Vaz Touch set, black
Vaz Touch set, black
Vaz Touch set, black
Vaz Touch set, black

Vaz Touch set, black

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The gentle touch of my mother's palm. Dad's big hugs. Unintentionally putting a strand of hair behind the ear. Encouraging pats on a friend's shoulder. The delicate whisper of gentle lips barely touching the coarse male bristles. A handshake as a sign of agreement. A passionate kiss. Light rubbing of the eyes to focus better.
Our life is woven from touches. They are a sign of all the most wonderful feelings in the world: love, passion, love, friendship, compassion, tenderness, kindness, understanding.
Touch heals souls.
Touches symbolize trust.
Touch is the only universal language understood by people all over the world, regardless of culture and level of education. Our new collection of vases is dedicated to touch. The shades of the vases reflect the colors of human skin. Melted glaze is the sensual side of the human soul, which the heart is full of. And the forms of vases - a jug and a pot - refer to the most ancient origins of mankind, because the ancient people in the Tryplian, Chinese and Scandinavian cultures always used them.
A touch of ceramics, a touch of the spirit of flowers, a touch of beauty, a touch of love. Let life happen!


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