Auto diffusers

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Auto diffuser Mr&Mrs Fragrance Niki Fashion Pine & Eucalyptus
Auto diffuser Mr&Mrs Fragrance Niki Fashion Pine & Eucalyptus
Auto Diffuser Greenleaf "Haven"
Auto Diffuser Greenleaf "Haven"
Auto Diffuser Mr&Mrs Fragrance Niki Crystal with Black Swarovski Crystals in Silver
Auto Diffuser Mr&Mrs Fragrance Niki Crystal with Black Swarovski Crystals in Silver
Auto Diffuser Mr&Mrs Fragrance Niki Crystal with Black Swarovski Crystals in Gold
Auto Diffuser Mr&Mrs Fragrance Niki Crystal with Black Swarovski Crystals in Gold
Auto Diffuser Greenleaf "Cashmere Kiss"
Auto Diffuser Greenleaf "Cashmere Kiss"
Auto Diffuser Greenleaf  "Classic Linen"
Auto Diffuser Greenleaf "Classic Linen"
Car diffuser Greenleaf -  Bella Freesia
Car diffuser Greenleaf - Bella Freesia
Auto diffuser Greenleaf -  Lavender
Auto diffuser Greenleaf - Lavender

In a car interior, you can often smell oil or unpleasant odors that enter the interior from outside the street. To create a pleasant microclimate in the cabin with a good smell, you can use a special air freshener. Buying an aroma diffuser in the car, you will enjoy the smell emanating from it, which will kill all other unpleasant odors.

"Smell" in the car for fresh air

Modern fragrances for the production of a pleasant smell are a convenient device that is mounted on the air supply grille in the passenger compartment. Under the action of the outgoing air, a pleasant aroma is evenly distributed throughout the cabin. After them, other smells are not heard in the cabin, but a pleasant aroma of mint, patchouli, eucalyptus, fir or other plants is slightly captured. The natural smell allows you to relax and ride all the way with maximum comfort.

Aroma diffusers are high quality products. Only high quality ingredients are used for its production. Natural ingredients emit soothing and pleasant smells that are felt in the car interior for a long time. The devices themselves have a stylish design, which allows not only to distribute a wonderful aroma through them, but also to decorate the interior of the car.

Among the main advantages of modern car flavors, it is worth noting:

  • wide choice of smells;
  • use of natural and safe ingredients;
  • stylish and attractive design;
  • moderate odor.

Thanks to the modern design and a large selection of colors and appearance, motorists can buy air freshener in a car, taking into account the interior design. A large number of all kinds of smells makes it possible to choose the optimal aroma for both men and women. The user does not have to worry about the safety of the fragrance. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, they will not cause allergies, as well as adversely affect the health of the driver or passenger.

How to choose a fragrance in a car

First of all, you need to pay attention to the outgoing aroma from the device. It is worth choosing a specific smell not only for the driver, but also for passengers who often travel in a car. If desired, you can purchase plates with several smells at once and alternate them as far as possible.

If we talk about specific aromas, then the following smells help to create certain effects:

  • eucalyptus - promotes easy breathing and saves you from gas pollution during downtime in a traffic jam;
  • tangerine - favorably affects the state of memory;
  • mint - helps to improve concentration on the road;
  • lemongrass - helps to cope with depression and improves mood;
  • ylang-ylang - has a beneficial effect on passengers, which is suitable for use by taxi drivers.

If you are often on the road in winter or at night, then you should pick up invigorating scents that will help you not fall asleep while driving. To do this, choose a bright aroma that includes oils:

  • vetiver;
  • geraniums;
  • fir.

They have an invigorating smell that will stimulate an active state of mind and will not allow the driver to relax while driving. The driver is positively affected by fruity and berry aromas.

Aroma diffusers differ in color, shape and decorative design. When choosing, take a closer look at the appearance of the device in order to choose the model that best suits the interior of the cabin.

Buy car fragrances at LoraShen Studio

The LoraShen company offers to purchase an aroma diffuser for cars from well-known European brands. This is a quality product that does not contain harmful things. The assortment includes a large number of different smells, which allows the buyer to choose the aroma that suits his temperament.

Models of aroma diffusers are presented in various designs:

  • snail;
  • fungus;
  • frog;
  • fern leaves;
  • little men;
  • other figurines.

Each model has a special clip for secure fixation. The smell remains in the car for up to 45 days.

All products are made in the author's style. They will be a bright addition to the interior design of the car. Aroma diffuser can be presented as a gift. Such a present will create a good effect on the addressee, who, of course, has a car. If you have any doubts about the choice of smell, please contact our specialists, and they will definitely help with the choice.

Why is an aroma diffuser called a car stink?

It's actually just a colloquial name. Cheaper models do emit strong and persistent odors that can adversely affect the well-being of people in the car. However, LoraShen sells high-quality European products, with the help of which a slightly perceptible and safe aroma will be restored in the salon. It will lift your spirits and improve your well-being.

🚚 How to order a smell in a car with delivery?

To order, you need to call our manager and place an order with delivery in Kiev by courier. Delivery to other cities of Ukraine is carried out by postal companies. You can contact us at the contact phone number that is listed on the site or through the feedback form.

💎 What are the author's fragrances in the car?

Among the smells presented, you can choose the aromas of forest plants. Fruity scents are widely represented in the form of watermelon, melon, strawberry, peach and others. You can choose the smell of flowers or coconut.