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Основной цвет
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Bouquet with cymbidium branch
Bouquet with cymbidium branch
Floral composition in heart-shaped
Floral composition in heart-shaped
Bouquet with red anemones
Bouquet with red anemones
Bouquet powdery-peach
Bouquet powdery-peach
Bouquet coffee pink
Bouquet coffee pink
Bouquet with lilac and cherry sprigs
Bouquet with lilac and cherry sprigs
Bouquet with bright ranunculus
Bouquet with bright ranunculus
Composition in an envelope with wanda
Composition in an envelope with wanda
Composition in an envelope with roses
Composition in an envelope with roses
Floral composition in an envelope with anemones
Floral composition in an envelope with anemones
National ethno bouquet with spikelets
National ethno bouquet with spikelets
Mini composition delicate
Mini composition delicate
Easter landing "Charm of April"
Easter landing "Charm of April"
Easter Landing "Sun Touch"
Easter Landing "Sun Touch"
Floral composition "Marrakech" with garden roses
Floral composition "Marrakech" with garden roses

The bouquet should not be just a bunch of flowers. Professional florists are working on this. Under the guidance of an experienced master, bouquets of flowers are transformed into a special composition filled with charm, colors and original decor. If you want to give emotions and create a positive impression from the presentation, then contact the LoraShen company. We will prepare an original bouquet for you using the desired types of flowers.

Bouquets in Kiev

You can choose beautiful bouquets in Kiev that will give the addressee joy and cheer you up with courier delivery. Our florist salon offers to buy flowers without having to come to an offline store.

We offer to buy a bouquet in Kiev, made according to the author's idea. For decoration, our florists use high-quality materials and unique decor. If you want to surprise your family for a holiday or give a worthy bouquet to your beloved woman, then do it with the maximum effect. This will help our author's bouquets, which are created on the basis of creative ideas.

With the help of our bouquets you can decorate:

  • festive table;
  • the moment of delivery of a birthday present;
  • concert hall;
  • an exhibition;
  • home or office interior;
  • photo zone.

Each song is different. When choosing a suitable option for yourself, pay attention to each element. After all, our employees with love and care create products in which each element is selected with great care.

Huge selection of bouquets from LoraShen

In our online store you can choose bouquets of flowers of any format:

  • large;
  • miniature;
  • plain or multi-colored;
  • air;
  • premium class;
  • in a business style;
  • solemn;
  • interesting shape;
  • cascading;
  • for a wedding;
  • romantic.

Here you can choose a bouquet for an anniversary or a special occasion that requires a bouquet of a large number of flowers. If from a wide selection in the catalog you have not found for yourself the bouquet that would suit you one hundred percent, then you can contact us for drawing up a composition according to an individual order. Our experts will create a bouquet that will meet all your requirements.

We offer to order a bouquet in Kiev from various flowers:

  • roses;
  • tulips;
  • lilies;
  • orchids;
  • peonies;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • carnation;
  • amaryllis;
  • hydrangeas;
  • daisies.

The assortment is not limited to classic colors only. A large selection of exotic flowers are presented that are not sold in other stores. The bouquets can be wrapped in decorative paper or sold with:

  • a vase;
  • hat box;
  • basket;
  • a beautiful ceramic vessel.

At the request of the buyer, we will prepare a bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart, as well as a composition of any other shape. All bouquets can be complemented with ribbons, bows, rhinestones and other attractive materials. Our florists select different flowers in bouquets, which are harmoniously combined not only in appearance and shades, but also in aroma.

Buy bouquets in Kiev

Many years of experience in our floristry studio allows us to offer customers bouquets made only of fresh and healthy flowers. To save your time, we will quickly place your order and send a courier to the address you provided.

If you want a person dear to you to be surprised by a bouquet of flowers, then contact us. It is sometimes difficult to navigate in the large assortment of our store. Call us and you will receive professional advice and assistance in choosing the perfect bouquet for your occasion.

👛 What is the cost of the best bouquets in Kiev?

It all depends on your personal preference. One person may consider a bouquet of roses as the most attractive, while another will prefer ordinary tulips or daisies. In our store for both 500 and 10,000 hryvnia. Check out our catalog and you will surely find the right bouquet for your budget.

🚚 Where to buy bouquets with delivery?

If you want to order a bouquet with delivery for yourself or immediately to the addressee, then contact us for help. We have a personal courier at our disposal who will deliver a bouquet of flowers to the specified address at the time you need. If this is urgent, we will deliver the bouquet within 1-2 hours.

📲 How to order a bouquet of flowers online?

To order a bouquet of flowers, you can place an online application on the website, call our managers or come to our store. If you want something unusual and completely exclusive, then contact our managers, and they will take your order for drawing up a bouquet, taking into account all your wishes.