Pasotti umbrellas

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Umbrella black Pasotti "Crystals"
Umbrella black Pasotti "Crystals"
Umbrella Pasotti beige, Swarovski
Umbrella Pasotti beige, Swarovski
Umbrella Pasotti blue "Feathers"
Umbrella Pasotti blue "Feathers"
Umbrella Pasotti umbrella black with polka dots with leather handle
Umbrella Pasotti umbrella black with polka dots with leather handle
Umbrella Pasotti Paisley with Bamboo Handle
Umbrella Pasotti Paisley with Bamboo Handle
Umbrella Pasotti black "Horse"
Umbrella Pasotti black "Horse"
Umbrella Pasotti brown "Horse"
Umbrella Pasotti brown "Horse"
Umbrella Pasotti black-gold  "Dragon"
Umbrella Pasotti black-gold "Dragon"
Umbrella Pasotti Cream Jungle
Umbrella Pasotti Cream Jungle
Umbrella Pasotti brown "Boxer"
Umbrella Pasotti brown "Boxer"
Umbrella Pasotti "Dahlia" khaki
Umbrella Pasotti "Dahlia" khaki

The original and functional Pasotti umbrella is a flamboyant and eye-catching accessory. Each buyer can appreciate its attractive appearance and uniqueness. This is a branded product with a worldwide reputation, which is distinguished by a carefully thought-out design. For its manufacture, durable parts are used that are not subject to time and circumstances.

Pasotti - luxury umbrellas from Italy

For connoisseurs of true Italian quality, we offer to buy a Pasotti umbrella in Ukraine at the best price. Initially, the products were made only for relatives and friends, which prompted the master to produce original and high-quality umbrellas. This principle formed the basis of the work of the company, which for more than half a century has been producing a limited number of lines of these products.

If you want to buy branded umbrellas, give preference to the Italian brand. They combine:

  • exclusivity;
  • ease of use;
  • durability;
  • functionality.

The range includes a wide selection of models for both men and women. The Pasotti men's umbrella is presented in a discreet classic style with an original handle. These umbrellas go well with a long coat, a raincoat, a classic suit and loose-fitting clothes. For a man, this will be a valuable gift, which he will accept with special gratitude.

Umbrellas for women Pasotti are distinguished by their unique decor. For each style of clothing, you can choose a specific model that will succinctly complement the image of a secular lady or a young lady. For women, you can pick up a small automatic model that fits easily in a bag. Umbrellas of this brand allow a woman to maintain an attractive image even in the most gloomy weather.

Pasotti umbrella as an elite decoration

Products from this manufacturer are manufactured using wear-resistant materials and precious decoration. Italian Pasotti umbrellas may include silver and gold inserts, which confirms the high brand status of such products.

Particular attention should be paid to the handles, for which the products have gained wide popularity and customer loyalty. They are made of copper and brass, as well as natural wood. From above the handle can be covered with:

  • rhinestones;
  • forged elements;
  • natural leather.

A scattering of Swarovski crystals gives a special luxury to the products. These elements can be seen on the handle and tip.

Men's and women's brand umbrellas are made of a durable metal frame. Knitting needles simultaneously have high strength and flexibility. The umbrella is lightweight and highly resistant to wind loads. Products are manufactured using a patented technology, which guarantees the strength of the spokes and the smooth operation of the opening mechanism.

Some accessories are available with a double dome, where the outer side is made in a classic style. Such models are able to provide maximum protection. The inside can have a bright design, which gives the product a special style. High-quality elite textiles are selected as the material, which has quick-drying properties.

Premium range of Pasotti umbrellas at LoraShen

We offer to buy a branded umbrella for different tastes and preferences. In the assortment you will find both bright models and discreet options in a classic style. We provide all customers with first-class service with delivery of products to any city in the country. Our store sells only high-quality and original products.

🚚 Is it possible to order pasotti umbrellas with delivery?

Our store offers products with delivery in Kiev by courier and throughout Ukraine using postal services. You can call us, indicate the selected product, address and convenient time to receive products from the courier. A courier will arrive at the designated place with your order.

How to choose a Pasotti umbrella model?

When choosing, pay attention to the format of the umbrella, its functionality and color scheme. For a man, models with restrained tones are more suitable, while for a woman, you can choose bright models with beautiful patterns.

💎 What are the umbrellas with exclusive prints?

Pasotti umbrellas are premium products. Therefore, each print on umbrellas is unique and exclusive. Feel free to choose the print that you like and you can be sure that you are purchasing an original and stylish model.