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Spathiphyllum in a lunar spiral vase
Spathiphyllum in a lunar spiral vase
Spathiphyllum plant, size S
Spathiphyllum plant, size S
Spathiphyllum plant, size XS
Spathiphyllum plant, size XS
Spathiphyllum L
Spathiphyllum L
Spathiphyllum, Size M
Spathiphyllum, Size M

Spathiphyllum is a beautiful evergreen plant that blooms with beautiful white flowers. If you pay due attention and care to them, you will be able to contemplate their full beauty. At the same time, you do not need to make any special efforts, since the plant itself is unpretentious in care. As a result of your care, you will get long and beautiful flowering. Many believe that this plant brings female happiness and family well-being to the house.

If you are ready to follow all the recommendations for caring for this flower, then you can safely buy it in the «LoraShen» flower salon. We offer spathiphyllum to buy in a beautiful pot and well-groomed. With us you can choose healthy plants at an affordable price. For buyers, we offer indoor plants that are at different stages of their development. You can buy young plants or flowers that are already in the prime of their development.

Temperature conditions

In order for the spathiphyllum flower to grow fully and attract with its beauty, it is necessary to maintain the correct temperature conditions. The best temperature for the growth of this plant is within 18-25 degrees. It is necessary to ensure that the temperature does not go beyond this range in the summer. In winter, when the plant is in a state of rest, you can allow the temperature to drop to 16 degrees. If the temperature drops below this, then there is a chance that the plant will start to get sick and as a result, it may die. When the room temperature is slightly below 18 degrees, the flower will grow, but its development will be at a slow stage.


If you decide to buy a spathiphyllum, then make sure that it has enough light. This is one of the main rules for its care. In winter, when the days become shorter, you will need to maintain the lighting level with a lamp. In the summer, the plant should be placed closer to the light. However, the light should be diffused. If direct sunlight hits the spathiphyllum pot, its leaves may get burns.

Watering regime

Spathiphyllum is a tropical plant. In order for it to grow properly, you need to provide proper watering. This should be done 2-3 times a week. Moisture should not stagnate in the pot. Before watering, make sure the soil is moist. When you water the plant, it should be slightly dry. The pot for the plant is selected with a good drainage layer.

If you want to please your plant, then provide it with a warm shower. At the same time, you need to ensure that water does not get on the bracts. In hot weather, the leaves can be sprayed from a spray bottle. In this case, the water should be at room temperature. You will notice that after the procedure, the leaves will become stronger.

You need to ensure that there is high humidity in the room, since the plants have tropical roots. In winter, spathiphyllum should be kept away from heat sources. A good option for maintaining the necessary humidity is to buy a humidifier. Its operation will have a positive effect not only on the plant, but also on the health of all family members.


Plants are planted in a pot that is best suited in size for the root system. The drainage layer is laid below. It will not allow moisture to stagnate. The pot should be placed in loose soil. It should have a slightly acidic reaction. In the store, it is best to choose a ready-made substrate that is designed for growing tropical crops.

In order for the plant to receive all the necessary nutrients, it must be fed on time. The fertilizer must necessarily include phosphorus and potassium. Top dressing should be applied once every two weeks. In winter, this should be done once a month. Fertilizer should be applied on warm days to moist soil.

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