 Where to buy custom candles?

If you want to purchase candles with an original design, you can contact LoraShen specialists. We have craftsmen who will take into account all your wishes in the manufacture of candles.

🚚 How to order a set of candles with delivery?

You can order the delivery of a set of candles online on our website or call the manager by phone. You indicate the selected products and name the delivery address. At the appointed time, a courier will come to you with your order. Courier delivery is carried out in Kiev. Delivery in the Kiev region is discussed on an individual basis.

How to choose a decorative candle in the interior?

Before buying candles, be sure to determine the place and arrangement for them. Pay attention to the color, shape and texture of products. Take a closer look at which candles will best create a decorative accent. Paired with candles, you can pick up candlesticks. Higher candles can be placed on the floor, while smaller ones can be placed on shelves and other pieces of furniture. To create a romantic atmosphere, use candles of various heights with their chaotic arrangement. Match your candles to your decor.