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Agloanema Stripes
Agloanema Stripes
Aglaonema m
Aglaonema m
Aglaonema Freedom
Aglaonema Freedom
Aglaonema dovgolista
Aglaonema dovgolista

Decorating interiors with exotic and ornamental plants will be one of the best solutions for landscaping a living or office space. In this case, you can pay attention to such a flower as aglaonema. This is a plant that has South Asian origin. It attracts attention due to its fluffy foliage. It is important to note not only its decorative appearance, but also its benefits. The leaves of the flower contain phytoncides that purify the air. Many note that this plant can attract good luck, as well as create a good mood and a pleasant microclimate in the room.

Main types

The floristry salon "LoraShen" offers to buy aglaonema of various types. The most popular types are:

  • modest;
  • red;
  • round;
  • ribbed;
  • changeable;
  • Maria;
  • Crete;
  • Butterfly;
  • Friedman;
  • Superwhite.

All types differ in the shape and color of the leaves, which allows buyers to choose a worthy option based on personal preferences. If you want to buy an aglaonema in Kyiv, you can choose a suitable option in our online store. Here you can choose a flower that grows from 30 cm and above in height. Most varieties have leaves that can grow up to 25 cm long. All flowers have dense foliage and a smooth surface. It may have inclusions or stripes. Most species do not require special care, so this is the best option for those who want to fill the living space with greenery and not devote much time to it.

Care rules

The aglaonema flower is an unpretentious culture. Therefore, it can be bought even for beginners. The flower will grow, even if you do not devote much time to it. In natural conditions, these plants bloom in mid-summer. However, when grown at home, the flowering time shifts to autumn and winter. Aglaonema flowers do not greatly transform the overall appearance of the plant, so it is mainly bought because of its beautiful and luxurious foliage. Another significant advantage of the plant is that it can grow without requiring strong lighting. This makes it possible to install an aglaonema pot in a hallway or other shaded areas in an apartment or office. It is important when determining the location of the flower, not to place it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves may simply burn under their influence. Also, if you purchased plants with inclusions, then you need to install them in a place where there will be diffused light. If this is not done, the pattern itself may disappear over time. All other species can even be kept indoors without windows. In summer, the flower can be taken outside, but it must be placed in the shade and in a place where there are no drafts. The temperature range for growing this crop is between 20 and 25 degrees. It can react sharply to temperature changes, and therefore they must be avoided. You must also ensure that the air is sufficiently humid. If it is dry, then the leaves will begin to turn yellow or curl into a tube. If you provide sufficiently high humidity in the room, the plant will delight you with a rich green shade.

Plants do not like drafts, but the room needs to be regularly ventilated. Since they have large foliage, dust accumulates on it over time, which is best wiped off. If you want the foliage to shine in a special way, then you can buy special sprays in stores. You need to be prepared for the fact that the plants' moisture exchange may slow down.

In its natural habitat, aglaonema develops in a tropical climate. Therefore, it is accustomed to abundant watering. If you correctly adhere to the frequency of watering, which must be done every day, then the flowers will delight you with their youth and freshness, as well as lush growth. You can water less often if the indoor plant is in the shade. For watering, it is best to choose purified water with a low level of hardness. It should be at room temperature. In winter, the frequency of watering is reduced. However, you should not allow the soil to be dry.